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Top 10 Best Apps Like Goodnight 2022

Goodnight is a dating app used for Voice, Random, Call, Match, and Chat Free, developed and published by Paktor Pte. Ltd. It is an excellent chatting app that allows you to call and chat with someone close. It is a feature-rich dating apps that helps you find and talk to new people using your voice.

This is a fun and exciting app to use on your mobile phone. lets you talk to other people using your voice. It is not just a voice chatting app. It is a voice calling app that allows you to call and speak with someone close to you. You can also use it to make free calls and send text messages to your friends and family members. It is a fun and exciting app to use.

10 Best Apps Like Goodnight

What do you think about when you think of dating apps? Like most people, you probably think of Tinder or Bumble. You might even have tried a few dating apps before deciding the one you liked. However, did you know that some dating apps are more popular than those you may have heard of? Some apps are so popular that they have millions of users worldwide. So, which dating apps are the best, and which ones are the worst?


OyeTalk is an innovative platform that allows you to enjoy voice rooms to call, make friends, create your own chat rooms, and add friends or random girls and boys worldwide. You can also share videos, images, documents, audio files, and many more. It is straightforward to use, and you will be able to find thousands of people to talk to within just a few minutes.

The good thing about this app is that it has been created by people who care about users and always remember that users are their priority. OyeTalk offers excellent features such as video calling, voice chat, text messaging, voice notes, voice recording, image sharing, and more.


If you are looking for a way to meet new people online, this app is for you. It is a simple, passionate, and authentic social communication app designed to help you make new friends with instant voice chat and enjoy a good time together. The application is available for iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to make friends with strangers from all over the world.


ToTok Free HD Voice and Video Call It uses AI to improve your communications. Through the improvement of clarity of voice echo, transparency, and two-way conversation, This app offers the best voice-calling experience. It is also known as ToTok Messenger, a quick and secure call and messaging app that lets you stay in touch with your family and friends worldwide. The free app offers unlimited calls to anyone; all you need is an Internet connection.


With Waka, you can enjoy chatting with thousands of people who are also interested in the same topics as you. You can start a conversation with someone who lives near you or someone who is from another country. Suppose you want to talk about a particular topic. In that case, you can simply search for it and start a conversation with someone interested in the same thing. You can also find a person interested in the same things as you and have a conversation with them. This application is prevalent among teenagers and college students.


The Wakie voice chat application is free to use social messaging application that lets you communicate with strangers from all over the world. This application was made for people who wish to meet new people by setting up a specific issue to discuss and meeting people who share their beliefs.

This app can be an excellent alternative to “Hello Yo” and provides all of the essential services and additional brand features and tools that help make it a more suitable choice. The app is simple to use and user-friendly all you have to do is download the app on your smartphone. Then, after you’ve completed the registration process, it will allow you to begin chatting with like-minded individuals to make friends. 


uSweet: Free Group Voice Chat Rooms is a free and easy-to-use social communication app that allows you to chat with new strangers, share interests, find new people to hang out with, and make new friends. We are confident that you will enjoy using this app.

With uSweet, you can enjoy a free voice chat with strangers, friends, and family. You can also join and create groups that allow you to meet new people.


The PartyLine voice chat is a cutting-edge social and communications app. The PartLine allows you to communicate with people one-on-one using a random chat without revealing your identity. It’s a fun and enjoyable social network in which you can make friends with different people, either male or female. It is also ideal for those looking to meet their perfect match or true love. Get started with real-time live chats with people from all over the globe. It’s also known as the most effective method to make new acquaintances in the world.


YoYo is an app that allows users to share funny videos, photos, and text messages. The app was created by two friends who met at a hackathon and decided to create an app that would help them connect and share fun content. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

YoYo is a live voice chat app that allows you to converse with random people worldwide. You can start a conversation by saying hi or something about yourself. You can also ask your friends to join you. Once you have a conversation, you can add a photo, video, text message, or even a GIF to your discussion.


Yalla is a free voice chatting app that allows you to connect to a real-time voice group chat room with thousands of other people. You can join any available chat rooms and have fun chatting with people from all over the world.

Hello Yo

Hello Yo, Free Voice Chat Rooms is a free social and communication application that lets you set up your own voice chat rooms and join with other users to talk. There’s also an option for users to create an online chat room with other users that is free to use to speak. You can also send and receive messages for free, including videos, voices, and photos, to experience the whole experience, which adds more excitement. Hello, Yo app’s core feature includes a simple interface to grasp, create unlimited friends at no cost, many built-in games, and discover interesting people around you.

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