How To Make Your Phone Impossible To Track?


A majority of people’s lives have been online as technology improves. The phones we use to contain more information than we can imagine, like bank details, passwords, privacy information, and many more. Modern mobile phones have GPS systems that continually keep track of our location and information. This can be helpful when you need to find an unclaimed phone or determine the most efficient route for your road journey. 

However, it also permits advertisers, apps, and even hackers to gain access to your location, often without your consent. Understanding how to make your phone impossible to hack and how to protect yourself from online predators is crucial. If your personal information is stolen or abused by hackers, it’s the biggest disaster in our lives.

We’ve discussed several methods of learning to block your phone from being able to trace. You can consider finding a way to make it difficult to trace your phone. It’s not as difficult to defend your phone against hackers and trackers as erect solid walls or install a complete security system. It’s as simple as following basic guidelines like shutting off your location and switching on air mode in your phone.

These are the most important tips for those who want to know how to make your phone impossible to track!

  • Turn off Location Services:

Likely, you don’t know that your smartphone is being monitored. If it’s not by hackers, then by the applications you use. Although any app that has access to your location won’t be able to use this against you, you have to keep tabs on which apps have access to your location and how they use the information. If you think someone could be following you, the best solution is to switch off the location feature on your phone. This blocks the tracker and all smartphone applications from accessing your GPS information.

To switch off your location for IOS and Android phones, you only need to switch off the location shortcut within the Control Center or Quick Settings panel. In other cases, visit the Location section in your phone’s Settings app to switch off the location feature. If you do not want to turn off the Android device’s location due to specific reasons, you can decide on the apps that will receive the location information if they can get it or access it at all:

  1. Switch to Airplane Mode on Your Phone:

If you have any reason to believe you are being followed, cutting off your internet access is another way to eliminate the problem. Even with your location switched on, most applications require an internet connection to transmit data to the tracking device. Therefore, it’s logical to turn on Airplane mode to stop your online provider from determining your status at a time when you’re not connected. 

Open the Control Center or Quick Settings panel, and then turn off Airplane mode to disconnect you from the internet. If you’re in cafes, stores, or a place with numerous people, you might require disabling your Bluetooth to ensure that no one has access to your device’s unique fingerprint.

  1. Check Your Google Location Sharing:

Even if you don’t use spy software, someone can follow you if they’ve previously posted your current location on Google services. To ensure this isn’t happening, take this guideline to see where you’re sharing your current location.

● Open the Settings program

● Choose a location

● Then select Google Location Sharing

● In the next step, you’ll be able to determine if you’re sharing a current location in real-time with anyone.

If you find that your location has been shared with an unknown person, You must end the sharing as soon as possible.

  1. Opt-Out of Ads Personalization:

It’s not the only method by which stalkers or hackers monitor you. They do this through your use of the internet too. Advertising companies are aware of the items you look up, the items you are interested in, and other things to create specific ads that are targeted to you. This is why you’ll find ads for wedding rings on all of your applications. 

For instance, when you’ve previously looked up wedding-related information. However, there is a way to restrict ad tracking on your smartphone. Here’s how to make your android phone impossible to track:

● Open the Settings program

● Choose Google

● Then click Top Ads

● Turn on “Opt out of Personalized Ads.”

  1. Buy a reliable VPN and private web browser:

In addition to your location, companies and websites you visit are interested in knowing all they can talk about you. The best way to make this impossible is to use an excellent VPN service. This will make it harder for hackers and trackers to determine your location and IP address. Some top-rated VPN applications include SurfShark, NordVPN, Express VPN, Tomato VPN, and others. 

  1. Keep Your Google Account Safe:

Are you thinking that someone is tracking my phone? One of the most effective methods of tracking an Android smartphone’s location is to access your Google account associated with it. Anyone could track your location in real-time, steal your personal information, or even remotely erase the phone from your computer. Therefore, when you’re trying to figure out ways to make your phone waterproof to track, ensure that you’re protecting the security of your Google account.

Whenever necessary, change your passwords. Reconsider your list of devices registered to, and do all you can to ensure that your Google account isn’t in danger. If you suspect that someone has gained access to the account of your Google account and is using it to track your location, the best course of action would be to reset your passwords and then review the security options.

Who Is Monitoring Your Phone?

A flashing red or blue screen, devices with automated settings, not responding, or others. These are all signs you should keep an eye on. Background noise when making calls. Some software for spying can record calls made by the phone. For security, be completely sure to be attentive while making calls.

Your phone is always on your desk, and you can make it impossible to trace by taking the battery away by turning off cellular and WiFi networks, turning off GPS radio, obscuring the IMEI number, or using a GSM prepaid SIM card. Making your phone inaccessible and erasing its footprints is often tricky, particularly when browsing websites. Incognito, or private mode on web browsers, could help keep the device from logging and recording data; however, it doesn’t give you privacy.

Your smartphone is continuously monitored, which means your security is constantly threatened. But our detailed instructions will make the procedure easier for you and walk you through every stage of hiding your actions. Therefore, without wasting precious time, here are four steps to ensure that you will help to understand how to make your phone location untraceable.

1: Shut Down Your Phone Completely

If you’re visiting some specific location and wish your phone to remain inaccessible, the most effective and simplest method is to turn it off completely. Be sure to take the battery off of the phone too.

2: Turning Off Cellular and WiFi Networks

It is easy to trace your phone using an internet connection. Therefore, you should disable your cell data and WiFi if you wish to keep your identity private in specific locations.

3: Disabling GPS Location Services

GPS tracks your current location. To protect your phone, you can turn off the GPS by following the steps.

  1. Go to Settings, Privacy, and Location Services on your iPhone or iPad. Delete all apps with the help of the slider to the top.
  2. For Android, go into Settings, Location, and Google’s Location settings. You can then disable Location Reporting and Location History.

4: Using a GSM Network Prepaid Phone

  1. Buy the GSM network prepaid phone at an electronics retailer.
  2. Contact the Customer Service Representative whether it’s that GSM phone.
  3. Contact the number listed in the manual included with the phone to make it active.
  4. Shorten your calls and go somewhere away from home or your hangout place.
  5. Please remove the SIM card from your phone after using it.
  6. Remove the phone from your pocket after several times you’ve used it using other SIM cards.

Use some applications which help to hide data:

The specific apps you download can block your smartphone’s data. Certain apps allow you to keep photos, video messages, data, or photos from the rest of the phone. Both iOS and Android devices can use the Wickr application. It helps to keep your data protected, safe and undetectable. These are the top apps you can use to hide videos and images on Android devices.

  1. Google Photos (Locked folder)

Although there are many third-party applications you can download, we’ve listed many below. I believe Google Photos can be the most effective method to safeguard your photos and videos. The app comes with a handy “Locked Folder” tool that can be used to secure any personal images you wish to keep private. 

If you hide images in the Locked Folder and then delete them, they will automatically be removed from the standard Google Photos library, meaning you don’t need to do it manually. Furthermore, the images can only be viewed after authentication using a fingerprint or an image. Google Photos do not back up any photos you save to the Locked Folder. It doesn’t allow anyone to capture a photo of the contents in the locked folder for extra security.

  1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

If you’ve tried an Android application to protect the intimate images or videos you’ve taken, then you’ve been familiar with KeepSafe Photos Vault. It’s been around for some time and is one of the top applications to protect your data from being stolen by others. It has received numerous updates, making it better and more user-friendly.

You can encrypt photographs and videos using fingerprint, PIN, and pattern authentication techniques. Additionally, it offers a neat and orderly grid of folders. You can access each to add and safeguard your images, videos, or unique IDs. You can create folders that you own and make them available to other Keep safe users, and then back each of them to your private cloud storage.

  1. Gallery

1Gallery is simply a photo gallery application to manage images and videos. The main benefit of this gallery application is its vault that conceals pictures and videos using solid encryption. You may find many apps on the Play Store that let you hide videos and images. Still, they only employ no media extension to render media files unreadable to scanners.

But even after you have achieved root access, no one will be able to find the media files if you use the 1Gallery software to hide photos and videos. Three different password options are available, including PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint, which can be used to conceal your videos and photos.

  1. LockMyPix Photo Vault

Of all the options I tried, this was my preferred option for protecting my images and videos from the curious crowd. The app is dubbed LockMyPix the application was designed to give you the safest vault for securing all of your media documents. You may lock photos using a pattern or PIN, supported by military-grade AES encryption.

It offers a simple user experience, allowing you to encode your images and videos from the application’s home screen. Selecting images instantly and then adding pictures to your vault is possible. The additional features let users unlock the app with their fingerprints and move the phone to secure the vault or even block Lock My Pix from the drawer of apps.

  1. Calculator by FishingNet

The Calculator is an app that is uniquely included in this list. It’s designed to appear and behave like a Calculator application; however, at the core, the app is an encrypted vault hidden behind. If your family and friends use your phone frequently, then you can utilize the Calculator application to conceal videos and photos without giving the impression that you’re covering anything.

You can create an encrypted PIN that you must enter into the Calculator and hit the”=” key to unlock the vault. Most importantly, all media content is secured using AES encryption, so you’re also hooked on the security aspect.

  1. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty is another widespread and trusted photo or video hiding application, which might look a little old-fashioned, but does its task flawlessly. To prohibit specific media files from appearing in the gallery, open Vaulty, select the files and then secure the gallery with a password. Vaulty’s advantage is its ability to capture “mugshots” of trespassers who attempt to open your vault but cannot type in the right password.

You’ll be able to identify who attempted to enter your privacy when you open the application. The feature is free for anyone who uses the app and is undoubtedly an added benefit. You can save various photos or films in each of the several vaults you build, each of which you can create with a different password. To back up your files to the cloud or remove adverts from the app, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premier membership.

  1. Hide Something

With more than 5 million installations on the way, Hide Something is one of the best applications for hiding images and videos from your Android device. You can secure your videos and photos with a PIN, fingerprint, password, or PIN. Transferring new videos or pictures to the hidden folder is as easy as sharing the file using the Hide Something app.

It also gives you access to an assortment of gorgeous themes, with support for various media formats, the most advanced viewer for images, and a fake login mode to ensure your privacy. The ability to hide Something is also very particular in that it isn’t detected, which is why it isn’t listed in the recently utilized list.

The ability to access your media files using Google Drive on your computer is the best feature, in my opinion. The application backs up all of your media files to Google Drive. It eases the final user’s task of searching through and accessing images and videos.

Who Has Access to Your Location?

The ability to track the position of one’s phone would be useful for many people. But if I want to know who is tracking my phone, organizations and groups frequently use GPS information and digital activity to monitor mobile phone owners’ backgrounds.

●    Advertisers

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing an online advertisement for a local business or retailer, they likely employed the concept of location tracking. Digital marketers often target their promotions based on the users’ location, preferences, and internet activities. Since so many apps, browsers and websites use and store locations, it’s not difficult for advertisers to access them. Indeed, companies offer vast quantities of data from users to advertisers daily without the users knowing it.

●    Apps and Websites

Numerous websites and apps track your location every time you log on to the internet and connect to the web. These apps and websites do it for many purposes, from selling customized products and services to connecting you to relatives and friends in your region. If you check the settings for location sharing on your phone, you can check which apps are authorized to access your location.

●    Hackers

Advertisers and companies aren’t the only ones that could want to earn money from your data and location. By infiltrating your phone, hackers can get your GPS and other private information and then sell it to a third party. Standard methods used by hackers are installing malware, stealing your profiles on the internet, or getting access to social networks.

●    Government Agencies

Government agencies often purchase users’ locations and other personal information by contacting tech businesses. Although agencies within the U.S. are supposed to have a warrant to track the establishment of a phone or GPS data, they’re not always clear about how they use the data they acquire.

In the year 2020, the Wall Street Journal published in 2020 that there was a report that the U.S. government purchased cell location data from a database owned by a company to be used to help with immigration enforcement. Furthermore, certain governments employed location-based monitoring during the COVID-19 epidemic to apply for social distancing orders and assist in tracing contacts.

●    Friends and Family

It’s not necessarily a bad issue. Some apps are specifically designed to help parents and other family members track their child’s location to ensure safety. Life360, Kidslox, and FamiSafe are popular apps that allow families to communicate with each other’s location and include crash detection alerts for parents if their children get into an accident.

Snapchat also has a famous ” location ” feature that allows users to check their buddies’ locations as they use the app. If you’ve got Snapchat or another location-sharing application installed on your smartphone, you should check the app’s settings to determine who can access your location. Although these apps are typically safe, you should confirm that only authorized friends and family members can view your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make your phone impossible to track by police?

The police will not monitor your phone for any need or reason. Still, they can look up your phone’s location history in an emergency or when they suspect that criminal activity has occurred. When they’ve obtained a warrant, police can look up the phone’s GPS information through an operator on the phone and look up the phone’s current or most recent location. Cell providers and police can monitor any phone connected to a mobile network at any time, even if the phone is not in use or is turned off.

Although your smartphone will never be 100 % secure, constantly checking for malware and limiting your location sharing can help prevent your GPS information from falling into the wrong hands. To ensure your information is secure on all your devices, consider installing a reliable antivirus program or encrypting your internet activity using a VPN.

How to make your Android phone untraceable?

Whatever you do to try to deactivate the tracking function, It’s nearly impossible to guarantee it to be completely invisible. If your phone is in your possession, it is likely to transmit some data to anyone outside your network, even when using privacy-friendly applications. In reality, many lawsuits are filed against Google, claiming that the company monitors its users, despite turning off their location history or other similar settings.

It is a negative consequence of the ever-increasingly connected tech ecosystem around us. The more you connect with technology, the more likely it is to be tracked. There are, however, ways to decrease the frequency at which you’re followed.

Can someone track my location by phone number?

You can not only find out the exact location of the person you’re following, but you can also keep track of the past of all the locations they’ve visited. Calling a mobile service provider to find an individual is no longer necessary. Instead, one can monitor a cell phone’s location using its phone number with an application that tracks cell phones.


In this article on how to make your phone location untraceable, We have talked about shutting down your phone completely by changing your IMEI and using the GSM network prepaid phone to make your phone inaccessible. Additionally, we discussed how to conceal particular data and, if they do, make it impossible to trace. I hope that this article will be helpful to you and you can transform your phone into untraceable.

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