Benefits of Buying a Traditional Toilet

Traditional Toilet

Buying a traditional toilet may seem like an easy purchase. However, this critical item requires some thought. Before you go out shopping for a new bathroom, consider the following advantages and disadvantages of this style. They’re easy to clean, come in various colors, and have separate bowls and tanks. Read on to learn more. This style may not be for you. But it might be just what your bathroom needs.

Easy to clean

While cleaning a toilet may sound like a dreaded chore, it is easier than you think. Using a toilet brush and disinfectant, you can clean your bathroom and make it look sparkling again. In addition, you can clean the toilet seat as well by using an old toothbrush. To keep it safe, label the toothbrush with the specific purpose you use it for and keep it separate. It would help if you also cleaned the hinges and seat of your toilet as they often get dirty.

Before cleaning a traditional toilet, you need to remove water from the bowl. This will make it easier to reach challenging areas. If your bathroom has a u-bend, you can remove limescale with vinegar. Ensure that you use white distilled vinegar, which is safer than apple cider vinegar. Use rubber gloves to reach tricky areas. Also, you may want to purchase a small brush inside the toilet.

It comes in a variety of colors.

Toilets are available in various materials, colors, and styles. Two-piece toilets and one-piece toilets offer classic or contemporary looks, respectively. Floor-mounted and wall-mounted bowls are available to create a clean, timeless look. While white is the most common color of toilets, most stock toilets are white or light shades. However, non-traditional colors like green or pink can add dramatic visual impact.

While white and black are the most common colors, you can also consider purchasing a toilet that has a different color. Black bathrooms are great for ultra-modern homes, while pink or harvest gold toilets fit in eclectic or vintage-style homes. If unsure, there are many ways to decorate a restroom to match your interior design scheme. There are several steps to re-glaze an existing toilet, including cleaning it thoroughly with a tack cloth or 80-grit sandpaper and applying a primer coat of paint.

Has separate tanks and bowls

In traditional toilets, the tank and bowl are separate. The tank holds water as a barrier to sewer gas, and the bowl catches waste. The water in the tank drains into a drainpipe shaped like an extended “S.” The water in the bowl is directed to the drain by the top portion of the curving waterway, which limits the height of the water in the bowl before it drains to the drain.

Two-piece toilets are a popular choice for homes in rural areas. They consist of a separate tank and bowl with two or three bolts. Two-piece toilets are easier to install, require less bulk, and are more affordable than one-piece toilets. One of the most popular two-piece toilets is the TOTO Connelly, which has a regal design in multiple colors and an elongated bowl.

It has a taller bowl.

A toilet with a taller bowl is popular among seniors and people with limited mobility. A traditional toilet bowl is typically about 14 or 15 inches high from the floor to the outermost tip of the toilet seat bowl. Choosing a taller bowl can provide a more comfortable experience for those with limited mobility, or it may be more convenient for a home with limited space. The basic overall toilet dimensions drawing below show the primary measurements.

An elongated toilet bowl has a broader front and extends further into the room. This type is becoming more common in larger bathrooms and is often associated with smaller baths. The taller bowl shape may make sitting more comfortable and may be easier to use for those with mobility issues or children. Also, some people find that a tall bowl toilet makes it easier to reach the toilet seat.

Is a good value buy Traditional Toilet

When purchasing a new toilet, the first question that comes to mind is: is a traditional bathroom a good value buy? The answer to this question depends on several factors. One of these factors is the rough-in, which refers to the distance from the finished wall to the center of the toilet’s drain. Many bathrooms are sold as kits, and you can find one for a single price. Some of the highest-quality toilets are made by Toto. Those are also the most expensive toilets on the market.

A two-piece toilet may be better if you have limited floor space. However, a one-piece toilet is more expensive and harder to install. Fortunately, both designs function nearly the same. In addition, rubber flappers are a thing of the past. Modern flush towers have improved performance over their predecessors. Some toilets feature pressure-assist technology to improve water efficiency. A three-inch flush valve delivers more thrust than a two-inch valve.

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