Endangered Species: Facts You Need to Know


As the population is growing, there are certain prevalent issues that are changing our nature and climate. Hence, climate change has a very adverse effect on animals and plants. If they can not evolve their bodies accordingly, they soon get endangered and become obsolete on the earth. In this article, you will know about the reasons for the extinction of some species.

What are the Reasons Behind the Species Becoming Endangered?

There are different reasons behind the extinction of animals and plants. These are as follows:

Habitat Loss

Habitat loss is the most important cause of animal extinction. It generally happens due to drastic changes in the environment. For example, dinosaurs lost their habitat some million years ago as there was a massive climate change due to an asteroid collision. Similarly, in the present world, human civilization is continuously expanding, and it is harming the environment.

Therefore, the species are losing their cosy habitats and finding it tough to survive in the open world. Their struggle to survive is leading them to extinction. For instance, the Amazon rainforest is being cut down recklessly for agricultural and residential needs, affecting the lives of animals and plants and the global climate. The extinction of moosegazete animal is also

Genetic Variation Loss

Genetic variation is important to adapt to the changes in the environment. The bigger a species is, the more its genetic variation. However, the species that practice inbreeding has a lesser genetic variation. Inbreeding refers to reproduction within the same group. Therefore, it is one of the prime factors for the species not to sustain in a changing environment.

One example of this type of extinction is the cheetah in Asia and Africa, as this species has been inbreeding since the last ice age. They also can’t breed in captivation.

Role of Humans in the Extinction of Species

Human beings are responsible in various ways for species extinction. These reasons are as follows:


Hunting is completely illegal throughout the maximum parts of the world. However, potchers and illegal animal trafficking teams are active, and they are slaughtering animals recklessly in some parts of the world. This should be stopped by creating enough awareness and legalities. Therefore as we indulge in celebrating our pets home, we should also think of the wilds simultaneously.

Climate Change

Climate change due to human activities is one of the most important reasons for the habitat loss of animals and plants. With new inventions, progression and technological advancements, there is a massive effect on the climate. Thus, the species are losing their homes. Therefore, everyone should be cautious about climate change and take effective steps to stop it.


Deforestation means cutting down trees recklessly for the spreading of human residence. As forests are home to different animals, they lose their habitat to deforestation. Besides, deforestation leads to drastic climate change, adversely affecting the animal kingdom.

What are Some Extinct Animals?

Every year some animals become extinct for the reasons mentioned above. Here are some of them who have become extinct recently worldwide.

Golden Toad: This species has got extinct due to climate change

Caribbean Monk Seal: The species become obsolete due to becoming prey

Pyrenean ibex: This species of goat also vanished due to overhunting.

Western Black Rhinoceros: It has also got extinct for overhunting and potching.


Human civilization is progressing day by day. From business to technological advancement, there are groundbreaking changes. Small businesses are striving with new strategies and policies such as merchant cash advance. Therefore, human beings are sustaining anyhow and becoming stronger. So it is the responsibility of human beings to help other species to survive and save their habitat for good.

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