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10 Ways to attract Customers through Counter display boxes

Display boxes on the counter of any shop, brand, or supermarket are the best way to advertise any product. These can be customized and hand-made boxes that can attract customers. The best part is that these boxes are budget-friendly and can increase sales of the product that will be profitable for any organization. Counter display boxes can be of different shapes and sizes. And have a large variety of color and printing options that adds beauty to the boxes.

Besides, to achieve your sales target, counter display box bulk will also increase your sales. So, every firm should generate innovative ideas about counter display boxes. Here we will tell you about ten ways to attract customers through counter display boxes:

Use of Cardboard made display boxes:

Many people buy different products because of their safe and secure packaging and use these boxes for productive work. Boxes made of cardboard are the most solid and durable boxes that can store the product in a good way. Mostly boxes made of cardboard are used for heavy- products, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Boxes made of cardboard will help the shopkeeper to deliver their products to the customer safely. These boxes are strong enough so, many people use these boxes for different purposes instead of wasting them.

Counter Display boxes with lids:

Three-tier display boxes:

Counter display boxes with a lid are a unique idea. Because these boxes have some space at the lid where you can print the logo of your brand or company by using any printing technique, besides this, you can type a clear and short message that surely helps to grab customer’s attraction. And customers cannot stop themselves from buying that product.

Three-tier display boxes consist of three stairs, which can be used to display three different products at a time. This type of box is highly recommended and useful for makeup products like foundation, tints, lipsticks and face powder, etc. Makeup is the most favorite thing of almost every girl, and if all products are displayed beautifully, it will attract everyone. Three-tier display boxes can also be used for keeping jewelry or packed food items. Besides, this three-tier box takes less space and can accommodate many products and a time. And the products can be organized sensibly without creating a mess.

Shipper display boxes:

As the name suggests, shipper display boxes are used at the time of shipping, so the goods are transported to the customer safely and securely without any damage or loss. But if we remove the cover from the top of these boxes, then they can be used for display purposes. So, these boxes have dual benefits. Counter display boxes online are strong, attractive boxes, and if they are placed at the counter, it will grab the customer’s attention.

Small counter display boxes:

Tinny or small display boxes at the counter is a great source of attraction. Usually, these small boxes consist of chocolates and candies, which not only attract kids but also older people got attracted. Everyone loves chocolate, and when they see them can’t resist buying them in large quantity as well. And that is a plus point for any shop or business because this weak point of customers will increase sales of the business. As a result, the profit margin of the firm will also increase.

Bold colors display boxes:

Bold color display boxes never fail to attract customers. When we go to any shop and see a box at the counter, we all stop at the moment and see what’s inside it. So basically, the counter display box always grabs customer’s attention. But if these boxes are of bold, dark, and cheeky colors with fascinating designs, people cannot be able to resist the beauty of the box.

Printed display boxes:

Printed display boxes are a useful trick to allure customers. All the information related to any product can be printed on a box, including the expiry date to avoid any mishap as well as a logo, which is the identity of any business or a firm can also be printed on the box so that people will become familiar with that product and buy it without any hesitation.

Simple yet elegant counter display boxes:

Sometimes simple boxes can attract more as compared to fancy boxes. Instead of using dark colors and bold designing, you can keep a box as simple as you can and use light colors. This will also look pretty and fascinate customers, and customers will surely buy that product that will be beneficial from a business point of view.

Keep Your Packaging Relevant:

Packaging should be related to your product. It will save a lot of time for both customers and shopkeepers because just by looking at the box at the counter, you can guess what the item is inside that box. A box of chocolate should be designed in such a way that we can tell it’s a chocolate box without seeing what’s inside. This way or technique will surely grab customers.

Guilt-free Packaging:

Packaging should be done in such a way that attract customers and should be unique and different from other product that creates a new trend in the market. Especially, counter display boxes should be attractive, good quality to protect the product, highly maintained, organized, and have a good color scheme so that customer ends up buying that product. As a result, your sales will increase, and you will earn a good profit after selling that product.

The attraction for the customers:

All these techniques and ways mentioned above can be used to attract customers through counter display boxes. That is profitable for any firm or business organization. So, you should not only focus on the product but also focus on the packaging of the product, its design, quality, and its color scheme that looks good to human eyes. Counter display boxes are the center of attraction, so try to discover new ideas to make these boxes look amazing.


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