7 Unexplored Places of Chardham Yatra to Visit in 2022

Unexplored places to visit in chardham yatra

The Chardham Yatra, which people believe that after completing the Yatra, they may attain salvation, also symbolizes devotion, faith, and hope in God. Moreover, the Chardham yatra places or the four holy adobes, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath Temples, bring you a step closer to the world of spirituality. Further, as per Hinduism, one must go on the Chota Chardham Yatra to help you discover your life’s purpose, who you are, and the divinely formed nature. Further, the Chota Chardham Yatra is nestled in the Uttarakhand, and several Chardham yatra places exist.

So the most excellent way to discover Uttarakhand is to arrange a Char Dham yatra and visit the Chardham yatra places to explore what nature offers. Further, Uttarakhand is a fantastic destination for visitors since it is encircled by picturesque vistas of vegetation and snow-capped mountains. Moreover, mother earth has blessed Uttarakhand with beautiful valleys, springs falls, etc., sure to captivate hearts. Everything you see is impressive, including the mountains, rivers, deep forests, and a rough climate—everything you imagine from a spiritual and daring journey.

Since the temples of Chardham Yatra are in four different directions of Uttarakhand, LIH Travel offers Chardham yatra by helicopter to ensure that your Yatra to the holy abodes completes easily with no hassles. Further, ensure to visit the unexplored places Chardham yatra, which we will mention below.

The Seven Unexplored Chardham Yatra Places To Visit

1. Mussoorie & Kempty Falls

You may take a refreshing break at Mussoorie’s renowned Kempty Falls on the way to Yamunotri. It is famous as the most incredible picnic location in Mussoorie and a great location to cool yourself in the chilly waterfall water. Kempty Falls is around 4500 feet above sea level, and tall mountain cliffs surround the falls. So, the most well-known and oldest tourist destination close to Mussoorie is Kempty Falls, a massive fall with streams swerving before they strike the bottom.

Swimming and bathing are both quite enjoyable in the pond that forms at the base of the falls. Furthermore, the Kempty Falls is a 15 km away intriguing picnic location or an ideal day trip destination near Mussoorie.

2. Hanuman Chatti

At the convergence of the Yamuna and Hanuman Ganga rivers is Hanuman Chatti. Hanuman Chatti (2,400 meters), 13 kilometers before Yamunotri Dham, is a tranquil location with many lodging options making it among the best Chardham yatra places to visit. Furthermore, the Hanuman Chatti’s gorgeous riverfront location makes it the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and rural life.

Tourists often visit Hanuman Chatti since it is a well-known hiking location. The most extraordinary hiking excursions in Hanuman Chatti, besides Yamunotri, are to Darwa Top and Dodi Tal. Moreover, one may rent a taxi or vehicle to take you from “Hanuman Chatti” to “Janki Chatti,” where the 6-kilometer trek to Yamunotri begins.

3. Surya Kund

A hot spring called Surya Kund is close to the Yamunotri temple. So the Yamuna River, which, per Hindu mythology, is revered as Surya’s offspring or the Lord, gives this hot spring its name. Due to its proximity to the Yamunotri temple, Surya Kund serves as a sacred location.

When pilgrims arrive at Yamunotri, they must first bathe in the “Surya Kund” and then prepare the potatoes and rice by wrapping them in cloth and dipping them in the hot spring water. Further, the pilgrims serve the rice and potatoes in Pooja at the major Yamunotri temple and then take the remaining home as Prasad.

4. Harsil

The state of Uttarakhand’s pristine and undiscovered treasure, Harsil, one of the best Chardham yatra places, offers a wealth of opportunities for those seeking peace and tranquility in the Himalayas. Further, It is 2620 meters above sea level and located on the Bhagirathi River bank.

Furthermore, it is the ideal site to stop for a few hours when traveling to Gangotri because of its unspoiled natural beauty, clean mountain air, and pleasant weather. Recently, nature lovers and travelers have flocked to this picturesque village.

Near Harsil, there are several strenuous hiking trails that you may choose. Moreover, a vacation at Harsil is a therapeutic experience where you may practice yoga and meditation.

5. Gaumukh Glacier

Another sight-seeing destination in Gangotri is the Gaumukh Glacier. Further, you must hike 18 kilometers upwards from Gangotri to reach Gaumukh. Furthermore, the magnificence of the Gaumukh Glacier will leave you spellbound.

Additionally, there are several important and holy pilgrimage sites. The Gangotri glacier’s terminus is called Gaumukh because it mimics a cow’s mouth. Also, the beauty of the neighboring Himalayan peaks and lovely pastures make them worth visiting. Hence, ensure

6. Sonprayag

On the way to Kedarnath Dham lies the religiously significant location of Sonprayag. Sonprayag is converging the two sacred rivers, Basuki and Mandakini. The word “Prayag” signifies convergence. On the way to Kedarnath Dham lies the religiously significant location of Sonprayag.

Furthermore, Sonprayag is among the popular Chardham yatra places to visit since snow-capped mountains surround it. The snow-capped mountains and river streams add to the beauty of this calm scenario.

Ten kilometers from Sonprayag is Triyuginarayan, which legends call Lord Shiva and Parvati’s wedding site. Additionally, Hinduism regards taking a bath at a Prayag as sacred. Because its holy waters wipe away all misdeeds, people visit here to take a bath. Gauri Kund, a Hindu pilgrimage place, is just 5 miles away. Furthermore, it serves as the starting point for the hike to the Uttarakhand region’s Kedarnath Temple.

7. Bhairav Temple

Dedicated to Lord Bhairavnath, the protector god of Kedarnath town and shrine during the snowy winter months, this temple is accessible via a one-kilometer trek from the Kedarnath Temple. So, this must be on the list of the Chardham Yatra places to visit. From the Bhairavnath Temple, the views over the Kedarnath valley are amazing.


The Chardham Yatra will take you on a holy trip where you may immerse yourself in devotion and enlightenment. In addition to spiritual pleasure, the journey includes a roller coaster experience of joy and excitement. Furthermore, the Chardham yatra places will take away all your stress and immerse you in the beauty of Uttarakhand.

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