4 Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

Gain Instagram Followers

Years pass, but Instagram is still considered the most effective tool today to make a business visible. But the question is always asked: “how to gain Instagram Followers?

So I’m going to repeat what you hear everywhere: it’s the ENGAGEMENT that matters and NOT the number of subscribers. And that’s perfectly correct. You don’t need to have thousands of followers, you need to find the right Instagram followers. Those who will make you live (scoop: it can be learned!)

However, YES, the algorithm ALSO takes popularity into account. So you still need to reach a strategic number of subscribers to see your account grow. How much? So that’s the million dollar question baby!

The answer will depend on a whole host of factors specific to you: your universe, your activity, your content, your audience, etc.

For me, if you really had to give ONE number, I would say that from 500 followers, the algorithm starts to wake up for you. And that from 1,000 followers things become easier. As long as you understand how you got there, of course. The only way to duplicate your best practices to continue to progress…

In short. I have listed below the 12 major tips that help you Gain Instagram Followers.

Be careful , I’m not saying that you won’t have to work hard to achieve great results! I tell you that these are the basic best practices that you can use to grow your account.

1. Think content strategy!

First of all, you must ask yourself about the needs and questions of your target audience. You absolutely must have a real content strategy . Instagram is NOT a showcase but a social network where we first talk about community . So never just show off your products or services without knowing:

if you show them to the right people

if these people are interested in what you do

and if you use the right medium (image only? video? Reel?)

Harmonious content also goes through a graphic charter dedicated to your Instagram account, and in the choice of themes for your photos. It is more and more trendy to insert graphic visuals in Instagram feeds. This helps to ventilate them and easily express your ideas. The go-to tool for doing this is Canva .

The important thing is to keep a real consistency in your posts and your Instagram feed. Thus, you will more easily retain your subscribers and you will gain in engagement.

On the other hand, with stories you have a host of varied tools to create interaction with your subscribers. Take the opportunity to ask them as often as possible about what they like about your account. You will gain in efficiency and the algorithm will appreciate it.

2. Use the (right) hashtags

On Instagram, you now know to use hashtags. You still have to use the good ones ! Because it’s THE way for your posts to be visible to accounts that don’t know you yet.

In choosing your hashtags you must take into account these 4 major criteria:

the size of your account: the smaller your account, the more you must also use hashtags adapted to your size (less than 100 K or 500 K)

your activity : your hashtags must explain who you are and what you do

the content of your post: very logically, your hashtags must be related to the visual and the caption

your audience : using your customers’ hashtags will allow you to be seen by them

You only have 30 hashtags per post, that’s more than enough! Above all, don’t go adding 30 more in the comments to “over-optimize”… On the other hand, it is often elegant to put the hashtags in the first comment. Many planners (including Later , Planoly , Tailwind ) offer this possibility.

Experiment and note which ones work best for you! Once your main hashtags have been defined by area of ​​interest, save them somewhere and copy/paste on each new post, adapting to the context.

Finally, remember to always include hashtags in your stories!

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PS : NEVER use “global” hashtags with millions of posts. This is the best way to get your account banned by Instagram. And if you have an account in French, drop the hashtags in English, they may bring you likes, but no customers, think about it…

3. Follow influential accounts in your niche

When you have defined the general orientation of your Instagram account, it is in your interest to subscribe to influential accounts in your theme. This will bring more visibility to your posts .

On the one hand, you will have the possibility of being seen by their subscribers. And to follow them in turn. But above all you will ”  educate  ” the algorithm which needs to fully understand what you are doing to show your account to the right people.

To Gain Instagram Followers, you can also ask these people for mentions (still they have to deserve it!).

Or that they post a publication on your account (and vice versa). A miracle is always possible… ( Yeeeeha #OMG I got a like from Rihanna! )

4. Interact as a human with others

As much as possible, seek contact with others, and in particular your subscribers, even and especially if they are not very numerous!

Someone commented on one of your photos? Like the comment, and always reply  (with more than just an emoji!) Engage in conversation, show interest in the person back, etc. Go to his account, like his photos, comment too, even subscribe.

Keep in mind that Instagram is certainly the warmest social network there is! And you are expected to behave humanely and sociably. This is one of the keys to success on Instagram.

In this regard, any use of a bot or any system aimed at automating your actions on Instagram is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No joke, huh! It’s the exact opposite of the Lotto: you risk a lot and it doesn’t pay off!

By the way some people start business on Instagram to advertise. They charge very high because their number of followers are also very high. Their accounts are very famous on Instagram. They have a greater fanbase and great audience. Most of them buy Instagram Followers to increase the visibility of account.

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