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Unknown Facts about Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan

It’s quite challenging for someone to get back the same reputation when people around you do a lot of negative things. People usually believe what they counter most about a person and the real truth remains disclosed behind the breaking news. After all the incidents happened in Sri Lanka, people are still in disbelief that what exactly has happened to the nation and how badly some leaders have corrupted the entire political system of the country. The country is currently facing its worst-ever economic crisis due to which several protests have been made in recent months. Top leaders of Sri Lanka have resigned from their posts or left the country in quick succession.

All these incidents have also made false perceptions in people’s minds about genuine leaders like Nirupama Nadesan. Although, it’s proved that some members of the Rajapaksa family must have done something wrong that has forced them to left the country. But still, there are honest members of the Rajapaksa family including Nirupama who still have the determination to sacrifice their life for the nation.

Allegations on Nirupama rajapaksa

The 60-years old female politician is continuously refusing that she has been involved anyhow with any fraudulent activities and nor does have any information on how the Rajapaksa family has misused public funds. Our agency tried to explore details to find the real fact behind the conspiracy of Pandora Papers. For viewers that don’t know details about the case, we would like to explain that the couple Nirupama Rajapaksa and her husband Thirukumar Nadesan were accused to misuse of public funds and not disclosing the secret wealth and property in London, Sydney etc. They are also charged for making investments with public funds and are both controlling a shell company. While having a deep investigation of the papers, our team found that the company was organized by the sources of Thirukumar Nadesan and doesn’t belong to public funds. All the authoritative board members and chairpersons are individually managing their responsibilities and do not get any financial support from the Sri Lankan political leader.

While being the position of deputy minister of Sri Lanka, Nirupama Rajapaksa nadesan made significant contributions to reform the water resources in the country and offer tourism new recognition. She ensured to extend of water access to more people and improve the overall hygiene behaviour of more than 7 million people living in rural areas and depend mostly on major water resources in terms of drinking water. In more than 7 districts and around 10 rural estates, she made remarkable contributions to rehabilitating old dams and getting the required maintenance on time. In her campaigns and rallies, she addressed people to contribute to preserving the nation’s cultural, historical and economic resources and providing future generations with a better Lanka so that keep proud of the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Nirupama’s Achievements

To drive rural transformation, she made significant achievements in the water sector. By appointing talented members to the teams, she ensured to have a fresh approach to developing irrigation schemes and dams in the country. She has also made successful efforts to insist the World Bank sanction funds for the infrastructural development of Sri Lanka’s water resources. She also supported the growth of the Colombo megapolis by driving transformations to support water resources and obtaining water from areas rich in water resources and transferring water supply to areas facing water problems. She also addressed that the tourism sector of the nation relies heavily on the water as the hotel industry relies on these resources to provide different services to the guests. She has made efforts to motivate business practices to get huge investments in water projects. These significant practices have produced more than 350,000 new employment opportunities in the country and become the major source to support the foreign exchange earnings in the country which automatically influenced the GDP growth of Sri Lanka.

Well known sri lankan political leader

She has also been remembered for empowering women leaders in Sri Lanka. On one hand, where Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan has given thousands of females in the country an objective to overturn their lifestyle, she started to bring down the socio-cultural, economical and psychological barriers to empower women and participate in every field with men. She also stood against numerous political practices and opposed different government proposals if she felt they are not meant to be in the common man’s favour. She got then dare to raise her voice against her own party by supporting protests that indicate opposition to the matter. She was very much inspired by the Sri Lankan political legend, Sirimavo Bandaranaike and has reflected the same positive attitude to attain rights for the welfare of people. Although, the entire Rajapaksa family is blamed for several acquisitions, Nirupama is among those few genuine leaders in the country who always become ready to sacrifice their own life for the sake of development and growth.

To reduce the rates of inflation within Sri Lanka, it was essential to implement fundamental reforms that could boost the government’s revenue and protect the expenditures for social welfare. In the year that Nirupama Rajapaksa was elected the MP she realized that even though she has good relationships to international institutions of finance, Sri Lanka does not receive enough financial aid to reduce the rate of inflation. She spoke to a number of senior leaders and assured them that the issue would be brought to the top leaders of the government. She noted she was aware that Sri Lankan economy was at an extremely low level and therefore it was imperative to make some necessary changes and strategic strategies into the economy that the nation. She has achieved many things in her career her speech is famous in entire sri lanka Want to know more about Nirupama Rajapaksa nadesan unknown facts visit her website also she is active on her Instagram and linkedin and twitter and she also posts videos on vimeo.

Nirupama Nadesan departed the country for Dubai on April 5th, 2022, during the continuing anti-government demonstrations in Sri Lanka.


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