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Top 10 Apps Like TikTok 2022 (Best Alternatives)

TikTok is a short video social networking application with a massive user base. People of all ages and backgrounds use it to express themselves through short videos and songs. TikTok was initially known as until it was acquired by Byte Dance, the parent company of toutiao. Byte Dance is also the owner of the world’s largest social media app, WeChat, which has more than 1 billion active users. The app’s name is derived from the Chinese word “toutiao” which means “pull out to eat.” The name was later shortened to “TikTok.”

10 Best Apps Like TikTok

If you are a fan of TikTok, you should know that many apps have the same features. They are called TikTok alternatives. You can use these best TikTok alternatives to make TikTok videos.

Likee – Short Video Community

Likee is a free original short video-making and sharing platform with excellent live streams worldwide. Likee brings short videos, video effects, and live streams into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized Feed and video effects, you can share your original videos easily with your friends and family.

A variety of video effects, facial filters, and editing tools are available on Likee to assist you in creating cool videos with minimal effort.

Enhance your videos with impressive special effects such as Face Morph, Astral Travel, Face Cut, MV, and much more! One photo is all you require to create professional and unique videos.

Customize your videos by adding hilarious stickers such as greetings, quotes, pretty hairstyles, and adorable emojis.

Beauty Camera and Video Filter: Use filters to make video backgrounds more attractive. You can unlock a variety of effects for a video like a glitch, sketch vintage, montage, and more! Test different makeup styles in a matter of minutes with a beauty camera!

Many talented writers, bloggers, and video creators like you have joined Likee! Follow the creators that you admire. Let’s talk and become acquaintances. With Likee, you can greet strangers through voice chat and video chat. Likee could be a chat application.


Moj has been described as Indian short video creation and sharing application. It aims to entertain the masses through quick videos that range from 15 seconds up to one minute. It’s delightful and informative as there are numerous creators, all of whom make videos on various subjects and elements.

From technology to talent, as well as local and viral video content, Moj offers videos of everything that interests them. With the recording and creation option, you’ll be able to make and showcase your skills, reach a larger public, and expand your influence. Furthermore, every creator has distinct styles for making their videos, so you’ll never be bored watching the same content.

Clash: Connect with Creators

Clash offers some new exciting features. In particular, we’ve created a new homepage with a customized, integrated feed showcasing the most recent, exciting creators and their content. We have also separated the activity and messages to give a better user experience and streamlined the app’s appearance by eliminating animations on the lower bar.

People who enjoy making and watching videos the most. We’ve developed tools for video-makers to earn a living and communities where fans can join together around the videos and creators they adore the most. Clash is an all-inclusive platform for creators who keep their work Seriously Fun and Creative.


Dubsmash provides one of the largest audio clip libraries, including hundreds of clips, with scenes from popular films and TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, South Park, Austin Powers, etc. Animal noises, partings of popular songs, operettas, and more. In addition, users can upload their music to the library to be used by other users.

Once created, videos can be saved to a gallery or uploaded directly to social media platforms. Dubsmash has a wide range of messaging platforms and apps. Also, it is essential to remember that Dubmash owns messaging capabilities that allow users to send their dubs to other Dubsmash app users.

  • An innovative and unique concept
  • A vast library of music and sounds and music, which is continuously upgraded
  • Simple interface to use
  • Take, edit, and edit videos with ease
  • Supports sharing videos on messaging apps and social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc
  • The registration process for an account is optional.
  • Users can also add their music to the library
  • Files from Dubsmash are compact enough for storage and share

Vigo Video

Take a look and enjoy the most popular short videos by people all over the globe! Get Vigo Video, a worldwide social platform that lets you connect and make. Find new friends and share your everyday life via videos. Make your videos with beautiful filters, stickers, and effects to mark birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Find your friends and fellow creators in the largest online community and connect with all the world today with Vigo Video!

Vigo Video is a mobile application for editing videos with many similarities with Vine or Snapchat. Users can upload videos that are up to 15 seconds in length, which means they have to be able to quickly get to the point when they want to showcase their cooking, comedy, dance, singing, or other beauty-related skills. The app comes with various beauty filters that can eliminate imperfections, smooth the skin’s tone, and much more.


Kwai is a popular social media platform for short videos and news. Discover funny short videos. Contribute to the community by sharing videos, and recordings of your daily life, participating in everyday challenges or liking the most popular videos and memes. You can share your experiences with short videos and select among a myriad of unique filters and effects for your videos.

KWAI offers content in various categories like lip-syncing, comedy, beauty, blogging, pranks, magic, and dance. KWAI can also be a reward app for creators. The more followers you’ve got, the higher your reward!


Snapchat is a convenient method to share photos and video chats on the go. The self-delete feature of videos and pictures ensures that your friends won’t be able to share the images you upload to Snapchat. Have fun and a brief chat on the go!

Make a snap or video, include a caption, and email the image to a friend. They’ll look at it and laugh before the Snap disappears off the screen. There’s the option of adding the Snap-on your story the same way as on Instagram by tapping a button to share your experience with your entire circle of friends. You’ll have more fun when you are in the present.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can be short vertical videos that may be as long as 60 seconds. Instagram users can create and edit videos and photos set to music and then upload the videos to the Feed, stories and Feed, Stories, and the Reels Explore page.

The viral video feature is accessible in the United States and 50 other countries. Since their beginning, Instagram Reels have proved to be a fantastic opportunity for companies and brands to unleash their creativity and create a more visual experience beyond the grid-based post. What is unique about Reels is that instead of users seeing Reels from Instagram accounts they follow, they can get Reels on every Instagram account under Reels. Reels tab.

You can share your reels with friends on Feed, and if you’ve got a public account, you can let them be available to the larger Instagram community via a brand new area in Explore. Reels within Explore allows anyone to create content on Instagram and connect with new followers across the globe.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a method for anyone to reach an entirely new audience with just an iPhone, and the Shorts camera is available in YouTube’s YouTube app. YouTube’s Shorts creation tools make it simple to make short-form videos as long as 60 seconds using the multi-segment camera.

YouTube Shorts are short, vertical video content created with an iPhone and uploaded directly onto YouTube using the YouTube app.

With YouTube’s built-in creator tools, You can record, edit, and even include music from the top brands and add animated text; adjust how fast you play your video and edit it into several 15-second video clips to create your shorts.

Viewers of your shorts can post comments, share, share, disliking, or sign up to your channel when they watch the video. The content isn’t lost and stays on YouTube in contrast to other apps that offer short-form videos, such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat.


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