Best web development tools

In the recent past, a lot of new web development tools have emerged. New tools have allowed the developers to use highly tested libraries to better their workflow and take advantage of more significant opportunities. Web development services have extensively upgraded as we have processors that streamline the codes to browser add-ons and plug-ins. 

Almost daily, web development tools have increased in number, and it can be tedious to find the best options available. The below list contains all the essential tools for the frontend development.  

  1. Sublime Text 

This tool is the first-rate code editor used to design highly efficient, ultra-fast user interfaces. Among other devices with similar functions, Sublime text is the best and most popular. This tool has many keyboard shortcuts, which is why it is most loved. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to edit things quickly, along with the fast navigation to find the symbols, files, and lines. 

  1. Chrome Developer Tools

What if you can edit the HTML and CSS by monitoring the performance analysis of your website in real-time. You can do that with Chrome Developers Tools, which is Google’s built-in. Developers can access the internals of their websites using this tool. You can optimize your website’s landing flow and better understand what the browser is doing at the given moment. 

  1. jQuery 

An essential frontend language is JavaScript. The frontend process is simplified by jQuery, a small, rapid, cross-platform JavaScript library. This tool helps by idealizing many functions that the developers usually do. By using jQuery, the extent of animation creation and adding plug-ins has increased dramatically. 

  1. GitHub 

By deploying your project at GitHub, developers can see any changes that are done or get back to your previous state. A lot of services are provided by Github for developers, including tracking bugs, task management, and feature requests. 

  1. CodePen 

The number of people learning to program is exponential as many companies hire web developers. One of the best tools to show your snippets of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is CodePen. You can also build or maintain your web developer’s portfolio. It elegantly shows off the code behind the created features and how these codes are displayed to the users. 

  1. AngularJs

Despite being the primary front-end development tool, HTML doesn’t manage the dynamic view. This flaw is fulfilled by AngularJS, which is an open-source web framework. It helps you be more expressive and readable and creates an environment that can not alone build with HTML. 


Web development is the fastest growing industry nowadays. It would be a wise decision to become a web developer, primarily a remote developer. As a developer, you should know the best tools for web development and how to use them. Remember that you should have the knowledge and hands-on experience with these tools to become a successful developer. 

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