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How to Take Care and What to Expect During the 7 Week Ultrasound

You might have some pregnancy symptoms at 7 weeks, but you might not look pregnant at all. Possible weight increase or loss due to morning sickness. You can have a gleaming complexion or a bad case of acne. No matter how things look on the surface, there are major internal shifts occurring during 7 week ultrasound.

So what can you expect during a 7 week ultrasound?

The doctor will do an ultrasound at 7 weeks to make sure the embryo is implanted in the uterine wall and that there is a heartbeat.

Both the number of embryos and the number of gestational sacs are tallied. In a typical pregnancy, there is only one embryo and one gestational sac. In the case of multiple pregnancies like twins or triplets, the gestational sac may contain either one or two embryos. Important if you’re trying to figure out if you’re expecting a set of identical or fraternal twins or even a set of triplets.

In order to be sure there is nothing else wrong with your pelvis that could endanger your pregnancy, your uterus and ovaries will be examined.

Counsel on Taking Care of Oneself

Taking care of oneself on a weekly basis includes eating well (or as best one can while unwell), drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, and making time for oneself. You may also want to give your skin and digestive system some extra TLC this week.

Cure Constipation

If you’re experiencing discomfort from a bloated stomach, increasing your intake of water, getting some exercise, and eating more insoluble fibre-rich foods like whole wheat, flax, fruit with skins, vegetables, brown rice, and lentils will all help.

Take Care of Your Skin

The pregnancy glow could be due to a combination of increased blood flow and pregnancy hormones. Perhaps your oily skin is a result of hormonal changes. Oil can make your hair shine, but it can also lead to breakouts if you’re expecting a baby.

To restore your glow if acne has dimmed it, wash your skin with a mild cleanser every day and use an oil-free moisturizer. While oral medications like Accutane (isotretinoin) and Retin-A (tretinoin) have been linked to serious side effects, topical treatments like salicylic acid and retinoids are generally well-tolerated. It’s best to talk to a doctor about your acne before taking any action.


In week 7 of your pregnancy, you may be experiencing a wide variety of early pregnancy symptoms. Always keep in mind that it is perfectly OK to call your doctor and ask about any symptoms you may be experiencing, regardless of how few or how many you may be experiencing.

The discomforts of early pregnancy, as well as your baby’s rapid growth and development, will last into the following week. Once the 8 week ultrasound findings are in, you’ll know that your tiny embryo has officially begun its metamorphosis into a tiny human.


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