How To Sleep Early

We Can Help You Regain Your Sleep And Vitality

re you tired of your irregular sleep schedule? Or are you trying to sleep early to wake up early but failing in the process? Then this blog post is especially for you.

Deprivation of sleep can negatively impact your next day and cause ineffectiveness in your efficiency, mood, emotions, and various functions of your body. 

So, it’s crucial to shift your sleep-wake cycle so that you can get the maximum amount of sleep. As good sleep makes you feel refreshed.

Here are some techniques to make you fall asleep earlier.

Hide your phone/ laptop:

Scrolling your phone before sleeping is a habit we all have. But do you know how much it affects our sleeping routine? The emission of blue light from your phone reduces the level of melatonin(sleep hormone), making it harder for you to sleep early.

To suppress melatonin, it is best to eliminate the usage of devices like Laptops, TVs, and computers before sleeping.

Putting these devices out of your room is recommended, as you rarely use things out of your reach.

Have a 60-minute before-bedtime routine:

 Creating a routine before bedtime can help us relax. Relaxing before bedtime can be helpful in effective slep

A bedtime routine will vary from person to person. There is no need to follow the given routine fully. You can follow the steps that suit best for you. Winding down includes relaxing activities that prepare your mind and body to sleep. 

Winding down includes habits like taking a warm bath, reading books, and listening to podcasts or music.

Here are numbers of relaxing habits which you can include in your bedtime routine. 

Taking a warm bath: You can take a warm shower, and research shows that a hot bath decreases your body temperature, which helps you fall asleep faster. 

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