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How To Treat Sand Flea Bites?

Learn a way to deal with and save you sand flea bites

There’s now not something like an afternoon on the seashore proper here in South Carolina. The sun, the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves – who may need to ask for additonal? But even the nice seashore excursion may be spoiled with the aid of purple, itchy, painful sand flea bites. Think you may have encountered sand fleas at the beach? Worried you can supply them domestic with you? Keep studying to study extra approximately a way to prevent sand flea bites and a manner to cope with sand flea bites.

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What Are Sand Fleas?

Unlike commonplace fleas, sand fleas aren’t genuinely insects. Rather, sand fleas are small crab-like crustaceans. These creatures are determined in coastal areas, wherein they stay within the sand in the same way due to the fact the not unusual flea lives inside the fur of animals.

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Sand fleas are frequently incorrect for other biting or stinging insects, together with the not unusual flea species positioned on dogs and cats. While sand fleas are best positioned at the seashore, different biting insects can infest your property and often require the assist of a professional pest manage enterprise employer. If you think you’ll be managing every other biting insect in your own home, take a look at out our on line insect identity manual for assist with identification. When doubtful, touch domestic pest manage experts for help.

Sand Flea Identification And Behavior

Identifying sand fleas can be hard, as they may be usually microscopic in duration. Rather than noticing sand fleas in time to keep away from being bitten, it’s miles more likely that you’ll be bitten through sand fleas without ever noticing them. These crustaceans are small and brown (in the sand they live in), with a difficult exoskeleton and the capability to jump up to 15 inches.

Sand fleas are generally determined on seashores, in coastal regions, and in sandy marshes. They also can be decided in barren location regions. Here in South Carolina, they’re typically located across the coast.

Not all sand fleas will bite and feed on humans, but people who do can purpose painful, itchy bites. They burrow inside the sand like a normal flea, finally touchdown on human pores and pores and skin and causing an uncomfortable chew. Sand fleas are most lively round sunrise and dusk, because of this you’re maximum likely to get bitten if you visit the seaside ultimately of those times of day.

Sand flea bites appear like not unusual flea bites. They regularly present as small, red, raised bumps at the pores and pores and skin, maximum typically placed underneath the knee. They are generally found at the calves, shins, ankles and feet.

How To Avoid Sand Flea Bites

One of the pleasant techniques to avoid sand flea bites is to go to the beach on the proper time of day. Going to the beach in the early morning or past due evening will boom the possibilities that you’ll grow to be with sand flea bites. On the opportunity hand, sand fleas are least energetic within the path of the day. By keeping off the beach spherical sunrise and dusk, you are tons a great deal much less probably to get bitten through sand fleas. Cool, wet conditions furthermore boom sand flea interest. As a give up result, it is high-quality to avoid the beach proper now after it rains to lessen your possibilities of being bitten. Windy days also can reduce the hazard of sand flea bites.

If you find out your self at the seashore even as it is cool and wet, or if you’re spending time on the seashore round dawn or nightfall, do your first-rate to maintain moving. Sitting or lying on the sand makes you an clean target for bites. Do your awesome to preserve your feet, ankles and reduce legs blanketed, if feasible.

Commercial insect sprays and repellents can help keep off a few varieties of sand fleas, despite the fact that they’re no longer effective towards they all.

How To Treat Sand Flea Bites

Sand flea bites can be enormously itchy and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are various alternatives close to remedy.

First and important, do your incredible to withstand the urge to scratch the sand flea chunk. Scratching will further aggravate your pores and pores and skin, and excessive scratching can increase your opportunities of developing a pores and pores and pores and skin infection.

Over-the-counter anti-itch lotions containing hydrocortisone can assist reduce contamination and decrease itching. Some humans find out that aloe vera gel is cooling and soothing to bites, while others have placed success in decreasing itching with colloidal oatmeal baths.

While sand flea bites are generally little more than an uncomfortable nuisance, be sure to are seeking out clinical interest if you suspect you’re having an hypersensitivity. Talk to a medical health practitioner in case you’re involved that one or extra bites might also moreover have emerge as infected.

Home Pest Control: Your Home Pest Resource

When it consists of sand fleas, there’s proper news: They are not capable of infesting your private home. So while you could turn out to be with sand flea bites after a day at the seaside, you do now not ought to fear approximately a sand flea infestation.

If you are experiencing bites at domestic, but, you can need to strive a completely unique method.Professionals at Home Pest Control. Our professionals have the information and revel in important that will help you find out any pests determined in your home, and we will format a custom pest control method to rid your home of insects.

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Ocean side days should fun and unwind. However, when you return home with bothersome, red nibbles all around your feet, lower legs, and legs, your tomfoolery ocean side day can transform into an awkward encounter. The little bugs that make these chomps are called sand insects, and when they nibble, they abandon a spit that causes irritation and disturbs the skin. Luckily, by utilizing home cures and taking care of oneself strategies, you can assuage your irritation and elevate mending to treat sand insect chomps quick.


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