WEB3 | How to get a better dive into the new world of web3

Web 3 How to get a better dive into the new world of web3

The world is running faster beyond our imagination. From WEB2 to WEB3 technology, the way the web and computers have evolved is revolutionary.. Before understanding how to start with web3, firstly, we should know what web3 is and how it comes into existence. In this blog, I will discuss the revolutionary change from web1 to web3 and the drastic change in marketing agencies.


Web3 is not a new web. It’s just a new way to think about the web. Web3 aims to decentralize the world wide web, based on blockchain technology, which creates online communities that are publicly owned and have transparent information sharing. It is fundamentally a different way to interact with information. It’s not just about accessing the web, it’s about creating it. Web3 allows people to use their data to power the web instead of being at the mercy of centralized servers controlled by large corporations. The goal for Web3 is simple: create an infrastructure for developers who want to build decentralized apps that aren’t beholden to existing platforms like Google or Facebook—and then allow those apps to interact with each other. While the first and second allow us to consume and create, the third allows us to create our own content.


To understand why this revolution happened, let’s dive into the precursor. Web1 and web2 and see how they compare. 

WEB1: People use the word WEB1 to describe the earliest form of the internet. The first version of the world wide web. It creates web content and pages for a large group of readers, allowing them to access the content and information from the sources.It was designed to help people extract information as it was a read-only web, so there was no other way except viewing it.It was different from today’s internet because there was a lack of visuals and interactivity that we enjoy nowadays on the internet. A few characteristics of WEB1 are:

  • It consists of HTML 3.2 elements
  • It has features of GIF button and graphics too
  • The system of pages was connected to hyperlinks

WEB2: One of the issues with web1 was that there were limitations for people to create content, while in web2, large numbers of people can create content to expand the audience.. WEB2 Focused on taking participation and contribution. It was easier to use than WEB1, more interactive, and more compatible with other systems and devices. An example is blogs that users can write, publish, upload and change according to them. People can also give their reviews about the blog and leave comments that can influence other customers. Here are some characteristics of WEB2:

  • It contains adaptive content that responds to user input
  • It motivates self-usage and allows interaction like web content voting, blogging, commenting, social media and others
  • It is not limited to a specific community. It can use by a large number of groups or societies.

WEB3: Then finally, the next revolution of the internet came into being. Web3 is an approach to building web applications and services based on decentralization, openness, and excellent user utility. It’s different from Web1, which is “the read-only web,” Web2, which is “the participative social web,” and on the other hand Web3 is “the read, write, execute web. Web3 has some unique characteristics: it’s decentralized (no single point of control) and open (anyone can participate). It offers more utility to its users through enhanced features like smart contracts or apps (decentralized apps). To produce high-value web3 marketing campaigns, a web3 marketing agency specializes in digitally promoting blockchain-based goods and services.


Before understanding how to get started with web3, you should know some concepts about web technologies and how to use them.


Blockchain is a concept used to record transactions made in any cryptocurrency. It uses cryptography to ensure that data is not corrupted or altered. Participants can confirm transactions using this technology without requiring a central clearing authority.


Like the internet, a decentralized network is an infrastructure with no central points of control and ownership. Instead, it’s a connected network between peers who manage their identities within the system.


Applications that are decentralized (just one type of application that can be built on top of a decentralized infrastructure).

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs or protocols that automatically carry out, manage, or record legally significant events and activities by a contract’s terms.


It may sound exciting to you, but it can also demoralize you if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few resources that will help you better understand WEB3, and you can start your project.


It is easy to start with building space if you prefer to learn by doing. This site also allows you to collaborate with other developers so that you can get feedback too.


Here you can easily learn about the basics of WEB3 through a series of questions. This technology you can easily understand this new technology and how it works together.


Berkeley, which is also called blockchain fundamentals professional certificate. If you want to learn about blockchain and how it works, it is a great course to learn the basics.


This website gives you different challenges to complete. It helps you to learn about cryptography in a fun and interactive manner.


Proto schools is an educational community that offers various Web3 courses to help you understand web concepts, tools and protocols.

Considerations for Choosing WEB3 Marketing Agencies

Web3 is an intriguing experiment that will only become more significant as more people learn about it and the underlying technology advances. Make sure the product you’re planning to market is successful before hiring a Web3 marketing agency. It involves your company’s distinctive branding. You must ensure that your company is easily identified and works consistently. Remember what to look for when evaluating Web3 marketing agencies. Set up meetings and conduct research to learn more about each agency and the services they provide. Talk about the project’s aims, objectives, and important key criteria. Before making a choice, you should educate yourself on their working methods and experience.


Web3 can change the way things are in the world today. You can immediately lead the way in this cutting-edge technology by starting with Web3. Web3 marketing services are a relatively new idea, and there is still a lot of skepticism surrounding them. Various new technologies, such as intelligent systems, semantic web, decentralization, metaverse, digital assets, and others, will be introduced by Web 3.0. The Web 3.0 era is quickly approaching, and it will be interesting to see which technologies ultimately take control of the Internet.

With all this innovation and progress, security (data, online, and everything else) will undoubtedly be a huge issue. As a result, there will be a great demand for security specialists and systems that deal with security.

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