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What is epos software?

The largest chain stores have been using epos software (electronic point-of-sale software) for many years. It’s simple to use and allows shops to optimize their operations by tracking everything from the supply chain to the cash register. Every business today has access to EPOS software.

1. Inventory tracking that is automated

When you receive stock, make a sale, or return anything, EPOS systems immediately modify your inventory. With forecasting and replenishment capabilities, you may also enhance your cash flow by purchasing the things your consumers desire in store!

2. Sales information is available immediately.

You may keep track of sales by selecting different choices like day, employee/customer name, or item. Based on the busiest hours, plan your employees’ schedules efficiently.

3. Enhance the consumer experience

You may see your customers’ history and recommend more products or services that may be of interest to them using epos technology. Some epos software includes marketing capabilities that make it simple to stay in touch with customers.

4. E-commerce and e-POS

Businesses that have an online store will be able to use an integrated epos / e-commerce system to save time and money.

5. Use epos software to process credit and debit cards.

While keeping your ledgers precise, EPOS systems with integrated credit card processing speed up transactions and simplify employee training.

6. Always keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are.

Advanced epos systems can send automated sales and inventory information to your email on a regular basis, as well as interactive notifications with configurable definitions.

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Take phone orders, online orders and much more with our Sentinel Epos

We understand the stress that comes with running a busy takeaway, especially in these competitive times; having worked in hospitality for several years, we know exactly how you want the system to work, and we would love to assist you with the day-to-day operations of your takeaway.

This technique is ideal for a busy takeaway where you not only receive orders from walk-in customers but also from consumers who call you on the phone. You can help with this by adding our caller ID module to the Sentinel Epos takeaway EPOS system, which allows you to input orders with little to no work!

Caller ID

With Sentinel Epos caller ID integration, you can speed up order taking and avoid costly mistakes. Incorrect customer phone numbers can result in orders being lost. Connect your phone line to your takeaway EPOS, and when a customer calls, the system will check to see if they are already in your database or if you need to add them, and if you do, it will automatically fill in their phone number to save you from having to type it in manually!

Address lookup

With the Sentinel Epos takeaway EPOS, you can avoid mistakes and save time. Simply type in your postcode, and our system will provide a list of addresses. Our system is a real address lookup system, which means that in addition to the street address and city, we also provide the house number/business name to give a second degree of verification to your order taking.

Your very own client database

Create your own database of customers. With the Sentinel Epos takeaway EPOS, you can see past orders and duplicate orders.

Loyalty program

Encourage clients to place orders directly with you rather than through expensive websites like Just eat or Hungry House to avoid paying exorbitant commissions.

Checking the distance

With our built-in distance checking tool, you can quickly determine the distance between your store and a customer. The system will also tell you if the consumer is outside of your delivery radius, and you can include the distance on the receipt to help your drivers.

Management of the drivers

Manage delivery timings and statuses by assigning drivers to orders. You can also see reports on how much money each driver took in the shift by cash, credit card, voucher, and so on, and this data is preserved for future analysis on Sentinel Epos takeaway EPOS.

Receipts of assistance

Display the client’s address and phone number prominently on the kitchen and customer receipt to make it easier for your kitchen to match up orders and for your drivers to contact the customer with delivery updates.

Integrated Online Ordering

You can save your customer database and accept orders directly on the EPOS system in real time with our integrated online ordering.

Your clients can be updated on the status of their order at any time during the process thanks to SMS capabilities.


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