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5 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

5 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

As everyone know that Instagram becomes most usable social media platform with their large number Instagram followers. Many brands promote their product using Instagram day by day and increase their revenue. An Instagram User who have a large number of Instagram followers can easily run their business. The followers on our Instagram account are certainly important to develop our brand on said social network, however, it has become the obsession of many people to give excessive importance to these followers, which is a mistake.

You can Increase Instagram Followers by following tips.

Follow Suggested Accounts

This new feature has been available in France since the end of 2015. It is obviously part of the evolution instigated by the Facebook parent company… The (same) type of algorithm is implemented on Instagram: we suggest that you follow similar accounts to yours, that is:

You have the same interests (example: you often like photos of flowers)

Or you follow your friends’ Instagram accounts, then Instagram will offer you to follow your friends’ friends’ accounts

You are probably asking yourself the question: what is the point of subscribing to the suggested accounts? Well, that’s one of the best ways to get followers: become one yourself. Most of the time, if your interests match and they like your photos, the accounts you subscribed to will follow back.

Caution! This assumes that the algorithm has a good understanding of your branding intentions on Instagram. To check it, click on the “Explore” button. If you see a bit of everything in terms of content in this section, it means that your corporate posture is not sufficiently clear… So review your copy!


Link Instagram and Facebook accounts

Still Facebook you tell me! Let’s first remember that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Well if not, what does it bring?

By linking your two accounts, Instagram will offer you to follow the accounts of your Facebook friends and vice versa (handy, right?). The “Find friends” option could be very useful for you!

In the other direction, it will show your Facebook friends that you are on Instagram and give them the possibility to follow you. Of course, if that doesn’t work, you can always ask them to follow you directly.

Finally, you will be able to post your photos on both social networks at the same time (time saving guaranteed!)

Be careful though when you duplicate your posts from Instagram to Facebook. The overflow of hashtags (essential and widely used on Instagram, as we have just seen ) is particularly tire some painful on Facebook. The solution? Go manually modify your Facebook status (in practice, click on the arrow at the top right and then on modify the publication)

Promote your Instagram account via other socials

We can never repeat it enough, but the principle of social networks is to build communities.

So if you are on several social networks ( the most common being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest ), you have ALREADY built communities. Why not use it to gain more followers on Instagram?

Do not hesitate to inform them of your presence on Instagram. Your various communities certainly appreciate your publications on these networks and would be delighted to receive more via Instagram!

Like photos NOPE!

As explained above (point 4), you must like the photos of others but above all interact with your subscribers in order to create contact. You will be regularly offered to follow new accounts and again, interacting with these people should earn you followers on Instagram.

A few years ago, the most classic way to gain followers on Instagram was to like thousands of photos a day (we called that mass following).

Certainly, liking photos of other users mathematically brings you new subscribers. But are they the right ones for you? Will they ultimately buy your products or services? The answer is most likely “NO” so there is NO point.

Moreover, today this type of behavior is severely punished by Instagram! Liking thousands of photos/following hundreds of accounts a day will most likely get you BANED from the network.

Also, the subscribers you gain this way wo n’t be interested in your content. So what would be the point?

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NEVER buy fake followers

What an idea? Well yes, anyone can buy followers on Instagram. But also likes, and even comments.

Buying Instagram followers can be a good investment and for many influencers, companies and agencies it is an important tool to grow their Instagram account.

Keep in mind buy fake followers may increase your follower count in the short term, it doesn’t help with engagement. This is called a “vanity metric” – in other words, a number that is there only to flatter the ego.

The majority of these “followers” will be phantom accounts, not contacts or potential customers. And again, these are practices that can attract the wrath of Instagram on you. Admit that it would be silly to see your account suspended for weeks or even for life, especially if it’s your only source of visibility?

Save your money, you just have to find a trustable platform to buy real Instagram followers. Real Instagram Followers don’t harm your Instagram brand account.

Go for quality over quantity!

This trick is really important, and it is surely the one that will make your account an interesting account in the eyes of your subscribers. And indeed, nobody wants to follow someone who has hundreds of photos mixed up and without consistency of content. Your photos should be relevant to what you promise your subscribers.

So I repeat, the important thing is first to carefully study your content strategy. But then, over time, you will learn from your exchanges, and from your mistakes… You will also learn by observing what others are doing. And your strategy will certainly evolve.

So consider regularly reviewing your publications and archiving some of them so that only quality photos remain. Even, do not hesitate to redo a pretty harmonious and worked feed to attract new subscribers.

On the other hand, make sure to optimize your bio as much as possible so that it really plays its role as the home page of your account!


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