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Blue Town Sapphire

Master Plan for Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

After acquiring the LDA clearance stamp, development has started on Blue Town Sapphire Manga Mandi, the newest and best residential area in Lahore. This gated community’s themed amenities and conveniences offer a luxurious lifestyle in a tranquil environment. The most recent project of the Blue Group of Companies is the well-known housing community Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.

To enhance the quality of life for residents of the city, this residential area was constructed in Lahore. The administration of Blue World City decided to give Lahore residents the best residential project available in response to their persistent requests for a residential development in their homeland. The Smart City Lahore is another invention that is designed for investors who are searching for something new but in an old-style and is styled after traditional real estate infrastructure.

The Blue Group of Companies effort, called Blue Town Sapphire, is situated in Lahore (BGC). By offering an opulent yet affordable residential community, BGC hopes to improve the quality of life for people who live in Lahore. A significant component of Blue Town Sapphire Facilities is the gated community that recognizes the value of security. Blue Town Sapphire derives its name from the sapphire gemstone, and its value is comparable to that of a crown jewel for the Blue Group of Companies. Lahore, Pakistan’s Blue Town Sapphire was designed to provide super duper, luxurious living at moderate costs.

Blue Town Sapphire Master Plan

Property societies with the right location and a selection of plots to choose from are preferred by buyers because they provide the conveniences and amenities they require close at hand. Blue Town Sapphire Manga Mandi has painstakingly built a business area with all the features that investor desire. They are great to establish and invest in because they offer more than the majority of people desire. Being one of the housing markets with the quickest rate of growth, Blue Town Sapphire is committed to providing its services with respect and efficiency. This residential complex and the housing development Smart City Lahore are both game-changing initiatives in the real estate industry.

Prominent Features

On Multan Road in Lahore, Blue Town is ideally situated, making it simple to reach all of the city’s top sights. Residential lots of 3 marlas, 5 marlas, 8 marlas, and 1 kanal, as well as commercial lots measuring 3 marlas, 5 marlas, and 8 marlas, are all offered by Blue Town Sapphire Manga Mandi at reasonable prices with flexible payment terms. Both as a place to live in the city and as a place to invest, Blue Town Sapphire amenities will raise the bar for residential societies in Lahore. Real estate agents and investors are enthusiastic about investing in the Blue Town Sapphire 2022 due to the high-end and cheap prices as well as the shrewd booking process.

Rates for Blue Town Sapphire in 2022

The primary focus of the investment is now the Blue Town Sapphire 2022 pricing. The neighbourhood is an excellent destination to live and invest because to its exceptional features, wonderful location, first-rate amenities, respected developer, and rapid development.

  • The best option to buy a home in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is to spend merely PKR 1,710,000 on a 3-Marla property. You may also select a 4-year instalment plan with a down payment of $256,000.
  • According to the Blue Town Lahore Payment Plan, the total cost of this piece of land is 2,700,000/-. As an alternative, you can pay 27,000/- every month to purchase this land.
  • Blue Town Sapphire 10 Marla Residential Plots are priced at 5,300,000/-. The down payment for a 40-month installment purchase is 795,000 dollars, and the subsequent monthly payment is 53,000 dollars.
  • The price of a one-Kanal plot is 10,200,000, or you can pay it off in four monthly installments of 102,000. A down payment of 1,530,000 is needed for this payment strategy.
  • For commercial land, there is only the 5 Marla option available. You can buy this plot for a number of different commercial uses. The total cost of this land is 9,000,000/-. You can also pay for the home in Blue Town on a monthly basis. With a down payment of 1,350,000 and a monthly expense of 90,000, this property is offered for sale on a 4-year payment plan.

Features of Blue Town Sapphire in Lahore

Blue Town Lahore has made every effort to construct a world-class residential community by complying to international infrastructure development standards, and the project has attracted considerable attention. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore offers a vast selection of entertainment centres and amenities to improve your level of living.

  • In society, a vast network of technologically advanced highways is erected, equipped with the most contemporary and cutting-edge street lights, cat’s eyes, and signboards.
  • Paved pathways and jogging tracks have been constructed for the convenience of pedestrians, giving the neighbourhood a beautiful and civilised image.
  • Construction is proceeding in conformity with global norms for infrastructure development. In addition, local and foreign engineers were hired and contacted in order to implement their expertise.
  • Principal avenues, major roads, and streets.
  • Basic services like as electricity, gas, and water are provided intelligently and automatically.
  • A totally gated community with CCTV cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of the residents.
  • Top-tier medical facilities, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and treatment centres, are designed to offer patients with the finest possible care.
  • The advanced medical equipment is operated by highly qualified physicians.
  • In this context of exorbitant costs, residential and commercial property prices are reasonable.
  • The housing community is within a few minutes’ drive from prestigious educational institutions offering exceptional programmes. These courses are taught by academic and non-academic experts with exceptional qualifications.
  • A meticulously planned sewage management and waste disposal system is implemented with the highest level of expertise.
  • Commercial hubs, centres, and markets benefit the environment.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a magnificent, cutting-edge housing community. This is the spot to look for upscale residential properties. In addition, the hotel’s proximity to various Lahore essential areas and its built-in technologies enhance comfort and make it more enticing. Both Blue Town Sapphire and Zaitoon City Lahore are platinum dealers on TimeSquare Marketing list. Call us right now or stop by the TimeSquare headquarters for information and reservations.


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