Turn Your Mac Volume Up or Down

Turn Your Mac Volume Up or Down

Over time technology has become something very close to us. It has become a necessity in our lives. In addition, everything depends entirely on these different and highly unique electronic devices. Today’s productivity is boosted ten times more than in the previous two decades. These electronic devices make the impossible possible. Smart gadgets more our life and daily life tasks more accessible and convenient. This technological era has changed our ways of life, our studies, and business opportunities and dealings. This is how great it is. TechZones carry out MacBook repair service in London and computer support and maintenance on a range of hardware and software faults as well as data recovery on laptops, PCs and servers.

Since technology is upgrading and changing with every passing time, the receivers should update to these innovations. Change is life, and adopting these changes is a wise way of living. This is the time that is arrived when people have become used to the convenient tasks being done that technology and these electronic devices have brought to their lives. Since these technology and electronic devices have become so common in this modern society. The top brands and different companies that manufacture electronic devices are moving towards bringing new and advanced upgrading to their electronic devices. The Apple Inc. Introduced the latest versions annually on their devices to meet the demands of the public.

Different Hidden Features in Apple Devices

Well, Apple is very famous for one thing, and this one thing has made Apple what it is today. Moreover, this is one thing that has led Apple to stay on top in the electronic market, no matter the case or situation. In addition, it has been one of Apple’s most effective business tactics for a long time. These strategies are much impressive and attention diverters for the machine handlers. Apple Company is the most demanding and leading smart device manufacturing private amenity worldwide. The other most important fact about them is their intense publicity of each product.    

Furthermore, this strategy is one of the most intelligent decisions that Apple has taken over the years. It is so good that Apple has always stuck to it. Well, here is the grand reveal of it. The thing is that Apple makes sure that they surprise their customers and everyone in the consumer market by bringing new and effective changes to their electronic devices. They provide strong customer support to many users, from domestic to business organizations.  What we mean by new recent effective changes is that Apple makes sure that they get new features to their electronic devices. Moreover, these features are designed to make sure that they aid customers specifically.

Here Are Some of The Hidden Features That Apple Has:

Apple appliances have superior exteriors and robust inner functionality and capabilities. There are some extraordinary facilities that Mac users experience in their devices than other commercially available electronics. The device operator feels a significant difference while working on an Apple machine. Some prominent features are mentioned to drag the users’ attention and focus.  

  1. The secret magnifying glass: if you tap your home button three times continuously, your phone will convert into a magnifying glass. In addition to this, it has an effective focus option too. You can easily zoom in and zoom out without any worries at all. This feature can also help you read small font text on medicines leaflets or other helping materials.
  2. Voicemail transcription: every model since iPhone 7 will transcript your calls automatically. For the handler’s convenience and comfort, they introduce this exciting feature. Hence, the user does not have to do it manually. This provides the user with a great deal of ease.
  3. Change the flashlight’s brightness: one can now fully control the light levels in their iPhone without any trouble in case of need. The user can manually adjust the flashlight brightness level from a dim flashlight if you want, and you can also have a very bright one. Everything is according to your preference.
  4. Edit live photos: there is an option in Apple to take live photos. Live images with a single click without any prior adjustments. Well, now one can edit those life photos too. They can edit, crop, and adjust color sharpness and light effects.
  5. Ask Siri to take a selfie: if you want to take a selfie, you can ask Siri. In today’s life, users of all age groups users are inclined to take selfies because of the increasing trend of social media life activeness. It will automatically shift to the front camera and click a selfie. In addition, Siri can also operate the rear camera, so you do not have to worry about the back pictures.
  6. Doodle on your photos: well, you need to go with the image of your choice from the pictures on your phone. Once you do, all you need to do is click on the edit button that will be present. Now you need to click on the markup option, and you can start to doodle on your desired photo; this is how simple and fun it is.

How to Make Fine-Tuned Adjustments to Your Mac’s Audio Volume?

If you are an Apple user and have a MacBook, you might always manage your laptop’s audio from the volume control keys on your MacBook’s keyboard. However, there is a slight issue. If you adjust the audio by those keys, the audio doesn’t get adjusted. Therefore, there might be some specific things that you might not like. Here are a few steps you can follow to be sure it is OK:

You can open the system preferences and click on the volume icon in your MacBook’s menu bar. On the other hand, you can also do this by pressing the option plus shift keys while pushing down the volume keys on your laptop’s keyboard. For latest tech news keep visiting us at ITUPDown homepage.


Apple users tend to love Apple for its unique features and the great ideas they come up with. Well, it’s time that all these Apple users know these hidden features, too, so they can have a significant and smooth experience. TechZones can provide you best MacBook Repair Services in London at really affordable prices. You can contact our highly experienced team of technicians all seven days of week.