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How to choose the right coffee table for living room?

In the living room, the coffee table is an integral part of the decoration. It can also have a functional side depending on the lifestyle of each. Choosing a coffee table for your living room is not an easy thing as the number of models, colors, materials and styles is vast. Our advice to see more clearly and choose the right coffee table for the living room.

Choose a coffee table for its aesthetics

The first criterion that motivates the choice of a coffee table for your living room is its aesthetic appearance. Its shape, material and finishes are essential elements.

What shape for my coffee table?

Apart from a matter of taste, the shape of the coffee table meets specific criteria. Thus, round and oval coffee tables are better suited to limited spaces as they are easier to work around. When you have small children at home, these coffee table shapes are also safer.

Coffee tables in the living room can also be square. This form allows more conviviality because the people placed around are each at equal distance from the center of the table. They are also more practical if you are used to having your meals on your coffee table.

Then, coffee tables can be rectangular or elongated. These forms are preferred and most often chosen for spacious living rooms: they are placed in the middle of two sofas arranged face to face, for example. If you want to give a design aspect to your living room, you can opt for more original shapes, triangular or hexagonal.

What material for my coffee table?

Choosing this or that material for the coffee table in your living room is first and foremost a matter of taste. But each also brings specific features. A wooden coffee table, with its natural side, brings warmth to the living room. Wood, a timeless material, also guarantees solidity and good ageing. It adapts to many styles of decoration, from the Nordic universe to the most design. The only disadvantage of wood is its maintenance; however, a coffee table in the living room must be protected against water or any other kind of stains. If you already have wooden furniture in your living room, be careful not to mix too many different types of wood in the room.

You will rather choose a metal or steel coffee table for the living room if your decor is more industrial. These materials are very easy to maintain and very resistant. The combination of metal and wood, both raw materials, is perfect for contemporary style spaces.

If you are looking for a coffee table for the living room, resistant and easy to maintain, you can choose a laminate coffee table (wooden particles covered with a plastic coated layer). Browse models at Homary here. This material exists in a large multitude of colors and can also present effects of wood, stone, etc.

The glass coffee table for the living room is a great classic. It is discreet and gives an impression of lightness. It is perfect especially for small spaces. In addition, a glass coffee table adapts to different decor styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. If it is easy to maintain, it has, on the other hand, the main disadvantage of being fragile. Avoid if you have young children.

If you prefer to give a chic look to your living room, you can choose a stone coffee table like marble, or a more industrial side with a concrete table.

Plastic is also a material widely used for coffee tables in the living room. Light, resistant, easy to move, plastic coffee tables are ideal in small rooms and when you have young children. In addition, they bring joy and freshness with their very wide range of colors.

A coffee table adapted to my lifestyle

The living room is a room dedicated to relaxation and conviviality where you should feel at ease. The living room coffee table must therefore be perfectly adapted to these characteristics, in particular by choosing the right dimensions. The coffee table in the living room should not be too large so as not to hinder good circulation in the room. A pull-out coffee table, with its modular elements, is also best suited in small living rooms for maximum space saving.

The most common coffee table height is between 25 and 40 cm. But it is important to adapt it to the height of the different seats in the living room, especially the lowest one, so that it is as functional as possible, especially if you often use it to take your meals.

In a living room, it can have different functions depending on lifestyle. It can be a simple side table where to put newspapers, books or magazines. It can also be used as a dining or aperitif table. In this case, a coffee table with large dimensions is recommended. Even better, a table with lift-tops is the ideal solution. The coffee table in the living room can also serve as storage if it is equipped with drawers or a magazine rack. On the other hand, if you regularly move your coffee table in the living room, choose a model on wheels, which is very trendy in an industrial type decor for example.


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