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No Other Solution Does It Better Than Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Even if it sounds like something of an exaggeration, fact is few offer what Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers to organizations. A highly sophisticated customer relationship management software, it bolsters sales productivity and marketing efficacy by leveraging social insights, business intelligence and campaign management on cloud as well as on premise. It also helps cut down costs and bolsters productivity through business process automation and helps deliver high ROI through marketing and sales force automation.

Given below is what the Solution offers for Sales, Service, Marketing and Social.

1. Sales: Familiar and Easy to Use Tools that help understand customers better in terms of purchasing patterns, their likes and dislikes, spending power etc. Such sort of data helps engage with them better and pitch even more confidently and sound as genuine as one can and give a feeling to the customer as if the executive has done his home-work and prepared well

2. Service: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Service helps deliver relevant and timely service irrespective of place, time and device. The customer relationship management solution inspires loyalty, empowers agents and helps drive service resolution. Through the Service module, companies can:

a) Engage customers through a variety of channels such as social, web, chat and mobile
b) Give their employees a single unified tool to work on in order to deliver superior customer service
c) Cut down on service response time as well as improve case resolution in order to increase customer self-service through a vast knowledge base
d) Exceed customer expectations by hitting service targets thick and fast

3. Marketing: MS Dynamics CRM for Marketing helps plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns with incredible precision from start to finish. It helps engage customers as one’s marketing vision comes to life. Marketing capabilities offered by the CRM Tool helps:

a) Reduce time to market and improve brand consistency
b) Get deep customer insights to plan and execute without fault
c) Reduce complexities in marketing campaigns, to help focus more on delivering superior customer experience
d) Understand customer engagement better through behavioral data and advanced lead scoring to help drive sales impact
e) Work better across teams on brand building, content creation and event management
f) Track the entire social media spectrum that includes Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and monitor global sentiments and brand presence and gain more visibility on strategic initiatives being carried out on social media
g) MS Dynamics CRM for Marketing helps deliver data driven insights, leverage advanced BI Tools to guide future investments and transform marketing from a cost center to growth center

4. Social: Dynamics CRM for Social helps Sales people spot new opportunities and respond accordingly to competitive threats with the highest levels of precision. It also helps marketing teams to leverage the power of Social Insights to make campaigns livelier and animated.

a) The software helps turn sentiment into opportunity through MS Social Engagement. It helps monitor brand presence and take strategic initiatives across all divisions
b) It helps engage customers across all channels and deliver service on their terms. This helps build customer relations for life
c) It assists in making conversations relevant through social insights that help get to know better the person behind the contact data

No other solution helps do all of this better than the Dynamics CRM by Microsoft. Contacting the nearest Microsoft Dynamics Solution Provider in Australia for a quick implementation will augur well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM Is The Answer To All Worries Related To Good Customer ServiceMicrosoft CRM has risen in stature for a lot of reasons. One of them is its ability to deliver answers to the most complex problems with respect to customer service, applicable to the most demanding customers demanding full worth for their money.It is these capabilities that have made MS Dynamics CRM the Best Small Business CRM as well.

1. Companies get to build insightful connections. They get to unearth newer opportunities and track those within the Sales process who know how to pull strings.
2. Teams get to perform as a unit. There is greater collaboration and better team selling as a result of real-time communication tools.
3. The Dynamics CRM accounts for centralized document management. Quotes, proposals, orders and invoices can all be managed and tracked well.
4. The quality of data management goes up by many notches, what with data import jobs being expedited. This is made possible through the easy to work on Data Import Wizard and embedded data cleansing capabilities.
5. Productivity goes up as well for Marketing and Sales professionals, with the CRM having embedded Microsoft Office features such as Excel to import and export real-time data filtering and contextual ribbons.
6. Microsoft CRM helps segment well by helping identify high-profitability prospects and target marketing lists aggressively through its powerful formatting rules and segmentation tools.
7. Teams can build campaigns fast through pre-built campaign templates and campaign features.
8. Communication gets simplified through built-in mail-merge capabilities and e-mail templates that help with one-click conversions of email messages.
9. Sales and Marketing teams can define and track campaign budgets, activities and tasks through the tool’s campaign management capabilities.
10. Leads can be tracked right from top to bottom within the organization, with the stronger ones being identified fast and eventually diverted to the most capable resource.
11. MS Dynamics CRM helps streamline all processes, from helping simplify lead qualification to budget approvals and then following-up on actions with flexible workflows.
12. Responses can be meted out instantly and converted into leads and opportunities through just one click.
13. Marketing teams within a small business setup can track key goals such as lead generations and conversions, response rates against pre-defined goals for greater insights.
14. All marketing efforts can be streamlined through automatic tracking of opt-in and opt-out preferences and also the internet lead capture features.
15. Dynamics CRM by Microsoft helps uncover new leads, identify key influencers and understand better prevailing social trends through the Connection feature.
16. The solution helps fast track creation of marketing plans, campaign collaterals and other miscellaneous sales and marketing related documents.
17. CRM helps build greater collaboration within the team and also improve campaign relevancy through its powerful teaming capabilities.
18. It helps manage events seamlessly, where marketing events are overseen well and attendee data is recorded through built-in event management capabilities.
19. All information related to campaigns can be accessed along with their marketing budgets and other related information through built-in offline capabilities.

It is known as Best Small Business CRM for all these reasons mentioned above. Interested parties can contact their nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia for a quick and immediate implementation.

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