What is the credit card CVV security code?

What is the credit card CVV security code?

To make purchases online you need to feel as secure as possible. That is why you have to know what it is and what the CVV security code of your credit card is.

If you are one of the many  shopping addicts , it is better to know that the CVV security code is essential to make purchases on the web and that it helps you make your transactions easily, quickly and with the security you need. You are never others protective measures.

What is CVV Shop? Let’s go little by little…

What is CVV?

To define what CVV is, we must begin by explaining what the acronym CVV corresponds to. It means Card Verification Value or in Spanish card verification code.

The CVV code is a form of cryptographic verification with card information, whose objective is to prevent the fraudulent use of your plastic. In short, it is a code that consists of three or four numbers and is printed on your credit card.

This code may also be known as CSC, CVV2, CVC2 or CID. Regardless of the name, it fulfills the same functions of the CVV security code.

Debit cards do not have a security code, which  strongly differentiates them from credit cards . However, to make purchases on online pages , in some cases financial institutions provide other security keys.

We leave you some tips to  make purchases online  with greater peace of mind.

What is the CVV security code?

Finding the CVV security code is very simple. Just look at the front or back of your card . The position of the code varies according to the  type of franchise :

  • On cards like Visa ,  MasterCard  and  Diners Club  it is on the back of the card. They are usually three digits.
  • On cards like American Express it  appears on the front of the card. It is a four digit number.

Also keep in mind that it is only printed on the plastic , you cannot find it on any other document that the financial institution has given you, such as invoices or receipts.

Also, the security code cannot be scanned by any reader because it is not embossed, unlike the other numbers found on your credit card. In this way, it is easier to avoid  card cloning.

Is it possible to buy CVV online?

When is the security code used?

  • You mainly use your CVV security code when you make purchases online with your credit card. This way it is possible to verify that the data of the card that you are entering are yours and also that the plastic is in your hands.
  • You also require the CVV code when you want to link your card to home accounts , music (Spotify, Deezer), transportation (Uber, Easy Taxi), or entertainment in general.

What happens if my credit card does not have a CVV code or is illegible? 

If your credit card does not have a number or is no longer visible due to wear and tear, call your financial service provider for more information on how to solve this problem.

The franchise contact numbers are on the back of your credit card.

Benefits of the CVV security code

If this code did not exist it would be more difficult to do some things, but let’s see a list of the benefits of having it:

  • Ease of making purchases online.
  • Allows safer transactions. If for some reason your credit card information is stolen and criminals don’t have this code, they can’t charge your card.
  • Payment portals and terminals are prohibited from storing credit card security codes.

All this thanks to  the Security Standards Council of the PCI  (Payment Card Industry), which is the organization that helps formulate, improve, store, disseminate and apply security standards for the protection of account data.

Final recommendations

•             When shopping online , beware of scams. Phishing   is the modality that has consumers and financial entities on alert .

•             Remember to choose  the best credit card , that is, the one that best suits your lifestyle. Through our  comparator  you can find the best options on the market.

Data protection and staff documentation

At OCA we provide you with sufficient information and support so that you can protect your personal information and operate with peace of mind.

The use of electronic money implies certain risks that can be easily mitigated through the combination of security tools and the adoption of good practices.

It is essential that you take preventive measures so that your card, your personal data, and your user on the different platforms, remain under your control and thus nobody can make purchases, transfers or request loans usurping your identity.

Money Transfer

To transfer money with OCA Blue securely, we offer you the possibility to use a token. A token is a dynamic key that will be sent to your phone via SMS, which you must use when making a transaction. This tool raises the security level of transfers from your account. In the case of purchases, you may be asked to previously enable the card from My Account.

To buy safely on the Internet through the MasterCard network, you have a Secure Code, a unique Security key that you can use in case the merchant requires it at the time of authorizing the purchase. You can request it through My Account, or at the self-management terminals of our branches.

For inquiries or any situation that calls your attention, contact us by calling 1730, send us an email to contactenos@oca.com.uy, or go to any of our branches.

Making the adhesion in the branches, the STM card is ready to use at the moment.

Making the adhesion through other means, it will be enabled after 48 hours. After the debit request. When using the STM card on the bus, post payment will be automatically activated, with the text POSTPAYMENT ACTIVATED appearing on the ticket.

  • From that moment you can travel on all transport paying with the STM card without cash and pay the tickets with the rest of the consumption of the card.
  • If you do not have an STM card, you can request it at OCA branches and receive it at no cost at the time and already attached to the debit system.
  • Another advantage of this system is that each client will be able to associate as many STM cards as they wish to their account, thus facilitating the transport of the entire family nucleus.

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