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How Does Pile Footing Offer Support to The Structure

We all know that footing of a building or any structure usually offers support for structures by shifting their elements to layers of rock or soil with the holding ability and appropriate settlement features. There are various types of footing available, and one needs to choose it to depend on the requirement, such as:

  • Type of load that requires the support
  • Ground condition
  • availability of water
  • Cost
  • sensitivity to vibration and noise

Footing can also be referr to as the deep or shallow foundation, but let’s not make things more complicate than they need to be. When the load that a structure must support is relatively light in comparison to the capacity of the surface, shallow foundations are typically the best option. Deep foundations are put under work when the bearing ability of the surface is lower than a load of a structure.

Pile footing is also known as a deep foundation, and they are made of reinforce concrete or steel and come in a long slender form. According to the research, a foundation can be termed as Pile Footing piled only when its depth is thrice its breadth.

The report says that pile footing is mainly use to shift loads from high structures through poor compressible water in the less compressible, more compact, and stiffer rock, thus increasing the size of the horizontal loads. These are mainly use at long structures and places where the rock or the soil is not appropriate enough to protect the settlement.

Types Of Equipment Available for Pile Footing:

Hydraulic drivers: powerful hydraulic rams throw away the piles into the ground.

Rotary augers: are mainly use to screw the replacement piles on the ground.

Vibratory drivers: piles are directly vibrate into the ground during this process.

Percussion drivers: compresse diesel.

There is various other equipment available in the market, you can check with them, and one can choose the equipment that suits them best for them.

Classification Of Piles

 The report says that piles should be differentiate on their design function or simply by the method they follow for construction. There are various types of piles available; you can quickly know the functions of all of them and choose one that best suits that situation. However, it is very much important to choose anything for yourself, test the pile footing, which is very important.

Testing Piles

Experts suggest that an individual should at least test load one pile per scheme by creating a trial pile that is in close contact but reality, it shouldn’t form the actual foundation. According to the recommendation, the pile ought to be held for 24 hours while being additional load with at least fifty percent of the working load. This offers a check on the bearing capacity and the workmanship involved in the formation. You can browse the internet to learn more about the testing pile footing.

Functions and need for Pile Footing?

We all know what pile  is and the low bearing ability of the soil needs pile footing to hold the structure. In addition, you can choose the focusing on the:

  • Soil condition
  • operational and site condition
  • the last layers of the soil
  • forms of load acting on the formation

According to the reports, footing offers various functions that lead to tremendous application in construction. Let’s discuss some of the functions.

When to Use Pile Foundation

Often the query rises are the conditions where pile basis are appropriate for. Following are the conditions while the use of a pile basis gadget may be beneficial.

  • When the groundwater desk is excessive basis pilings are the pleasant solution.
  • Heavy and un-uniform hundreds from superstructure are impose.
  • Other forms of foundations are dearer or now no longer feasible.
  • When the soil at shallow intensity is compressible.
  • When there may be the opportunity of scouring, because of its region close to the river mattress or seashore, etc.
  • When there may be a canal or deep drainage gadget close to the shape.
  • When soil excavation isn’t always feasible as much as the favor intensity because of bad soil situations.
  • When it turns into not possible to hold the inspiration trenches dry via way of means of pumping or via way of means of some other degree because of heavy influx of seepage.
  • Whenever one of the above situations occur (where pile basis are appropriate for), the inspiration engineer has to select a basis for the shape amongst distinctive forms of pile basis.  Pile Footing

Where Do You Need to Use the Pile Footing?

There are various construction sites that only need pile footing as it can satisfy the need. Some of them are:

  • The primary need for footing is in areas where the structures are heavy and oversize, and the soil is comparatively weak.
  • footing will be a better option in places where settlement issues are very typical due to water table issues or soil liquefaction.
  • The pile footing is essential to hold the uplift forces generate due to water table rise or other reasons.
  • Pile footing is essential near the deep drainage and canal lines. Moreover, it is also necessary for the areas where the base has a high chance of soil erosion.
  • Functions of pile footing
  • The primary function of is to transfer the load to the ground with complete safety. This process comes in works in horizontal, vertical, and incline loads.
  • One of the standard functions  is that it reduces settlement.
  • The footing assures the horizontal structure with security, reliability, and safety.
  • The distribution of the load is performe in an effortless manner with the help of pile cap and pile.


If you are the one who is looking for information relate to pile footing, well this article is perfect for you as it covers all the essential and relevant information relate to pile footing. Pile footing is nothing, but it merely provides additional support to the structure of the soil, which is unable to sustain it on its own. To know more about this process you can reach our website: or visit our office.


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