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Creating A New Hire Checklist Can Take Onboarding to the Next Leve

An effective onboarding procedure prepares new hires to become acquainted with their position and team, as well as to understand the demands of their job. Successful recruit onboarding improves work performance, productivity, and employee happiness, all of which contribute to higher levels of engagement and retention. Using an employee onboarding checklist may ensure you recognize all essential tasks during the busy initial days, weeks, and months because effectively preparing a recruit for their work involves several phases.

What is an Employee Onboarding Checklist?

A checklist for onboarding new employees outlines what managers and HRs need to do before the employee starts  working. The employee onboarding checklist ensures that all essential preparational steps have been followed while guiding new hires as they navigate their first days as new team members.

Depending on the position and hiring procedure chosen by the organization, an onboarding checklist may be longer or shorter. However, it must include everything from orientation to helping new hires settle into their jobs.

Why Is An Employee Onboard Checklist Important?

The onboarding procedure is the first step in creating a successful relationship with a new hire. Despite the effort put forth by both the applicant and the employer during the recruiting process, around 20% of new hires quit their position within 45 days. s

When you hire new staff frequently, an employee onboarding checklist template helps to ensure consistency and saves time. 

A good onboarding checklist goes beyond simply listing forms. A checklist must be created for every event scheduled for the day, including the welcome, the office tour, the orientations, lunchtime, and all the essential preparations for the employee’s schedule..

What Is A Checklist for Onboarding New Employees?

Maintaining an employee onboarding checklist is the secret to getting off to the right start and having a successful onboarding experience.

1. Pre-boarding Checklist

1. Create the employee’s profile.  

2. Status of employee background check.

3. Designate a workstation, an access card, a name badge, etc.

2. First-Day Checklist

1. Completion of paperwork and policy documents.

2. Greetings from the team leaders and members.

3. Details on the company’s rules and culture.

4. Details of the probationary period.

5. Information on the guidelines for using technology.

6. Create a training and work plan for the new employees.

3. Week One Checklist

1. Follow-up on queries from new employees, if any.

2. Check with new employees daily to see how they adjust to the new workplace.

3. Plan training and demonstrate how to use the company’s software.

4. Introduce them to other team members.

5. Recommend helpful tools/resources for growth.

6. Plan social events to assist new employees in forming bonds with their coworkers.

7. Ask new employees for feedback on their first work week.

8. Utilize employee feedback to enhance the onboarding process.

4. First Month Checklist

1. Have regular meetings with the new hires.

2. Include new employees in ongoing initiatives, but keep things simple.

3. Help new employees understand corporate platforms, learning tools, and intranet systems.

4. Give feedback on particular jobs. Just keep in mind that they are still learning the ropes.

5. Help new employees build relationships with co-workers.

6. Encourage new employees to take on projects independently and accept accountability for their work.

7. Communicate with managers to get feedback on future KPIs and metrics.

8. Review performance objectives to make sure they’re attainable.

9. Obtain employee feedback about the orientation process for new hires.

10. Continue fostering relationships and socialization within the company. If an employee struggles to fit in or meet KPIs, consider job shadow.

11. To assess how well a new hire has assimilated into your business, conduct an onboarding survey.

12. Review your progress and arrange necessary training based on the findings.

5. Quarterly Checklist

1. Discuss the projects, clientele, and training needs.

2. Ensure the new employees fit in with the workplace culture.

3. Review the need for more training and, if necessary, create a new training schedule.

4. Set both long-term and short-term objectives.

Checklist for the First Six Months

If they have reached the six-month mark, it would be incredible! Set up a performance evaluation to review accomplishments and objectives for the following year.

First-Year Review

Give employees constructive criticism for their work and identify  areas where they may improve.


Recruiting new staff might be challenging if you are not well prepared. With the help of customer service training solutions and an employee onboarding checklist, you can stay organized throughout the process and ensure that your new hires are quickly assimilated into the workforce. To ensure a successful onboarding process for new team members, be sure to go over the checklist thoroughly and then refer to it again.


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