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The Most Proficient Method For Tracking Down Text In Your Reports On Mac

1. Show

At the point when you need to find text in a record on your Mac, you frequently do as such with the Finder or Spotlight gadget. Undoubtedly, perusing these instruments is quick and simple, however there are a few major issues as well – for instance, you can’t search for word blends, you can’t convey the idea sentences, and so on. It appears to be that when you have countless reports containing question things, it turns out to be irrefutably testing to find where text has been seen, and a few times you really want to exclusively open the records. .

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In this article we will attempt to provide you with a fast framework of the best devices for text search in your report on Mac.

2. Finder

With the finder, you can obviously look for text in objects in records in a given envelope. It closes like this:

Open the finder and find the envelope you want to see.

In the toolbar beneath the Chase box, you have two pursuit choices: “This Mac” or The ongoing envelope. Click on the name of the continuous envelope.

Type your chase word in the Chase box.

Click on a record name in the question result to see a thumbnail of the report.

A critical drawback of survey with a finder is that looking through inside the text of found reports is problematic. To find sentences in which the looked word is found, you really want to open each record independently and search in every one of them.

how to search for a word on mac


Try not to present extra programming.

Search is quick and straightforward.

You can see a thumbnail of each record found.

You can see by date or period.


You can’t see the text of a followed report without opening it.

You can’t see sentences that contain the hunt term.

You can’t follow word mixes.

The outcomes are not coordinated by significance.

“SeekFast is the best specialist finder I have at any point utilized with respect to speed and adequacy. Thank you kindly for your uncommon programming to deal with my proficiency!”

Shawn Zhang – software engineer from Beijing, China

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3. Spotlight

Spotlight is an implicit workspace examine gadget for Mac that investigates your records, yet visited destinations and various sources all through its presence. The spotlight is supposed to be a typical hunting instrument, continually watching doorbells.

 Notwithstanding, with Spotlight you can’t confine inquiries. You can’t look for records in a specific coordinator, which is in some cases a major problem – when there are such an enormous number of results, it will be truly challenging to track down the report you’re searching for.

Utilizing Spotlight Is Like Utilizing The Finder:

Open Spotlight with the amplifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen.

Type your chase word in the Pursuit box.

Click on the record name in the thing to see the thumbnail of the track down report.

The benefits and imperatives of Spotlight are equivalent to those of Finder. Inability to restrict results to records in a particular coordinator is an extra obstruction.

4. Look For

If you have any desire to look into a word or blend of words in an envelope on your Mac, SeekFast is your savviest choice. It holds all the high level macOS customizations like Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Huge Sur. Aside from the way that it is a simple to-utilize and clear device, it likewise upgrades the outcomes in an extremely helpful manner. To utilize SeekFast you can follow the beneath propels:

Download, acquaint and send SeekFast with your Mac.

Click on the Scrutinize button and select the envelope with the report you need to find.

Type the word casualty in the pursuit bar and press Return.

In the outcomes, you have the choice of tapping on a record name to open the report, or tapping on a sentence to see a bigger message block.


You can see each sentence containing the words you searched for.

You can search for changed blends of words that are not near one another in the report.

This permits you to see the followed text without opening the record.

You’ll see the most important outcomes at the top.

You’ll see both the record names in the report and sentences containing the words you looked for.

It shows the words found in the following text.

This keeps a scope of various record plans.

It upholds seeing articles in archives of significant programming vernaculars like C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, and others.

SeekFast has its own web file and is liberated from Spotlight.


The free structure permits you to see something like 50 reports on Twofold. With the paid structure you can see up to 20,000 records on Twofold.

Attempt SeekFast for Mac for nothing.

5. Houdhspot

HoudahSpot is one more extraordinary decision for glancing through text in various records on macOS. It uses the Spotlight record, yet presents achieves a superior UI to simplify looking.

Notwithstanding customary looking, it licenses you to combine various principles. You can use this gadget to glance through text with the going with propels:

Download and present it on your Mac. Ship off HoudahSpot.

Pick the coordinator to take a gander at from the “Regions” section on the left 50% of the essential window.

Type your optimal words in the “Search Any Message” field and snap Return.

In the Information sheet, click on the “Text See” image to see the text found.


You can refine your interest with various channels.

You can glance through various coordinators immediately.

It includes the text you searched for.

You can set designs for rehashing look.


You can’t see all of the sentences containing the glanced through terms right away.

HoudahSpot is likely to Feature, so you can’t use it in case Spotlight requesting is impeded.

Doesn’t have a free variation.

6. Docfetcher

With respect to examining different records for unequivocal text, DocFetcher is one of the notable names. It is Java-based open-source programming that upholds Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can consider it as a web search instrument, which can glance through either the entire PC or a specific envelope.

To use the extended helpfulness with additional elements of this item, you ought to go with the paid variation, DocFetcher Virtuoso. The instrument is liberated from Spotlight and plays out its own requesting of the records.

The Best Strategy To Utilize Docfetcher:

Download, present, and run it on your Mac.

Right-click on “Search Degree,” select “Make Record From,” and pick the envelope you really want to check out.

Type your glanced through words in the pursuit box at the top and press Return.

In the outcomes window, click on the name of each report to see the text. Your glanced through words are highlighted.


You can incorporate the free variation for a limitless time frame outline.

You can use various channels, for instance, by record configuration, chronicle size, and region.

It has a flexible variation and you can use it without presenting it.


The mark of association isn’t very regular and you might require a valuable chance to work with it.

It is reliant upon Java Runtime Environment (JRE), so you ought to have it presented.

You ought to tap on each record name to see the text.

You can’t search for blends of words.


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