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5 Food Tips To Enjoy Your Work From Home Experience

When working from home, taking charge of your schedule and everyday life is extremely easy – food included. From a tasty slice of pizza to a healthy bowl of salad, there are endless options for food that you can make at home. 

You’re on a conference call and have somehow found your way into the kitchen. You’re eating crackers and dry cereal out of a box before you know it. Or perhaps you became so engrossed in a project that you suddenly realized you hadn’t eaten anything all day. Or maybe the “I’ll just have a handful of chips while I work” mentality led to eating the entire bag.

It can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet when your home is also your office. You’re at ease, and there’s plenty of food available. And, unlike at the office, you are free to graze all day and have complete access to the fridge. However, this habit can harm your waistline, sabotage weight loss, and halt productivity.

Here are some food tips you can try when you’re working from home:

Start With A Healthy Breakfast

Protein and fiber are two essential components of a healthy diet, especially at the start of the day. It is because they are among the most filling foods available. These foods can help us feel satisfied (total) for extended periods, making us less likely to snack in the morning. They also provide essential nutrients to help us through the day and are versatile! Consider the following examples.

Breakfast options include porridge oats, whole grains, black beans, butter beans, avocado, eggs, and tofu.

Schedule and Prepare Your Meals

Establish when you’re going to eat throughout the day, just as you schedule and plan the rest of your day (get up, work out, shower). Plan ahead of time if you know you like to eat lunch around noon. Also, if you like to snack in the late afternoon, plan for it. Treat food like you would in the office. You can’t graze all day when you’re there, so act similarly at home.

Establish An Eating/Food Routine

It could be due to decision fatigue if you find yourself snacking more than you’d like. We can become overwhelmed and lose our ability to make rational decisions if we have to make too many decisions throughout the day. To avoid this, try to maintain as much of a routine as possible. Set aside specific times for meals and snacks, and limit your options to a few healthy options that you know you’ll enjoy. You won’t have to waste mental energy deciding what to grab this way.

Don’t Work In Your Kitchen or Dining Room

According to studies, we eat with our eyes. When we see food images, we experience dramatic physiological and brain changes. Because we are constantly exposed to food, this poses a risk.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) that motivates you to pursue things that will help you survive. Furthermore, the stress hormone cortisol causes us to crave sweets and carbohydrates. Because our bodies are designed to help us survive, they will do everything they can to motivate us to eat.

So, you’ll be fighting your biology and work boredom if you have the urge to eat (especially during a stressful period) and a pantry full of trigger foods.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue, which are detrimental to productivity. Keep water near your workstation at home like you would keep a water bottle at your desk at work. If you have water readily available, you’re more likely to drink it, which will help you meet your daily goal of at least 64 ounces. (Also, please avoid sugary soda and juice, which can cause a crash later.)

Key Takeaway

“Food is a great pleasure in our lives, and we should not sacrifice it.” We must change our surroundings to work with rather than against us.”

One of his food philosophies is that the moment we consciously deprive ourselves of something, we are more likely to crave it more and more. Allow yourself a treat now and then.

Be gentle as you figure out what tips work best for you regarding eating healthy while working from home.


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