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Do you tip dog Groomers? 

Let’s say you are picking up your dog from a dog grooming salon, and your dog is looking great and much prettier than before. A question will stick in your mind “Do you tip dog groomers?”

I know! The most frequent question will come to your mind, and the short answer to your question is YES! But the details are different, which is good to know, so keep reading.

Now, many questions will come to your mind, like what do dog groomers do? How much does it cost? And most importantly, should I tip dog groomers? So just read on and be relaxed. It will answer all questions here.

Good to Know: Your dog needs a bath, brush, and nail trimming! Grooming is the essential part, and you can’t ignore it. In short, grooming and your dog’s overall health matter a lot. Being a pet owner, you should build a grooming and diet plan for your dog, regardless of breed.

What Do Dog Groomers Do?

What do dog groomers do? This question is very casual, especially if you are going to a dog groomer for the first time, and it would be best if you get the answer. 

So grooming a dog is not easy at all; it’s a physical job that requires a lot of hard work and care. I’m saying it’s not easy at all; believe me; I’m not mentioning the patience they had to keep while grooming.

Here are some points that Groomers make when grooming, or you can say that the following are the services they will provide. 

  • Dog groomers help your dog in looking tremendous and prettier than before
  • They will do the health assessment. The groomer will analyze their skin, teeth, and fur properly.
  • Groomers will trim your dog’s nails, not a proper manicure, but they have some special training to trim nail dogs.
  • Also, groomers will do the bathing and styling of your dog. Styling will depend on your dog’s breed. Some need a quick comb, and sometimes it will take time to comb.

Sometimes they will provide some extra services but free of cost, and if they do so, don’t assume that you should tip your dog groomer. Relax! Just stick till the end. We will answer all your concerns when you tip a dog groomer when you should tip more or less. 

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

After knowing all these details of what do dog groomers do? You might be wondering how much does dog grooming cost?

Many dog groomers are available, and their charges vary depending on your dog’s size and breed. For your ease, we have created a rough estimate of the cost.

Dog groomers will cost

  • $55 to 70 if he has a small size
  • For a medium-sized dog, it will cost up to $55 to 80
  • They will charge $40 to 90 for a large dog.

Note: This is our rough market estimation, and Definitely, The best and most experienced groomers will demand high prices. They will also demand high prices if you have an aggressive dog.

Should I Tip Dog Groomers?

Here is the answer to your most awaited question, which you searched for, do you tip dog groomers. Well, there is no pressure at all. It’s totally up to you.

Dog groomers get 15 to 20% of grooming costs as their service fee. Remember, dog groomers can include extra services like scrubbing, conditioning, and grinding without any extra fee. 

So if someone will provide you with these services free of cost, you might think I should tip the dog groomer? Yes, you can! But it also depends on other factors like staff behavior and your dog’s treatment.

Though these pup groomers help your dog look more significant than ever, you can thank their services by giving a tip. Some dog groomers are self-employed, and you should tip them, but also it depends on you.

When Should You Tip Your Dog Groomers More?

We have divided it into two parts to quickly answer your concern and for a better understanding and ease.

  • Let’s say you are picking up your dog from the salon, and your dog is looking so cute that you can’t even take your eyes off it. Then, in this case, you should tip and give some extra tips to your dog groomers.
  • If you have an aggressive dog or are visiting the salon during the holidays, you should tip your dog groomer.

But if you cannot pay, you should thank them with a card, or you can thank them with words like “Good job” or “Great work.”

A Tip: Make sure to give that tip to the groomer’s hand, or you can pay them simply with the help of a credit card or cash. It is common to give a tip to the dog groomer because he is expecting it. 

When Should You Tip Dog Groomers Less?

The answer to this question is straightforward.

If you are not satisfied with their services you don’t need to pay any tip 

But! In this case, we recommend you don’t fight with them; you should talk to the staff and tell them their faults that they should ignore for a better service. 

In this way, you will also help them do their best next time.

Which Questions Should I Ask From a Dog Groomer

To avoid any bad experience with your dog groomers, it would be best to ask some questions before hiring them, so we are going to discuss some questions that you should ask a dog groomer.

  • Ask about the services they will provide, Will they provide any additional service or not?
  • Their education, are they certified Groomers?
  • Ask about their experience
  • How long does it take to groom, whether you can stay here and watch them or not
  • Do they have a first aid kit on hand when grooming

By asking all these questions, you will get to know whether you should hire her or not; by asking this kind of question, you can also protect your dog and yourself from having any bad experience with a grooming salon.


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