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Kitchen Cabinet

When you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets, the primary issue is likely the style and color. However, the new cabinets can be a significant purchase, and you’ll need to be aware of some important aspects in order to maximize your investment. Here are the best parts of kitchen cabinets that you must be attentive to.

Frames and cabinet boxes

Kitchen cabinets are simply boxes that have doors. What distinguishes quality kitchen cabinets from those that may break down within a couple of months is the material and construction. Be aware of the following points when you look over samples of cabinets at Cabinet Land’s showroom. Cabinet Land showroom.


You might not know that the modern boxes of kitchen cabinets aren’t entirely made out of solid wood. The majority of the boxes are plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard. Solid wood is typically only found on the face-frame and not on the back in an unframed cabinet. The panels typically have wood veneers, laminates or thermofoil cover.Also carpenter near me dubai. 

In certain cases the cabinet could be made of stainless steel. It’s a unique and an excellent choice for industrial and modern kitchens because it is extremely sturdy and doesn’t suffer from the issue of wooden cabinets that expand and contract as the ambient temperature. There is a challenge when it comes to cleaning, because stainless steel catches fingerprints very quickly.


The most important aspect of frame and cabinet construction is the method used to reinforce to maintain its shape. It is applicable to cabinets made from wood or alternatives to wood as well as stainless steel. Many methods are used including triangular brackets that are placed on the corners. Braces and brackets can be made of solid wood, plastic, MDF, or particleboard. The maker can also select beam braces which are placed in the dado hole (trench or housing) made on the inner portion of the side panel which runs along through this box, from the front or running down the back. Any of these methods is efficient in making the box more rigid. The thing you do not want to see are the panels that are held in place using adhesive, which stops the wood from expanding and expanding and.


In the majority of cases, buying new cabinets will mean new drawers too. You should be able to check them prior to purchasing.


Similar to drawers in cabinet boxes, they are made mostly of MDF or plywood. They also include particleboard. However, you can discover some more costly versions composed of solid wood. This makes sense since drawers have to be subjected to repeated closure and open. The majority of drawer fronts are MDF coated with thermofoil as well as solid wood. Certain manufacturers offer the option for stainless steel drawers in wooden cabinets, disguised as material by coating it with epoxy.


The structure of the drawer plays an important factor in its durability in time. The standard drawer consists of a front, bottom and back panels, as well as two side panels and perhaps a front piece that connects on the side panel. The assembly of the panels requires the use of one or more options. The most effective method is to use dovetail joints which tightly join the drawer’s corners. Another way to join is by making dowels drop down in identical holes to connect one panel to the other. Trenches, housings and slots could be cut in the lower panels to allow for sides, which is a better option than gluing or nailing them to each other.

Cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinets cannot be complete without doors. In other words, they would have shelves that were open. Find out the features you will find in your chosen cabinet.


The majority of wood cabinet lines come with solid wood doors for cabinets but alternatives made of engineered wood such as plywood MDF or particleboard that are coated with thermofoil or laminate or veneer are very popular. MDF is generally the most well-known of these alternatives to solid wood due to the fact that it’s capable of cutting, routing and finishing MDF exactly like real wood, whereas particleboard can chip and fray. The only thing you can’t use using MDF can be staining it, as it is not grainy and that’s why it usually has some form of cover or paint.


Doors for wood cabinets are made which are slabs or frame. Framed doors are made up of different panels that make up an outer frame as well as the center panel, which may or might not be raised. Once assembled, each piece can be placed into the slots that are cut on the inside of the frame. There is some space to allow expansion and expansion of wood. These are referred to in the industry as floating boards.

As opposed to framed doors which comprise multiple panels that can be joined without adhesive The slab door is a solid piece of wood. The slab can be multiple pieces of wood that are connected by adhesive to form a single piece. If the slab isn’t solid wood, then the lack of graining is concealed by an adhesive, thermofoil or veneer covers.

Cabinet shelves

The most functional aspect of kitchen cabinets is the shelves, which need to be as robust as the cabinet itself. It is where you can put the load of the cabinet’s contents and require a well-planned positioning to make the most of the space. Here are some things that you should be aware of about this unnoticed aspect of kitchen cabinets.


The majority of cabinet lines make shelves made of MDF or particleboard, as well as plywood. They are typically made of some form of wood veneer or laminate that makes them easier to clean and shield the material. The thickness of the shelves can vary from 1/2 to 3/4 inches. A shelf with more thickness is ideal for cabinets that are wide to stop them from sliding.


The most significant aspect of cabinet shelf design includes the strength. The majority of cabinet makers do not add the reinforcing strip, or rail for shelves on cabinets made in mass production. Rails are a length made of timber that extends along the length of the shelf’s front approximately 1/2 inch thick on the bottom of the shelf. It extends up to both sides of the panel. This makes the shelf more sturdy and reduce sliding. If you can find these shelves inside the cabinets of your RTA and semi-custom cabinet, that is an indication of quality build. It is possible to specify this feature in custom cabinets and you must.


There is no need to be an expert to pick top quality kitchen cabinets. But, these guidelines will provide you with an idea of what to keep in mind. It is also helpful to locate a reliable company and collaborate closely with them. Kitchen and Beyond uses only the top cabinet brands with the most affordable prices when as compared to our competition like Advance Cabinets and Handsome Cabinets. We also provide complimentary consultation and quotations to ensure you know what you can anticipate from your purchase.

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