How to square foot garden with ease and success.

Square foot garden is a successful plantation system developed in the 1970s by Mel Bartholomew and has been appreciated until now. This system allows home gardeners with limited space to grow and maintain a thriving garden just with little care. So, let’s see how to make a square-foot garden with easy-to-follow steps.
How to Make a Square Foot Garden – Easy Steps
Creating a square-foot garden is simply easy, and your garden will be ready with some basic knowledge. Here is the step-by-step guide to making a square foot garden:

Build a Garden Bed

First, there must be a garden planter, or you may say a raised bed that is easy to build. A 4×4 square foot box proves best as it keeps soil accessible, and you can make as many boxes as you want. Thus, take four wooden planks, each 4 feet long. Assemble them on the ground and join to make a square foot garden plant. Remember, each bed should be a foot deep to allow roots to grow deeper into healthy soil.
You can keep the box bottomless or use cardboard to prevent weeds or grass from entering your garden.

Square Foot Garden Soil

After designing the frame of the square foot garden, the next is to fill it with soil and make a growth medium. Here you must not forget that ordinary garden soil is not suitable for raised garden beds as it is compact and heavy, making growth hard. Lightweight potting soil of good quality keeps roots healthy without any risk of compaction. Thus, take 1/3 compost, 1/3 vermiculite, and 1/3 peat, mix well and add to the garden planter.
Be sure to not walk on the added potting soil mix as it will be compressed. When soil is compressed, it becomes difficult for pants to grow and difficult for soil to drain. So, you must not forget this fact. If someone accidentally walks on your bed, fluff it before planting.

Make a Grid

The garden structure is ready with the soil as a growth medium. Now is to make a grid for dividing the plantation area that will maximize the range of the plantation. You will be able to grow different plants in different sections. Therefore, make lines with strings, wires, or stakes to create a grid in the square garden.

Plan Plantation for Square Foot Garden

It’s time to plant! You can sow seeds and grow multiple vegetables in a single square garden. The vegetables in the square foot garden area are planted in the spacing of 1, 4, 9, or 16. Some vegetables take up 4 large squares. For instance, the tomato would be a veggie variety; you would only plant one per square, grow four heads of cabbage per square foot, nine carrot plants per square foot, or 16 radishes per square foot.
If you are new to square foot gardening, do not do much at once and go for 4 grid squares at the start.
Another interesting point to consider for successful growth is crop rotation. Do not grow a plant every time in the same square as if you planted lettuce in grid boxes 1 and 2 this year; plant tomatoes, onions, or some other vegetable there next year. It will naturally help plants to fight against various diseases.

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