Visa Consultant in Lahore

Visa Consultant in Lahore

Study Visas

USA (Study Visa)

F-1 Visa

The F-1 Visa is for those students who want to study abroad. The F-1 Visa is valid for the duration of a degree program, which is five years.

If you are a student from Pakistan, before you apply, you have to find out if the US college or university is a member of SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).

F-1 Visa Requirements

  • · A valid passport
  • · DS-160 Form for non-immigrant visa applicants
  • · Two passport-size photographs
  • · Payment receipts
  • · Form I-20 states the number of funds you need to finance your education.

How to apply for an F-1 Visa?

  • · Avail your admission form from the SEVP institution.
  • · Complete the DS-160 application form
  • · Pay the application fee
  • · Schedule an interview
  • · Submit the file with F-1 Visa required documents
  • · Attend the student visa interview

Australia (Study Visa)

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world.

Requirements to Apply

  • · Offer Letter
  • · CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)
  • · English Proficiency Letter
  • · GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  • · Proof of Sufficient funds
  • · OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)
  • · Health Requirement

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

A CoE letter is sent to you by your education provider that verifies your entry into a particular course.

 GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)

  • . You have to write a statement to meet the GTE requirement,
  • · You’re coming to Australia only to study
  • · You’re a temporary resident in Australia

Entry Requirements

For Bachelors

  • · 50% marks in the inter
  • · IELTS band score will be 5.5-6
  • · With no more than three gaps in the study
  • · Have a bank statement of 5-6 Million

For Postgraduates

  • · 50% marks in the master’s degree
  • · IELTS band score will be 6-6.5
  • · With no more than seven gaps in the study
  • · Have a bank statement of 5-6 Million

Canada (Study Visa)

How to apply for a Canadian Student Visa?

You have to apply for a study permit before studying in Canada. It is a simple process, but it is essential to get it right.

Requirements to apply for Canadian Study Permit

  • · Acceptance letter
  • · A valid passport
  • · Bank statements
  • · A letter from the institution
  • · SOP (Statement of Purpose)

A step-by-step guide for Study Permit

  • · First, you have to check the eligibility
  • · If you’re eligible, then you have to prepare an application.
  • · If the applicant doesn’t meet the requirements, the immigration officers can cancel the application.

You can submit your application in two ways:

  • · Submit an electronic application
  • · A paper-based application

UK (Study Visa)

The UK is the largest economy in the world. It is the best place for visitors to visit.

Documents Required

To apply for a student visa in the UK, you must have:

  • · Passport
  • · Your course provider’s Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • You may also have:
  • · A valid travel documentation
  • · Evidence of funds
  • · CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
  • · Passport size photograph
  • · Tuberculosis screening
  • · ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme)

English Language Requirements

You must provide a confirmation letter of your English language knowledge when applying for a visa. It means passing an English language test.

UKVI has minimum requirements according to your level of study. Your sponsored education institution may have different requirements. All British schools and universities accept IELTS. So, you don’t have to take the IELTS for UKVI.

Business Visas

 USA business Visa Consultant

What is a B-1 visa?

A B-1 visa is for those who want to travel to the USA for business temporarily. There are many purposes of a B-1 visa:

  • · Medical purposes
  • · Tourism Purposes
  • · Meeting with Business Partner

Steps to Apply

  • · An electronic visa application
  • · A valid passport
  • · One (1) 2″x2″ photograph
  • · A paid receipt

How to Apply?

Step 1:

Pay the visa application fee

Step 2:

Complete the DS-160 Form

Step 3:

Schedule the interview and prepare the B-1 Visa file

Step 4:

Attend the interview

Australian Business Visa

 What is a Business Talent Visa? (Subclass 132)

Establish a new business in Australia with this permanent resident area. One can also be nominated to apply by an Australian State.

Benefits of a Business Visa (Subclass 132)

  • · Work and live in Australia
  • · Opportunity to study in Australia
  • · Opportunity to apply for Australian Citizenship
  • · Travel in and out of Australia as you want

Steps to applying for an Australian Business Visa

  • · First, you have to check if you are eligible
  • · Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • · Prepare your Documents
  • · Lodge your Application Online
  • · Wait for a decision
  • · Receive your Visa

Canadian Business Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Business Visa

The conditions that you have to follow are as follows;

  • · You must have your own business in a country other than Canada
  • · You must have an income source in a country other than Canada
  • · You must have a proof that you are developing a business relationship with a company in Canada
  • · Proficiency letter

How to Apply for a Canadian Business Visa?

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • · Confirm your eligibility
  • · Compile the document file and application form
  • · Submit the application
  • · Wait for the process to complete
  • · Send your passport

Documents Required for a Canadian Business Visa

  • · A valid passport
  • · Company documents
  • · Documents that prove you’ll not stay after a time limit
  • · A complete application and fees
  • · Valid medical certificate

UK Business Visa

 The Documents Required for UK Business Visa

  • · A valid passport
  • · Photo
  • · Air ticket
  • · Covering letter from company
  • · Bank statement
  • · Income tax returns

Eligibility Criteria for UK Business Visa

  • · Eligible to bear all expenses
  • · Reasons to return
  • · Genuine purpose for traveling
  • · Have a good health

Family Visas

USA Family Visa Consultant

A foreign citizen who wants to live permanently in the USA requires an immigrant visa (IV).

Documents needed for B-1/B-2 Visa

  • · A valid passport
  • · Photographs
  • · Application fees
  • · Application forms

There are some other categories of family visas:

  • · I-R visa is issued to a foreign spouse married to a US citizen.
  • · F-3 Visa: married children of US citizen
  • · F-4 Visa: siblings of US citizen
  • · F-2A Visa: unmarried child (under the age of 21) of an LPR
  • · F-2B Visa: unmarried child (above the age of 21) of an LPR

Australian Family Visa

There are three main categories of Australian Family Visa:

  • · Partner
  • · Child
  • · Parent

Parental Visa

There are two types of parental visas:

  • · Aged Parent (Residence) (Subclass 804)
  • · Parent (Migrant) (Subclass 103)

Partner Visas

A spouse visa permits Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible other citizens to bring their partner to the country to live together.

Child Visa:

A children’s visa category applies to Australian citizens’ adopted or dependent children. The applicant must be below the age of 18. The applicant must be a full-time student depending on the sponsoring parent.

Canadian Family Visa

The Government of Canada eligible residents above 18 sponsor dependent spouses, children, parents, and partners to facilitate families to live together.

Canada Dependent Visa Details:

You can sponsor the following relations for a dependent visa:

  • · Your partner
  • · Children under the age of 21
  • · Dependent parents
  • · Your close relatives

Eligibility Criteria to Sponsor a Dependent

  • · Must be over eighteen
  • · Must be a Canadian Citizen
  • · Have low-income
  • · You must be married legally
  • · Have a genuine relationship with dependents

Documents Required to Sponsor a Dependent

  • · Passport information
  • · Documentations for a spouse
  • · Consulate fees
  • · Documents to prove background

Eligibility Required to Sponsor a Spouse

  • · You must be 18
  • · You have a plan to live in Canada or have a plan to return
  • · You sponsor only your family members.
  • · You and your spouse must be willing to meet the financial requirements.

Eligibility Requirements to Sponsor a Child:

  • · A child must be under 22
  • · The child must be a biological child or adopted child.
  • · A child must prove that their financial needs are fulfilled by a sponsor/parent.
  • · A sponsor has to submit proof of his relationship with dependent children.
  • · A Canadian physician has to do a medical examination.

UK Family Visa

If you want to join your family in the UK, you can apply for a visa.

Requirements for a Family Visa:

There are the following eligibility requirements for a family visa:

  • · Must be a spouse or a close relative
  • · A dependent spouse or a close relative of a person who has a valid entry clearance.
  • · Granddaughter/grandson of a British Citizen
  • · A family member of a person based in the UK.

 Visit Visas

USA Visit Visa Consultant

There are two types of visitor visas:

B-1 Visa: (for business)

B-2 Visa: (for visiting or medical treatment)

Documents Required

  • · A valid passport that is valid for six months
  • · DS-160 visa application
  • · Application fee receipt
  • · A photograph
  • Additional Documents include:
  • · Trip purpose
  • · Your target is to leave the US after the trip
  • · The ability to pay the fee for the whole trip

Australian Visit Visa

What is the Visitor Visa for Australia (Subclass 600)?

In subclass 600, different visitor visa types depend on the stay’s purpose and the applicant’s nationality. The Australia visitor visa can be granted for a visit of 3,6, or 12 months.

Requirements for Australian Visit Visa

  • · A valid passport
  • · A debit cards
  • · An email address

Subclass 600 Documents Required

  • · An application form
  • · Application fees
  • · Copy of the passport
  • · A photograph
  • · ID card
  • · Proof of Citizenship & adequate funds
  • · Proof of current employment

 Canadian Visit Visa

Eligibility and Documentation

The Canadian Government utilizes an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) system. It is an electronic authorization to enter Canada. To be eligible, a traveler must:

  • · A valid passport that lasts for six months
  • · A proof of sufficient funds
  • · Relative’s letter of invitation
  • · Medical clearance certificate

How to Apply:

  • · Check your eligibility
  • · Compile all the supporting documents
  • · Apply online

UK Visit Visa

How to apply for a UK Visit Visa?

  • · Check your eligibility
  • · Complete the application form
  • · Collect the required documents
  • · Schedule an appointment
  • · Attend the Interview

Documents Required

  • · UK tourist visa application form
  • · Two Photographs
  • · Your valid passport
  • · Proof of financial support
  • · Detailed travel history
  • · Previous travel history
  • · Biometric information
  • · Letter of invitation

Why Choose us?

To ensure a successful visa application, you’ll require an immigration consultant to give complete details on the process and suggest options per your requirements and eligibility.

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