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Topic selection is an intimidating process for students. Students must go through rough patches while searching for a topic for college assignment submission. From writer’s block to skimming the Internet, topic selection can be overwhelming. However, this article states the ten topics students can use to write their next assignment. So, pour through this blog and write an essay that brings you a grade. Let’s start learning the ten best topics without any further ado.

Topic 1: Should plastics be banned?

Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance that remains in the environment forever. This results in pollution of the environment. With the growing concerns of human beings towards creating a sustainable environment, governments and other non-government organizations are taking measures to ban the use of plastics. However, the fact that plastics do not degrade makes them harmful to the environment. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ban plastic before they completely ruin the planet. 

Topic 2: Pollution due to urbanisation

Urbanisation is recently considered the primary cause of human pollution. It is due to urbanisation that industries and factories are being built in various locations to fulfil the needs of human beings. Also, the number of vehicles on the road is increasing uncontrollably. The toxic gases released in the air from vehicle and industries considerably adds to the pollution mark. These fumes contaminate the air and the atmosphere, which significantly leads to pollution. The urban population also consumes food whose preparation contributes to environmental pollution. Although urbanisation promotes the growth of the nation’s economy, it also generates severe environmental pollution problems. Urban areas downwind from industrial premises witness an increase in the amount of precipitation and the number of days with thunderstorms.

Topic 3: Education should be free

Education falls in the category of fundamental rights of human beings. However, the economic conditions of most nations are significantly poor for every family to afford their children with education. With the government’s growing concern for the educational welfare of a nation’s children, education has been made compulsory and free of charge. Children up to fourteen will receive their primary education free from various governmental schools. Moreover, higher education is thought to be made accessible as well. This is a progressive matter and requires the government of nations to think closely about the matter. Free primary education guarantees that every child has access to free education.

Topic 4: Smoking in public places should be banned

First-hand smoking is harmful to health. Even second-hand smoke can have severe effects on the health of human beings. There is NO hazard-free level of smoking. Smoking is so dangerous that even brief exposure to cigarette smoke can cause immediate harm to inhalers. Considering the hazardous effects, the government of various countries have set smoke-free laws that put citizens’ lives at less risk. These laws prohibit smoking in public places like bus stands, bars and even restaurants. This is look upon as a measure to enhance the well-being of citizens. With that concern, several places are ban smoking. With these ban messages, people will not be tempt to smoke as they will understand that smoking is addictive. Discouraging smokers will add up to a healthy environment gradually.

Topic 5: Facebook should be banned

Like a coin, Facebook has a good and a wrong side. While Facebook’s connectivity advantage keeps millions of people tied to a single platform, it can adversely affect various users. Teenagers, especially, are vulnerable to the use of Facebook. As with every other social media site, Facebook also requires the user’s personal information to let them sign up with it. This way, teenagers unknowingly reveal their personal information, which sometimes proves beneficial to fraudsters. Cybercriminals increasingly target the young generation to rob them of their money and reputation. This can wreak havoc on teenagers who trust the frauds for their sugar-coated words and seemingly trustworthy appearance. To prevent several crimes and privacy invasions, the government is looking forward to rolling out ban measures for this social media platform.

Topic 6: Students should not be allowed to play PUBG

Games like PUBG are incredibly addictive. Moreover, playing an aggressive game like PUBG makes children perceive the violent aspects of the game more. Children often confuse this hostile nature of the game for real, which plants the seed of aggression in them. Games like PUBG often replace real-world problems. Children being more immature, get carried away by these short-term sources of happiness and ignore paramount long-term happiness. PUBG even promotes gambling, which is an unacceptable crime, especially for children. All these reasons collectively have led to the degradation of the situation analysing power among children.

Topic 7: Memories of school to college

School life memories are definitely a treasure that should be kept safe. One of the most emotionally compensating activities that college students often encounter is cherishing school-life memories. The lost school life and its happiness that will never return often leave a disheartening mark on college students. However, the lessons learned in school continuously play an influential role in every stage of life. Undoubtedly, school life is the best life. And someone who has lived their life as a student knows the true essence of being carelessly happy. During school, students live their lives to the fullest while experiencing a touch of responsibilities. School memories make them realise how important childhood is to everyone.

Topic 8: Books as your friends

Books are the only creation that takes us to the unknown world that only exists in pages yet is beautiful. When you read books, you travel the world of imagination of writers that is overwhelmingly soothing to experience. Then some writers write about the realities of life and compose the secret to living a happy life. Reading such books gives us the power to cope with difficult life situations. Simply put, books have all the solutions decoded for all the complex problems we face in our daily lives. Books of different genres help us think and analyse various situations in various ways. So, whenever you are disturbe or demotivate, you can read and find out the best solution for your struggles.

Topic 9: A farewell party essay

The farewell party was the last party when we saw the carefree smiling faces of our peers. That was the day we promise each of our friends to be friends irrespective of life’s ups and downs. That was also the day when we parted after taking the blessing of teachers who have been constant supporters for the maximum part of our childhood. Collecting the good wishes and blessings from our friends and teachers, we had set our feet on a world that is much more complicated and selfish than we could think. However, the farewell party made us thankful to the teachers who shaped us into beautiful human beings. Our schools were where we spent the formative period of our lives, and the farewell party marks an end to this period.

Topic 10: Importance of education

Education provides stability in life. Education is something that can never be take away from us. It is the single thing that instils knowledge of the world and helps shape us into knowledgeable human beings.

Parting thoughts,

So, now you have the ten best topics to write your following college essay help on. Please browse the Internet to gather more information on these topics as they are abundant—all the best to writing a good essay and securing the best grades among your peers.

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