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Are you looking to learn how to make money online by NFTs in 2022? So, this video is for you because We will produce you earning money from NFTs in no time with our detailed guide!

After blowing away the internet in 2020, Everyone is running to get their feet wet to grab this wave. In 2021, the NFT market caught the $12 billion mark, up from $162.4 million at the beginning of the year.

So, you have heard of NFTs and how they have helped some people to make money. NFTs are the most recent crypto craze to hit the mainstream. It makes sense for you to learn the techniques of making money using NFTs if you’re an investor or small creator that designs digital content.

Before learn earning money from NFTs, the first phase is to understand NFTs. We’ll show you a quick overview of NFTs and guide you on how to make a profit by selling them. Let’s begin with an example of what NFTs are.

What are NFTs?

NFT refers to a Non-fungible token as “crypto-graphic tokens”. A non-fungible token is a digital asset that cannot be altered or copied. They’re used for real-world artwork, music, and even real estate. NFTs are not similar; they cannot be traded like crypto coins.

Each NFT is related to the original owner’s digital or, in specific cases, physical asset. Technically, any digital thing can be transformed into an NFT. You can turn well-known tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and more into NFTs and sell them. That’s the natural beauty of NFTs. 

Hope you guys understand what NFTs are!

What Gives an NFT Value?

Before talking about how to make and sell NFTs, it’s essential to understand, What Gives an NFT Value? 

If you are an investor and want to buy an NFT, you don’t know if NFT is valuable or not. And are they worth their real value? Some tangible pieces of art like famous pictures or a brand new NBA collectable may be more valuable, or at least their value is easy to guess. Anyhow, many factors can be said to determine the value of an NFT, namely utility, rarity, and tangibility.

First, the utility has to do with the actual application of an NFT in the digital world. Some NFTs that are used in video games and represent in-game assets that, due to their use, can immediately have a high value relating to the game’s popularity. 

Then, rarity has to do primarily with how challenging to obtain a specific item can be. We can consider Crypto Kitties as an illustration of the industry. People usually desire to get these NFTs, and their owners keep them because of their intrinsic value. So these specific items, for example, can be found in video games or music. Due to their rarity, these NFTs have a premium value.

Let’s turn to tangibility. For example, an NFT ticket to an exclusive show may be more valuable than having an NFT of your new cap. We all know that digitally anything can be turned into an NFT, but that doesn’t mean that something can be unique or scarce. So, according to the intrinsic value and uniqueness of the NFT, its value may vary enormously.

How To Create NFTs

NFT lovers, designers, and entrepreneurs, over the years, have questioned: “how to build non-fungible tokens (NFT) and monetize them”. Before we move to how to create NFTs, keep in mind that non-fungible tokens have attributes that are unique to them. The process of making NFTs is called “Minting”.

Some stages must be followed to make NFT.

Before trying to make or even sell an NFT, make sure you know what you are getting into and understand what a non-fungible token is. First, find out the NFT platform and marketplaces where you want to create and sell. After that, link the crypto wallet and set it up. At last, start building your first non-fungible token and list it on the platform of your choice.

How To Sell NFTs

NFTs are generally sold in markets with different processes based on the platform, such as the Binance NFT marketplace and You will primarily post your things to the marketplace, convert them to NFT, and then wait for them to be sold. It’s like Amazon, eBay or even Etsy. Here are the steps to follow if you already have digital content for which you hold the copyright.

There are some significant marketplaces to pick from. OpenSea, Binance, SuperRare and Rarible are among them. Take a look at these marketplaces and select the one that suits your needs. After choosing the marketplace, you need to “mint” the NFT. Minting is the process of converting a digital file into a crypto collectable or a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain in simple terms. And lastly, link to your Metamask wallet.

Popular NFT Platforms and Marketplace

The most popular way to earn money from NFTs is by selling them on NFT-dedicated marketplaces. There are many marketplaces and platforms where you can create, list, sell, and exchange NFTs. And we are going to talk about some popular NFTs marketplaces.


OpenSea hosts many famous NFTs, including art, music, photography, and trading cards. The core cryptocurrencies on OpenSea are Ethereum, Solana, and USDC, and payment options feature other cryptos. OpenSea is very user-friendly for beginners. You can set up an account for free within minutes and start browsing NFTs instantly, and even you can create NFTs on their platform.


Rarible permits users to buy and sell art, collectables, video game assets and NFTs. You can buy and sell on Rarible with Ethereum, Flow and Tezos, and Rarible has a nice feature. You can buy NFTs using a credit card, allowing transactions in fiat currencies, which are not available on OpenSea. 


Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance was added in 2021 to the NFT marketplace. Binance NFT offers the regular digital assets found on other major platforms like artwork, gaming items, and collectables. It is a user-friendly platform built using similar technology and layouts as their exchange.

How to Make Money with NFTs?

There are many ways to make money with NFTs so let’s uncover some of them.

Rent Out

You all know you can sell NFTs to earn money, But you don’t know you can also rent them out? The renting process is not complicated; it works the same as you lease out a real estate property and collect rent. Renting out is an easy way to earn money from NFTs without losing out on a license.

Trade NFTs

Apart from renting out NFTS, you can also trade them. Some entrepreneurs and investors believe NFTs are like stocks, buying and selling them to earn money. You may easily trade if you now have a collection of NFTs and no longer require them.

NFT gaming

We live in a generation where it is possible to create money by participating in video games. NFTs like a type of cryptocurrency that can be used to buy and exchange in-game items in blockchain-based games. 

There are many other ways to earn with NFTs. Tell us in the comment section if you all want to know. I will make a detailed video on it.


It is necessary to remember that selling NFTs seems simple, but it’s not always the case. When you mint your design or thing and sell it, you will face the Ethereum volatility value concerning “the gas fees”, which can be relatively significant depending on the time you sell it. Please note that the volatility of this new industry makes it risky.

The perfect technique to make money using NFT depends on the person. If you or your corporation has extra cash, you can invest it in an item that will grow over time and then sell it when it values. If you are a content creator, your best chance is to use NFT to boost your revenue.

That’s all for today, and I hope you like the video. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more exciting updates. Thank you!

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