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training contract interview questions and answers

training contract interview questions and answers

If you’re applying for a legal training contract, you’ll need to be prepared for some common training contract interview questions.

The questions you’ll be asked will allow you to demonstrate your fit for the organization, as well as your expertise and general commercial understanding.

It’s a good idea to prepare questions and answers for the training contract interview ahead of time. So keep reading for a few instances of typical training contract interview questions and how to effectively respond!

Application-Related Training Contract Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want to be a [commercial] lawyer?

When answering this question, attempt to use your previous legal experience to back up your reasons for wanting to pursue a legal career. Second, describe why a specific aspect of becoming a trainee or lawyer in the particular field of law appeals to you.

For example, when I first chose to pursue a career in law, I made it a priority to learn as much as I could about various aspects of the law. To gain knowledge with criminal law, I did work experience with the police and followed an in-house detention lawyer. I also applied for internships with huge commercial companies.

  • Why do you want to train with us over our competitors?

You’ll want to do some research on the company and draw on any previous experiences you’ve had at insight days or by reaching out to staff. This will show how you share the company’s ideals.

There may also be programs or initiatives offered by the firm that you might discuss, as well as legal technology milestones that set them apart from their competition.

  • Have you applied anywhere else? What’s the status of your other applications?

If a recruiter asks, don’t be scared to disclose other companies to which you’ve applied. At an insight day, I was told to attempt to name a firm I’d applied to, especially if it was a direct competitor of the firm I was interviewing with. This may improve your attractiveness because they don’t want a good applicant to move to a competition.

Remember not to apply to too many companies at once because you’ll need to spend time on each training contract application to ensure it’s up to par. This is something that might be worth discussing in the interview as well.

Interview Questions for a Law Firm-Related Training Contract

  1. What do you know about how we engage our clients?

This is a vital question since it demonstrates whether you’ve done your homework on the company and, as a result, how devoted and enthusiastic you are. It also provides insight into your approach to client service, which is something that businesses appreciate highly.

Most firms will have unique practices, and information about them, as well as the specialties they provide their clients, will be available on their websites. Before your interview, make sure you know everything there is to know about this topic.

  • If you were a trainee with us, how would you get involved and make yourself stand out?

It’s a good idea to talk about how you’re willing to try new things and meet new people, as well as how you’d create an open and welcoming work environment.

You might also include social components of the firm, such as sports teams or charity events, if you’re interested in joining. Furthermore, you might discuss previous leadership experience that you could bring to the company and how this would help you stand out.

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