The Top 3 Informational Items About Initial Game Offerings (IGOs)

Initial Game Offerings

Icos Offerings (ICO) were once a well-liked method of raising money for projects in the cryptocurrency market, but this changed with the introduction of laws. Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Interchange Offering (IEO) have since made their market debuts. However, with the popularity of blockchain games and GameFi, initial game offerings are currently all the rage (IGO). This essay will examine the top 3 things you should know regarding first-game offerings. So let’s get right to it without further ado.

Describe IGO

Like ICOs and IEOs, IGO is a fundraiser for cryptocurrency gaming companies where participants receive the in-game currency. A few IGOs also provide in-game prizes. But it depends on how much each player invests.

To put it simply, IGO is a kind of crypto game crowdfunding that enables investors to support a project at an early stage of development. By allow retail investors to obtain the in-game assets and tokens before they are made public, this fundraising strategy lowers the entrance hurdle for investors in general.

While the audience of the cryptocurrency game project provides the funds, investors receive valuable in-game items and tokens at a significant discount before the general public sale. The fact that IGOs are accessible to all investors is a huge advantage.

The blockchain gaming industry has experienced phenomenal growth due to the rising interest in and acceptance of this fundraising model. For instance, the most well-known game project Axie Infinity has been introduce thanks to Binance’s control funding platform Binance Launchpad.

Examining Launchpads

Specialize platforms call launchpad platforms are use to arrange IGOs. The platform you select is essential to an IGO’s success. This necessitates an analysis of the platform’s history, overall success, amount of money raised, and the time required to reach the financing goal.

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Work with some launchpads that house IGOs:

  1. One of the earliest launchpads to establish the idea of IGOs was GameFi. Only one of the four investment tiers offers guaranteed allocation. One lottery ticket is required as a minimum, equal to 20 GAFI tokens. Two of the platform’s most well-liked services are KABY Billiard and Deathroad IGO.
  1. Binance Another IGO that allows access to limited in-game resources is NFT. The site uses a subscription model to ensure that every user has an equal chance to participate. NFTs are distributed using an open, auditable mechanism to assure fairness.
  1. A DAO administers Seedify Fund, a popular igo launchpad platform. To participate in Seedify IGOs, you either need 250 or 100,000 Seedify (SFUND) tokens. The platform has nine tiers. The first tier is a lottery layer, and the second division is where secured allocation starts. Cyber Trade, Grand Heroes Chained, MetaStrike, Penguin Racecourses, Space, Misfits, and Supernova are just a few of the video game projects which Seedify has so far crowdfunded.
  1. Enjinstarter is a fourth well-known IGO that takes a distinctive approach. 75% of the IGO tokens are set aside by the ecosystem for assured allocations, which are then divided into three tiers. Investors with a small holding of at least 1,250 EJS tokens can still participate because it is a first-come, first-served system. On Enjinstarter, some video games have received crowdfunding, including Age of Tanks, Assault Wagon, Asia, Gaia Everworld, and PathDAO.
  1. Gamestarter allows gaming companies to sell their NFT games or tokens to raise money. It has crowdsourced BitHotel, Crypto Fighter Club, Dark Frontiers, Demole, and other games. Additionally, it intends to go outside cryptocurrency gaming, as Gamestarter will eventually integrate INO (Initial NFT Offering).

The IGO’s workings

A chance to invest early in a game project is to purchase an IGO. You must buy the launchpad’s native coin and secure it for a specific time to participate in such an event.

The algorithm determines whether the investors receive the project token or the NFTs need to play the game, and these tokens are held in a pool. On DEXs and NFT marketplaces, these tokens and NFTs may occasionally be trade outside the gaming ecosystem.

IGO settings vary between launchpads, but generally speaking, the following steps are involve:

  • Connect the launchpad to your wallet.
  • Choose a tier that accurately represents the investment’s worth.
  • Choose an IGO that you would like to invest in.

It is also preferable to confirm whether or not the launchpad offers assured allocation.

By visiting the appropriate Launchpad website, linking your wallet, and staking the native token, you can apply for Whitelist to qualify for these IGOs. You must also complete KYC for some platforms. You can use it for the Whitelist after joining the pool.

Another way launchpads distribute assets to investors is through raffles. Visit the launchpad site and ensure you are navigating to the proper URL to submit an application for the lottery. Connect your wallet before clicking the button to enter the lottery. After choose the IGO, you’ll be prepare to participate in the raffle for the forthcoming projects.

The Essential Component: Community

For an IGO to be effective, the crypto game must have a thriving and supportive community. Typically, communities are create and maintaine on well-known social media sites like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Communities are crucial in determining how initiatives develop and function in cryptocurrency.

A project must begin with prospective recruits identifying with its mission to create a thriving community. The project’s goal and participants must be the center of attention. Members should be empower by being acknowledge, receiving feedback, and receiving prizes at each stage of the project.

The appeal of the crypto communities is that they are global in scope and share a common philosophy and goal. The backing of a community assures a project’s long-term success.


Already, there has been a significant increase in revenue and growth for cryptocurrency game projects. And IGO has a substantial role in this achievement. But GameFi greatly aids the uptake of cryptocurrencies. According to a recent Chain play study, 75% of respondents first learned about cryptocurrency through GameFI. 

And some well-known blockchain games have been valued at several million dollars as cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted and decentralized gaming with NFTs gains popularity.

The blockchain gaming sector is still young, but it is expanding quickly. IGOs may eventually prove to be a workable answer for crypto gaming initiatives, which are already establishing themselves as a fixture in the sector, thanks to GameFi’s upward trend.

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