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10 Key Concepts Every Parent should know about Montessori School

Providing quality education to their children is the primary aim of every parent. However, a few even more countries get settled in a foreign land only to ensure their kids get the best education and a better lifestyle. That is why people moving to Malaysia choose to live in the capital city, as there are plenty of options for an international school in Kuala Lumpur. These schools offer the best amenities and everything it takes to help your child excel in life. 

If your child has just begun his educational journey, you are probably looking for Montessori schools. There is a hype about this schooling practice for good reasons. Almost every parent wants to enrol their children on it, but only a few actually have awareness about it.

10 key concepts about Montessori every parent should know

We have shared the key concepts about this schooling program that every parent should know before deciding to enrol their child under it.

Activity Based Learning

Montessori is all about activity-based learning. Teachers plan fun and highly engaging activities through which they teach even the most challenging concepts. The activities get selected by the educators keeping in mind the results they want to yield from them. 

Academic Approach

The academic approach of Montessori is entirely different from that of the traditional methods. They do not follow a typical schedule where the lectures or classes run for a fixed number of hours. Instead, students choose what they want to learn and how long they want to get invested in it. 

Sense of Freedom

There is a sense of freedom in these schools, but at the same time, they maintain a healthy discipline. The privilege of choosing what the child wants to learn doesn’t give the freedom to avoid learning. Rules get set clearly, and the teachers cordially ensure that every student follows them.

Holistic Growth

The international school in Kuala Lumpur that follows the Montessori program is about the holistic growth of children. Therefore, there are enough opportunities to learn sports, fine arts, and other things with a focus on holistic development.

Individualized Curriculum

As every student gets an option to choose what he wants to learn, it is fair to say that the curriculum or the course is individualized for them. The teachers never stress students to study what they decide or to follow a strict curriculum. Children can choose whatever they find the most interesting and learn by choice.

Classroom Environment

The class environment in these schools is highly positive and productive. There is no concept of punishment or strict rules, and the emphasis is on providing a comfortable atmosphere to every child and developing the inclination towards learning. 

Skill Building

These schools focus on developing the life skills in children that help them their entire life. For example, they learn to make decisions, own up to their actions, and do fair analysis to understand the difference between right and wrong. Apart from this, children also learn to stay confident and independent, which designs their personality rightfully. 

Mixed Age Group

There is no fixed age for children that join the Montessori schools. There is a minimum age criterion of 3 years. However, you may find children of varied age groups up to six years old. This way, children learn to be around people with different intellects that eventually help in their growth. 

Strategized Curriculum

The curriculum or the coursework provided by these schools is unique. They divide the concepts, considering they can teach them through activities. Moreover, they also strategize the curriculum considering that children of that particular age group learn all the required lessons.

Personalized Attention

Every child going to a Montessori gets the personalized attention of teachers as the student-teacher ratio is significantly low. So if your child isn’t comfortable in school, the teacher will know about it and take the necessary steps at the right time.

These are the fundamental concepts related to Montessori learning that every parent needs to know before deciding if it is apt for their children. Then, once you have a complete understanding, work on finding the best school that follows the pattern religiously and assists in building a promising future for your child.


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