How to Find Xbox one Ip Address without TV.

Xbox one Ip Address

You cannot connect your Xbox One to the related applications because you do not have a television and are seeking information on finding an Xbox One IP address without a television. Okay, we got it. Read the article to learn how to locate an IP address in six simple steps.

Xbox One is a well-known name in the world of gaming consoles. The extensive selection of games and high-quality features is astounding. But when it comes to locating the Xbox One’s IP address, many players are stumped!

The connected Xbox One game console applications can automatically scan the IP address. However, when they do not, you must input the Xbox One’s IP address to connect it to the connected applications. Using a television, you can, without a doubt, locate the IP address with ease. But what if you lack a television?

Know how to locate an Xbox One IP address without a television? Or even is it possible? A huge Yes! Follow the steps below to quickly determine the IP address of the Xbox One game system.

About Xbox:

Along with its previous series, the Xbox One includes a component that lets players play Xbox games remotely on a computer or smartphone. This feature, among many others, contributes to the prominence of the Xbox system.

Additionally, the Xbox software excels at immediately connecting your Console. Unfortunately, if your Xbox cannot be detected and connected to your Console, you will be prompted to input its IP address.

What is an Xbox IP Address?

Like other smart devices such as smartphones, PCs, and laptops, Xbox game consoles need an IP address to connect to the internet or the Xbox Live gaming network. When Xbox connects to the internet, the network router provides an IP address.

And to effectively establish a private and live gaming session, you must offer the IP address of your Xbox to other players so they may connect directly to it. In other words, the IP address will allow external gamers to connect to you.

Alternately, you will need your Xbox One’s IP address to connect your Console to your computer and stream content.

It is possible to play Xbox games on a computer or a smartphone using a console such as the Xbox One. The popular selling point for Xbox. The Xbox Companion app does a fantastic job immediately recognizing your Console, but it occasionally falls short. You will be prompted to provide the Xbox’s IP address in certain instances. Some individuals utilize the remote play feature entirely and do not have their Console connected to a television. In this circumstance, you must discover the IP address of your computer or mobile device. The Xbox Companion App or an IP scanner app makes this procedure easier.

Can an Xbox IP address be tracked?

Yes, it’s possible to trace Xbox IP addresses. Microsoft records all Xbox IP addresses used to access its online services. If you think someone is using your Xbox without authorization, you may use this information to locate them.

Is public IP good for gaming?

Public IP addresses are advantageous for gaming due to their speed and dependability. However, they are often more costly than private IP addresses.

How to Locate the Xbox One IP Address

Fortunately, identifying the Xbox One’s IP address is pretty simple. Here is guidance on how to proceed:

  • Start the Xbox One system.
  • Press the Xbox controller’s home button.
  • Click the Settings option on the Settings menu. Select Network
  • Select then Network Settings and Advanced Settings
  • There is an IP Settings option on the Advanced Settings tab.
  • After clicking on it, you can see your IP address.

How to Locate an Xbox One’s IP Address Without a TV

Following are the instructions for locating Xbox one IP address without a Tv:

  • Turn on the video game system known as Xbox.
  • Join it to an existing network (Wi-Fi connection or ethernet cable)
  • Free IP scanner software is available for download.
  • Start the scan, which will enable the programme to look for devices on your network. The typical time required to perform this scan is between thirty seconds and one minute.
  • Locate the Xbox in the list of games that have been Discovered.
  • After that, configure the IP address.

When searching your network for devices, you often will not need to adjust the IP address range. The network that your computer is linked to is analyzed by the programme that does the scan in an automated fashion. The scan result will show your Xbox, for example, if it is linked to the same network as the other devices.

After the scan is completed, a list of the devices connected to your network will be shown. Check to see whether your Xbox is included on the list. In most cases, the gadget is referred to as an Xbox. Check for Microsoft or gaming if you do not see any devices with that name.

After identifying the Xbox device, you should write down its IP address. Afterwards, go to the next step, entering the address into your remote play programme. It should now be possible to connect your Xbox to the internet using this.


After reading this post, we have a good feeling that you have discovered the IP address of your Xbox One game system, even if you do not have a television. Finding answers to complex issues has become simpler in recent years due to technological developments.

Once again, we strongly suggest you acquire a reputable IP address scanning programme. Do not download a tool that requires payment. Find the version that is both free and portable. Once the task has been completed, you can delete all of the linkages and roots if you are using the controllable version of the scanning programme.

Lastly, be sure to safeguard the IP address you jot down as a result of using this strategy. Do n

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