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Royal Enfield Classic 350: Release The Beast Within

Aside from the Himalayan, all the other Royal Enfield motorcycles look like classics to me. An Interceptor that’s a classic, a Continental GT that’s a classic cafe-racer, and a Meteor that’s a classic cruiser (without the LED ring in the headlight, of course). The bike shown here is the only one that is a tribute to the original from the late 40s and therefore is called the Classic. It could easily pass for another colour update for the ageing Classic because it retains that iconic British style. Nevertheless, this is a brand-new Royal Enfield Classic 350!


Nonetheless, it forces you to evaluate – was this a difficult design, or was it a simple one? At the same time, it had to be modern enough to feel like an upgrade, but it had to look like the Classic regardless of angle or distance. In addition to the rounded-off grips and retro-styled switchgear, the Meteor 350 has updated instrumentation, and, most importantly, the fit and finish are far superior to its predecessor.


This bike has five variations: the Redditch, the Halcyon, the Signals, the Dark, and the Chrome. Its base model is the Redditch, Royal Enfield price EMI starting at Rs1.84 lakh (ex-showroom), and its premium model is the Chrome.


Biker-friendly features include round headlights and mirrors, analogue speedometers, signature teardrop fuel tanks, and more. Various features have been added to update the Royal Enfield Classic 350, including a USB port below the handlebars. The vehicle is equipped with dual-channel anti-lock brakes. The bike is equipped with tubeless tyres and alloy wheels. Each variant comes in a different colour, so the bike comes in 11 colours overall.


An air-oil-cooled 349-cc single-cylinder engine powers this iconic bike. At 4000 rpm, it produces a maximum torque of 27 Nm, and at 6100 rpm, it produces a maximum power of 20.21 PS. With the bike, you can reach a speed of 120 kmph and ride smoothly at speeds over 100 kmph. As far as weight goes, it weighs approximately 195 kg, which is still more than its previous versions.


The engine is the biggest change we need to discuss when it comes to highway runs. Although the engine is essentially the same as the Meteor’s, it sits in the same double-cradle frame, but there are some differences, such as chrome bits on the outside and minor tuning modifications. As per the feedback they received from their test riders, RE didn’t plan to make any specific changes to the tuning of the Meteor 350.

Chassis And Ergonomics

As with some of the peripherals, the chassis and engine came from the Meteor 350. Since this is not a cruiser, the ergonomics and footpeg positioning are different but more or less similar to the previous Classic. You probably won’t notice the difference in riding posture if you ride the outgoing Classic alongside the new one. 

A small amount of lowering and moving has been done to the handlebars, but they are wider and move forward more. We believe its comfort is also increased because of the slightly rear-set footpegs, making the riding posture a bit sportier like the modern classics. Also, the weight distribution has been shifted slightly to the front.


The Royal Enfield Classic 350, with a starting price of Rs. 2,15,118/– (ex-showroom Mumbai, Chrome variant), sets high standards and raises the brand’s standards. There is a premium of Rs. 11,000/- on the new model, which seems to be justified. Against Honda’s CB350 pair, the Classic is now a strong competitor. 

There is no doubt that it will win the hearts of RE fanboys, but also critics, as well as doing quite well in terms of sales. Classic/neo-retro bikes in the 350cc segment are worth considering if you want to buy one. While it might not be as feature-rich as the competition, once you ride it, it will captivate you.

Riding is safest

This is the first bike online we have seen with such great self-balancing. In spite of its weight, which was supposed to be a disadvantage, this bike is safe due to its weight. The reason is that it has a low center of gravity. Due to its fantastic design has been built to survive crashes that may occur on some roads or under certain weather conditions.

There is nothing like this bike in the world

REs have a charismatic look that riders adore. We guarantee you will be blown away by the roar of this RE beast once you sit and start the engine. The customer can avail two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finserv by visiting the partner showroom after booking a bike, scooter, or scooty through Bajaj Mall.

How much does the Royal Enfield classic 350 cost?

There are various opinions about what’s the most important factor when buying bikes online. This is where the conflict of opinion arises. You can take a test ride and decide that. It would be even better if you rented an RE or borrowed one from a friend and rode it across all conditions for a week. You will know the answer when you listen to your body and mind.

A workhorse to the core, this motorcycle is designed for work. That’s a pretty good one too. A few ground reality truths will hit you in the face. Speed is not the goal of Enfield motorcycles, however. Here are some of the things most buyers like about the motorcycle. Turning heads isn’t necessary. Even though RE has grown tremendously to the point where many people own one, this should not mean Enfield is losing its exclusivity.

However, that isn’t the case. A gentleman who understands the art of motorcycle riding will benefit from its gentlemanly poise. Speed or turning heads aren’t the only things that matter. Something about the thump of your motorcycle just makes you want to keep riding on and on. This is what it comes down to. Is it more important to you to be a motorcyclist who loves motorcycles or someone who just thinks motorcycles are cool? You’ll know the answer to your question based on how you answer this question.

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