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Every year many people from France visit Canada for tourism purposes, for work, for education purposes, or business meetings or deals. Canada is a country with vast and diverse cultures and beauty. Beautiful lakes and exceptional sceneries attract a lot of tourists to Canada every year.

There is a tourist visiting the country every year for their beautiful views and the tourist attractions.

To travel from one country to another, travelers need a passport and a CANADA VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS for the same. But if you are a French citizen wishing to travel to Canada then you do not need a visa for the same. To travel from France to Canada, you need to obtain an electronic travel authorization for Canada which allows citizens of a few countries wishing to travel to Canada without a visa.

If you wish to travel from France to Canada through the air, then you need an eTA for the same, but if you wish to travel through land or sea or a cruise then you do not need even an eTA for the same.

Obtaining an electronic travel authorization is a very easy process and does not take much time. One can apply for an eTA at the nearest Canadian embassy or you can even apply for it online. An electronic travel authorization is valid for almost 5 years for every citizen that applies for it from the day it is issued to any person till the time it expires.

An electronic travel authorization permits a person for multiple entries of a person in Canada without any visa requirements till the time the eTA expires. All the citizens traveling from France to Canada can travel whenever they want for multiple times within the validity period but one visit can only extend till 6 months or less but not more than that.

The application process of an electronics travel authorization for Canada is a very simple and hassle-free process. It hardly takes only 15 minutes to be completed. It can be done both in person or even online through an online website of electronic travel authorization applications for Canada.


The application form for Canada eTA can be done on the online website where all the information related to the application is available in the English language. Applicants are required to fill in all the information correctly in the application form which matches all the supporting documents submitted by the applicant.

In case of any sort of mistakes or wrongfully filled form or incorrect details mentioned in the form which does not match the submitted documents, the eTA application of the applicant for traveling to Canada will be delayed or completely rejected immediately. So, to prevent any sort of delays or problems during the approval of the ETA application form of the applicant, all the details written in the application form must be double-checked and correctly written to avoid mistakes that might lead to rejection in approval to travel to Canada as a citizen of France.


The CANADA VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS application form is available in English on our website. Incorrect data provided can result in a delay or complete rejection. To prevent this, please double-check the data you put in the application form.

Although you can apply for an eTA at any time, we recommend that every traveler applies for it in advance. So that eTA will be processed before your flight. The processing time may take 72 hours.

There are three simple steps to applying:

  1. Apply Online: fill in an online application form, provide your data, passport details, the purpose for your travel, and your email address.
  2. Make a payment: pay the handling fee using a credit or debit card. Or any other convenient method of online payment.
  3. Check your email: once your payment is registered, check your email for the confirmation number. You can check the status of your e-visa processing using this number. Within the next 72 hours, you will receive an email with an eTA permit.


  • a valid passport (your passport has to be valid for at least six months ahead of the trip)
  • an active email address (onto which eTa is sent)
  • a clean criminal record (you cannot be recorded for any serious crimes. However, non-serious offenses do not count. You can still apply with a speeding ticket)

Please note that if your situation is unclear, you may have to send in some additional documents. This may elongate the processing time.


Once granted, a Canadian eTA for French nationals is valid for a period of 5 years, or until the associated passport expires, whichever comes first. It allows for multiple airport entries into Canada during its validity period.

The maximum duration that a French citizen may stay in Canada with an eTA on one particular visit is 180 days. For stays of longer than 6 consecutive months, a different category of visa will need to be applied for from a Canadian consulate or embassy.


Applying for a Canadian eTA from France, is as easy as completing an online application form with personal and passport details, and submitting payment.

Within a maximum of 3 days, the approved eTA is linked to the traveler’s biometric passport, eliminating the need for a paper copy or to visit an embassy or visa processing office.

The full list of eTA requirements is as follows:

  • A valid biometric passport. Each applicant must be in possession of a biometric passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of entry into Canada.
  • Current email address at which to recieve the eTA approval notice.
  • valid form of online payment. A credit or debit card will be required in order to pay the eTA fee.

Travelers should also note the following before applying for an eTA:

  • Air travel only. The eTA visa waiver is only valid for air travel to Canada. If the traveler’s intended port of entry is via one of the land borders with the USA, or one of the country’s many seaports, the eTA will not be valid.
    Biometric Passport. Only biometric passports may be used for the Canadian eTA visa waiver application . This is because an approved eTA is linked to the traveler’s passport and ia designed to be read by electronic machines at the Canadian border.
  • Intended purpose of the visit to Canada, Must be for tourism, transit, business, or medical. The ETA is not valid for other purposes such as to work, study, or for retirement.
  • Minimum age requirement. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply. Parents of children under the age of 18 may apply on their behalf.


Online application

Fill out the online eTA application form and upload documents in electronic format

Pay eTA

Pay the eTA Canada fee with Credit or Debit Card

Receive ETA Canada

Receive Approved ETA by email

Each application for a Canada eTA for French Citizens begins with completing an online form, which takes a maximum of 30 minutes. It is necessary to fill in the form with details such as the traveler’s name, date of birth, contact details, passport information, and details about the intended purpose of travel.

The decision for approval, once made, will be emailed to the address supplied during the application process. Approval can occur within an hour, but in some cases may take up to 72 hours depending on various factors.

Travelers are advised to apply for their Canadian eTA visa waiver at least 3 business days before the intended date of travel so as to avoid any potential disruption to plans.

However, French citizens who need to urgently travel to Canada and who need an emergency eTA are able to select an option for urgent processing of the eTA when submitting an application. Applicants can guarantee that they receive a response about the eTA status in around 60 minutes by selecting ‘Urgent guaranteed processing in less than 1 hour’ when paying the eTA fee.

The process of applying for an eTA visa waiver for French passport holders is quick and simple and will ensure easy entry into Canada for up to 5 years via all international airports.

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