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Top 5 Motivational TED Talks About Watching: A List For Students

TED talks share important ideas on different topics. Creative people share important insights about the issue. TED talks consist of 18 minutes or less to share great ideas. Speakers engage people in meaningful conversations. In today’s world, students waste a lot of time on social media. TED talks polish the students’ intellectual capabilities. They have an opportunity to learn great ideas through these sessions.

TED talks focus on surprising new ideas. These ideas must be new for students and others. Speakers also share basic ideas with a new perspective. TED talks are the greatest source of motivation for students. These talks provoke the thoughts of the students. Students have to watch these talks to increase their knowledge. In this article, we share five motivational TED talks for students. These TED talks have some great insights for them. These TED talks are not only a source of motivation. They also enlighten the minds of students. They can get a lot of benefits by watching such videos.

Simon Sinek -How Great Leaders Inspire Action

In this TED talk, Simon Sinek talks about leadership. He explains that leadership is all about backing up your vision to inspire others. Leadership skill is highly important. It makes the students confident. Students can take part in different class activities. Yet, I didn’t add this speech simply because of the concept of leadership. Sinek shares an important concept in this speech. He focuses on defining your “why”. This is an important concept for students.

They focus only on “what”, and “how”. Students ask you what they have to do, and how they can accomplish the task. But they never ask why they have to do this. Students lack in defining the factor of “why”. That’s why they don’t know what to do in their life. They follow the crowd. They fail to give meaning to their lives. They can find the meaning by defining this aspect. Great people make a difference by defining this aspect. They know why they want to do a particular task. They inspire others with their visions as well. Every student must ensure this. It will help them in succeeding within their lives. Every student has to watch TED talks like this to get inspiration. This TED talk will also help them in inspiring others.

Eva Ren- What Your Grades Mean

Eva Ren is a high school student. She thinks that grades are not the right standards for success. She thinks it’s because they harm the students. Moreover, Eva thinks that grades limit the creativity of students. She shares the fact that everyone focuses on grades. Students compete to get good marks. She shares her feelings about the negative effects of the educational system. She thinks that this system is not right for everyone. In our society, a good grade highlights that the student is smart. But this isn’t applicable to every situation. In her awesome TED talks, she suggests not focusing on numbers. It’s important to add this TED talk here. This is because many students are good at specific subjects. They can grow in that specific field. But society doesn’t allow them to follow their passion. This TED talk gives good insights to the students. It can also help in giving them confidence regarding their studies.

Sir Ken Robison-how to Escape Education’s Death Valley

One of the top coursework writing services shared the results of a survey poll where students showed that this TED talk is the voice of many students. Sir claims that we’re not addressing this problem in the right way. He challenges the educational system as well. He argues that one system may not be right for everyone. It’s because we’re all different. He argues that governments and administrators want everyone to learn.

Yet this is not possible in the standard system. This TED talk has great importance. It shows a real picture of the education system. It allows the students to identify their uniqueness. It also helps program designers in reconsidering the education system. Sir also claims that the education system becomes a Death Valley for students. Students are not able to find themselves within it. Program designers have to focus on the negative effect of this system. They must highlight this negative effect to counter it. Otherwise, we will only produce machines from our schools.

Terry Moore-How to Tie Your Shoes

It is another interesting TED talk. It shares great insights with the students. Terry argues that most people don’t know how to tie shoelaces. He teaches students how to tie shoelaces in this TED talk. Terry also explains the importance of tying knots in this amazing TED talk. He argues that a strong knot saves us from falling. Terry also focuses on the importance of small things. He argues that small steps give big results. It is an important aspect of learning for students. Many students want to do big things. In this race, they ignore the importance of small things. This TED talk teaches them a good lesson about that. Moreover, students can also learn to tie their shoe knots.

Susan Cain-The Power Of Introverts

It is an insightful TED talk by Susan Cain. She explains the importance of introverts in this TED talk. She argues that introverts play a crucial role in society. Apart from that, she argues that isolation is important for finding creativity. Great ideas come to mind when you are alone. This TED talk is important for introverted students. Many introvert students think that they’re not a part of society. They always feel depressed. They also fail to ensure focus on their studies. This approach affects their career. These students remember that their personality type is natural. They have to find their positive side as well. This talk is a great source for unleashing the positive aspect of introverts. Introverts have to listen to this TED talk to inspire themselves.


TED talks are a great source of inspiration. Speakers shares new, and different ideas there. Students also get a lot of motivation from such sessions. Simon Sinek’s talk helps them in finding their aspect of “why”. They can understand the negative effect of the grading system from Eva’s talk. Ken shares insights about the education system. He considers it a Death Valley for students. Terry explains the benefits of small steps. Students can take benefit by taking small steps. Susan takes the introverts out of depression. She helps them reflect on their positive sides. Hence, TED talks play a positive role in society. Students must listen to them for gaining new ideas and knowledge.

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