Leak Detection Rotterdam


Cutting and breaking work is unnecessary due to the advanced equipment and professional working methods.
The leak detection center will provide a solution immediately.


To detect a leak, we use devices to detect a leak. We use this method for so-called invisible leaks.
Our plumber uses special equipment to detect leaks in Rotterdam. This device is equipped with an infrared camera. This way, we can trace the source of the leak in the shortest possible time. In this way, the leak can be found easily and very quickly.

Method of leak detection

Do you suffer from a leak where it is not clear where it is located? We detect leaks using special equipment, so there is no need for cutting and breaking. Most minor detection means unnecessary demolition and repair work does not have to be linked to costs. The insurer also often reimburses the costs of detecting a leak!

Found a leak! What is it?

LEAK DETECTION ROTTERDAM will give you a clear and detailed report if we have discovered the leak. Leaks are marked, so the installer knows precisely where to make repairs. Leak Detection Rotterdam want to refer you to the responsible installer, who can repair the leak directly with you. You can then submit our report to the insurance company, which will reimburse the costs of detecting the leak in almost all cases.

  1. Leakage
    You have to bleed, but it is unclear where it is located.
  2. Detection of leaks
    We can detect leaks without cutting and breaking, thanks to our advanced equipment.
  3. Report
    You will receive a clear report indicating the leak’s location so that the installer knows exactly where to start.


Do you live in Rotterdam and want your leaks to be detected quickly and accurately? AB Lek Detection works nationwide with a professional team. We are in Rosmalen, but our leak detection experts work in their field. It allows us to get anywhere quickly. It is also the case in Rotterdam and the surrounding area.


Our leak detection specialist in the Rotterdam area has already discovered many leaks. It is impossible to list them all (so certainly not), but to give you an idea: Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Rhoon, Krimpen aan de IJssel, Capelle aan den IJssel, Barendrecht, Dordrecht, Zwijdrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Berkel and Rodenrijs, Gouda, Spijkenisse, Ridderkerk and Alblasserdam. Give yourself an idea!


Leak Detection Rotterdam does not do the repair work itself. Therefore, unlike repair companies, we are not interested in cutting and breaking. It has several advantages:

no unnecessary heels and heels, which bring discomfort

Lower costs


Leaks can occur in many different places. Thanks to our extensive detection equipment, we can detect leaks in all locations,

  • Pool
  • Roofs (including flat roofs)
  • Bathroom
  • skylights and skylights
  • Warming
  • Window frame
  • Leakage of pipes
  • The pond is leaking
  • Draft leaks-air leaks
  • Heated

Please take a look at the frequent leaks we discover.

Roof Leak Rotterdam

Leaks on roofs are often only visible after or during heavy rainfall. Roof leaks are usually the result of poorly finished facades or dormers. It can also be because the air conditioner has been drained. Due to the different weather conditions in our country, these minor deviations in the paint surface can lead to leaks in the ceiling. In this case, the test is the dye test, the smoke test, or the endoscopy test. All this can be done without cutting or breaking, with minor damage, less damage, and targeted leakage work.
In the case of a vertical roof with roof tiles, it is first checked whether the tiles are crooked or broken. Sometimes they can remedy roof leaks by installing or replacing roof tiles correctly. For leaks in a flat roof, check the roof’s seams, the pipe in the roof, the ventilation flow, and the drain of the central heating boiler.

Leakage in the central heating system

The central heating system, particularly the boiler for central heating, should be regularly replenished. A pressure drop in the system may indicate a leak. The leak can be in the central heating itself or connected pipes. If the pressure drops too much, the central heating will fail. The hot water pipe is now going down, and the water leak is starting to cause damage. Moisture damage can now occur on floors, walls, and ceilings. Here, they must take measures quickly to limit damage and costs.
Thermography is a measurement technique used to locate heat losses in a home, which can be caused, for example, by a pipe break. Temperature differences can be detected by thermal imaging, and it can localize leaks. The leak detection method detects leaks in the central heating system, condensation problems, and hot water pipes.

Bathroom Leak Rotterdam

In older homes in the 1970s, bathroom leaks frequently occur, with pipes suffering significant corrosion or other damage, making leaks more likely. You can determine leaks by performing the following checks: check the tiles, seams, and seals. Are there cracks or dark spots that indicate mold? Then there is a good chance that the leak is present. If there are no cracks, you can look for hollow or loose tiles or gaps between the tiles.
If there is a leak, if it is not found, we can detect it with our professional equipment. First, we start with a moisture measurement in different places in the bathroom. The abnormal spots are then shown for further examination. The second method we use is a pressure test and thus detects the relevant pipe group. The pressure drop then occurs quickly. The piping system is supplied with water or air using a pressure pump. From the starting point, we can pressurize all the bathroom pipes and measure the pressure with a pressure gauge. Then, if it is possible to determine where the pressure drops slowly, they can find the leak at this point. The exact location of the leak is determined by techniques such as endoscopy, dye detection, gas detection, sewer camera,


The leak is unpleasant, and we understand that you want to fix it quickly. But without breaking too much. Being goal-oriented is essential when dealing with a leak. We have a wide range of leak detection methods, such as:

  • Acoustic Research
  • proofreading technology
  • Measurement of moisture
  • smoking testing
  • Leak rail technology
  • Datalogger Technology
  • Positioning method

A leak was discovered in Rotterdam.

Leak Detection Rotterdam is the correct address for leak detection in Rotterdam. Our experts have extensive experience locating the source of annoying leaks in your home. Identifying the source of the leak as soon as possible is essential to minimize the possibility of permanent water damage in your home. In case of water damage, think of mold stains on walls, floors, ceilings, or rot stains on wooden furniture and wood under the roof. The fact that leaks can occur in so many different places in your home often makes it very difficult to determine the source of the leak. Leak detection in Rotterdam can therefore be the ideal solution for you!

Different forms of leak detection in Rotterdam

The Leak Detection Rotterdam in Rotterdam can perform leak detection in various ways. Consider, for example, the detection of leakage by ultrasonic vibrations.

Leak detection report

As soon as you have completed the leak detection at your home in Rotterdam, you will receive a comprehensive report from us. This report describes the source of the leak as clearly as possible so that the installer can repair the leak for you quickly and professionally. You can also use this report to get (part of) the repair costs for water damage reimbursed by your insurance company. You can find out exactly what part of the cost you are insured for in terms of coverage.


Bleeding is very annoying. A leak can cause significant damage to your home. Therefore, you must take immediate action. The leak is visible to the naked eye in many cases, but this is not always the case.
For example, a water pipe can burst into a wall. It makes the leak much more challenging to detect.
Many Rotterdam residents immediately decide to tear down the wall, but that is often not even necessary. It causes unnecessary damage. It will cost an unnecessary amount of energy and money.

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