How to become a Tax Preparer in Pakistan

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 If you live and work in Pakistan filing tax returns should be considered once a year top priority. Many guides on personal tax returns are provided in the community, which are very useful, and I benefit from them. However, due to the increasing complexity of personal tax returns, I had to start looking for a way to study the provisions of the tax law systematically, so I finally got involved in the tax field and became a tax accountant under a large chain tax reporting agency (part-time only, do not want to waste the main business). Today’s article wants to show you how to become a tax accountant, a profession that earns income by filing taxes for others. Why choose a tax accountant job? The tax filing season in the United States is from January 1 to mid-April. Most U.S. residents will complete their tax filing tasks during this period, which leads to the seasonality of tax accountant work. Feature.  

The background of the people working as tax accountants may be different, but they often start the job for the following reasons:

  • Looking for a part-time job that does not affect their main business
  • Retired/homeowner (husband)
  • Seasonal full-time job, the rest of the time can be arranged as you like; 
  • Have a strong interest in the U.S. tax system or financial management; 5. requirements to become a tax accountant. 

Tax consultancy services of Pakistan define the qualification to become a tax accountant as simple. As long as you have a PTIN ( Preparer Tax Identification Number ), you can legally help others file tax returns and collect returns. Applying for PTIN is also straightforward; log in to the IRS website and submit the application to pass; there are no special qualification requirements. However, the IRS grants different levels of authority ( mainly divided into two levels ) based on the additional seniority experience each tax attorney possesses.

Unlimited Representation Rights:

 This is the highest authority that the IRS can bestow on the tax accountant. A tax accountant at this level can represent any client in all aspects that need to be negotiated with the IRS, such as auditing ( tax inspection ), negotiation of fines/arrears, appeals, and more. There are currently three main types of qualifications that can obtain this level of tax accountant authority:

Certified Tax Agent (Enrolled Agent, referred to as E.A.), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Attorneys (Attorneys) 0 Limited Representation Rights (restricted representation rights): Currently The tax accountant group under this category is very large. Compared to previous levels, tax accountants at this level have minimal representation rights: they can only communicate with the IRS in simple terms for their clients who have filed their taxes here, and complex matters such as appeals are not available.

Although the rights are limited, it does not affect the essential work of filing tax returns for clients. Note: Certain states have additional requirements for working as a tax accountant, such as California, New York State, and Oregon. These requirements are often also associated with doing state tax filing. Specific qualification requirements can be found on the website of the relevant state tax department. Service, or Jackson Hewitt Tax Services ) will start training and hiring tax attorneys in the second half of each year. For newcomers, I think this route is the best option.

These large tax preparers can provide many learning and training resources for newcomers to accelerate their advancement in the tax field. The picture below shows H & R Block’s tax preparation training course, which lasts about three months. If you complete your studies, you have a good chance of getting employment. Are you an experienced tax professional? No need to wait for enrollment in our income tax preparation course. Demonstrate your expertise with our Tax Knowledge Assessment now. 

If the working environment of a large company is not to your liking, many small local tax preparation companies will also recruit new people from time to time. Pay more attention to the job postings, or go to the office to recommend yourself, and you may soon find an ideal job as a tax accountant. You can also set up your own tax filing company, but this option is not recommended for newcomers. If you already have extensive tax experience, being your boss may be the most lucrative avenue. The highest level of tax agent career path – Enrolled Agent.

As mentioned in the classification of tax accountants, if you want to obtain Unlimited Representation Rights, you can do it by becoming an EA, CPA, or lawyer. If you haven’t studied accounting or law before, becoming a CPA or a lawyer can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. In contrast, the qualifications for E.A. are much more straightforward: there are no burdensome academic credit requirements, as long as you have a PTIN, pass the E.A. qualifying exam, submit an application, and be approved. E.A.’s qualifications are awarded directly by the IRS and are treated the same as CPAs and attorneys before the IRS while providing direct proof of professionalism in tax knowledge. Many CPAs and lawyers who work in taxation also take the E.A.’s qualification certificate to show their professionalism in taxation. There are many training institutions for E.A. exams online. The more famous ones are Fast Forward Academy and Gleim, and the complete set of courses is about $ 600. After preparation through the study program, the E.A. qualifying exam must be completed at a specific Testing Center.


 The threshold for becoming a tax accountant is shallow, but it takes a long time to learn and accumulate to become an experienced and capable senior tax accountant. Those interested in the field of taxation or looking for a relatively easy side business may wish to try it. Considering the article’s length, I can only talk broadly about many of the topics in this article. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area to communicate more, and we will try our best to reply to the information we understand 

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