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How To Establish Strong Online Business | SEO For Bigcommerce

In the highly competing digital market, it has become vital to showcase your virtual presence. Companies are focusing intensively on various ways to promote their brand and establish their position in the market. A higher ranking on the search result page leads to better online visibility and increases traffic to your site by a great margin. BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform to enhance your business’s reach offering online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and marketing and security. Businesses are actively hiring specialized firms to strengthen their online business. Here is how you can make the best of the eCommerce platform and why to have a separate source for SEO for BigCommerce.

How To Best Utilize Bigcommerce 

Register Your Bigcommerce Store On Search Engines

Irrespective of the platform you have used to build your website, your website must be registered with search engines that users regularly surf. This makes them know that your site exists and ensures that it gets crawled by them 

Ensure Your Bigcommerce Store Loads Quickly

Page speed is a key feature used by search engines to rank websites. For higher ranking, loading time can be reduced by compressing images and minimizing external links or custom code. Further, only use necessary apps, as third-party apps can increase your loading time despite optimizing it. For pocket uses, enable Accelerated Mobile Pages format for your BigCommerce pages and posts for easy smartphone access. 

Optimize Your Title Page

The title is a key piece of information for Google and other platforms in categorizing and ranking the page. For higher search page positioning, the title should contain the focus keyword to target the desired audience. 

Use Headings Properly

Many new businesses use bold, capitalized, and italics text to structure or break the content. This can be detrimental to BigCommerce SEO as they are programmed to prefer content with predetermined formats. It will negatively impact readability and also lack uniformity in the structure. Moreover, it will lose the overall aesthetic appeal. H1 is the most important heading type since search engines use it as a way to rank your page alongside the title

Use Engaging Meta Descriptions For Your Pages And Products

Meta descriptions offer a summary of web pages and appear under the openable link on the result page. A well-written meta description raises the clickthrough rate of a page. An SEO-friendly meta description should have 50 to 160 characters and accurately place the focused keyword containing an interesting overview of the page. BigCommerce SEO experts believe that engaging meta descriptions are effective in turning potential customers into loyal buyers.  

Use Clean Urls

Clean URL are simple, precise and intelligible. It is advised to use URLs that associate with your business and can end the user’s search. Your target keyword should be a part of it, and anything else is to be minimalized if compulsory to add. 

Add Rich Snippets To You Content

Snippets are structured data that can be added to the content to clarify what the page is about for users and search engines. They generally include star rating, author, prices, menus, and so on. They appear adjacent to meta descriptions and attract great attention. 

Focus On Creating Great Content And Building Backlinks To It

Many stores focus on their product catalogs and neglect quality content that enhances the site’s optimization. Sites with in-depth knowledge of topics that people are genuinely interested in can perform very well on the search result pages, which can be achieved by outsourcing BigCommerce SEO services. It also builds backlinks, dwelling the reader into a potential customer. 

Access The Quality Of Your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO ensures that the page has the most possible ranking signals on an individual page. It helps search engines analyze your website and identify if the content solves the user’s query through your page. 


Since your entire online presence depends on it, SEO for BigCommerce strengthens your digital profile significantly. Many businesses have hired firms that dedicatedly work to enhance the reach and branding of their products. 


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