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BaaS for Gaming: Is it a New Trend in Game Development?

The emergence of cloud computing has been a significant navigator of digital transformation across companies for a few years. Cloud services like SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) have already become mainstream. Companies on the digital landscape are looking for SaaS companies as much as reputable mobile game development companies to level up their businesses. No doubt, the SaaS industry is growing beyond expectations.

The SaaS market worldwide will ascend to 716.52 billion in 2028. (Fortune Business Insights)

Besides the craze for SaaS and PaaS, the concept of BaaS (Backend as a Service) is becoming an emerging trend across companies, especially in the gaming industry. BaaS for gaming allows game developers to add more value to their game development endeavors. Software and game developers also call BaaS as MBaaS or Mobile Backend as a Service. The concept is relatively new, but its efficacy is beyond any doubt.

As modern video games are becoming extremely online, game development craves sophisticated server-side capabilities. The uprising demand for multilayer blockbusters, social video games, Etc., is guiding game studios towards BaaS for gaming. BaaS is gaining immense popularity among developers regarding tweaking and tuning game mechanics. Whether it is Unity 3D game development or developing RPG with Unreal, BaaS is crucial for developers. 

Here, we will dig into BaaS and its efficacy for game development.

BaaS for Gaming in Brief

  • BaaS is a proportioned mingling of IaaS and PaaS with enhanced APIs and SDKs.
  • In other words, BaaS is a transitional form of SaaS and PaaS.
  • It is the ultimate cloud platform for developing advanced games and mobile apps.
  • It accelerates the production process of games and mobile apps.
  • BaaS makes the development process of games and apps more cost-effective.
  • BaaS first emerged in 2011 to speed up mobile app development.
  • Soon, the set of BaaS features became popular among game developers.
  • BaaS for gaming shows many features:
  • Push notifications
  • Social networking integration
  • File management
  • Cloud storage, Etc. 

These features aid game developers in facilitating the game development process while tailoring the clients’ requirements.

Many game developers agree on a common fact. When a game studio or mobile app agency plan to own its back-end team, it drains time and resources. Indeed, game developers always remain eager to learn new technological things to rich their projects. However, developing, launching, and maintaining your servers seems overwhelming.

On the other side, BaaS for gaming promises faster time to market, lower operational expenses and less development complexity.

Benefits BaaS For Gaming Delivers

Unless you try a new facet of technology, how can you understand how it benefits your game development? The same thing happens for BaaS for gaming. But before you dive into BaaS, make sure you know all the benefits it delivers to the game development space. The following reasons to choose BaaS for your next game development project:

Faster Time to the Market

When the complexity of game development gets reduced, the process accelerates automatically. BaaS boosts the speed of the game development process. As it leverages process automation, BaaS ensures enhanced productivity, freeing developers from repetitive tasks. Developers can focus on expanding their in-game offerings.

Keeping Simplicity

Believe it or not, video game development is amongst the most complex tasks. The complicated in-game feature and functions, server infrastructure configuration, maintaining in-game security and performance, game upgrades, Etc., overwhelm developers.

Every inch of game development requires expertise and experience, from database to server maintenance. It is a reason why game developers demand high salary packages. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for video game startups to hire seasoned game development experts. On the contrary, BaaS is much easier and requires less expertise. Above all, using BaaS will substantially reduce a game studio’s staffing costs.

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Supporting Common Game Mechanics

Select any random yet popular mobile game from Google or Apple app store. There is a great chance you will come across cross-over features like Messaging, Social Leaderboards, Rewarding, Etc. These are some of the staple features of successful mobile games people are fond of.

With a BaaS provider beside you, including these features in your game becomes effortless. You do not need to take much effort into implementing features and functions into your game. BaaS will save you time.

Leveraging Game Analytics

During the early stage of game design and development, developers seem more concerned regarding the game launch and collecting feedback. However, the priority shifts during the advanced stage of game development. Developers then become anxious about the success of the video game. A dedicated Game BaaS comes with an integrated analytics service. It allows developers to access the most important KPIs for games, including retention, player numbers, revenue, and conversions.

Final Words

To summarize, BaaS for gaming allows game developers to unlock better productivity at fewer expenses. From a business perspective, partnering with a reputable SaaS company side by side the mobile game development company proves much more effective for managing in-house developers.

Any game development project, whether RPG or Hyper Casual games, come with an overwhelming burden of tasks. From developing game background to managing monetization. Backend as a Service reduces the workload and risks yet enhances the chances of success.


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