5 Food Tips To Enjoy Your Work From Home Experience


When working from home, taking charge of your schedule and everyday life is extremely easy – food included. From a tasty slice of pizza to a healthy bowl of salad, there are endless options for food that you can make at home.  You’re on a conference call and have somehow found your way into the kitchen. You’re eating crackers and dry cereal out of a box before you know it. Or perhaps you became so engrossed in a project that you suddenly realized you hadn’t eaten anything all day. Or maybe the…

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New Digital Rewards Experience Is Now Available From Dave & Buster’s

This revolutionary app is the first to use near-field communication (NFC) technology to replace physical reward cards. Important Information Dave & Busters has released an app to manage in-store transactions and customer loyalty benefits. Customers can pay for dave and busters gift cards, dave and busters rewards, and other arcade attractions simply by tapping their smartphones using a near-field communications (NFC) chip that is included in more recent models of smartphones. Customers can also use this chip to access loyalty benefits and promotions. Dave & Buster’s New App The application…

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Most Expensive Food Items In The World.

Expensive Food Items

Hello foodies, we all love to experience or taste different foods worldwide. But our pocket isn’t allowed us to do these types of experiences. But some wealthy foodies worldwide are spending massive amounts on food for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. And no, these food items aren’t decorated with 24-karat gold leaves. So, the question is, then, what makes these foods so expensive that only millionaires can afford to eat them? well, we are here to answer your queries, so watch this video till the end because, in this video, we…

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