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Mumbai, unlike other cities and towns, does not have a gloomy appearance at night. It is, as they say, a city that never sleeps. Mumbai’s vibrant nightlife offers exciting parties, gluttonous food trails, daring cycling adventures, and much more. So, if you’re a late-night owl wondering what to do in Mumbai, come along with us as we explore the best things to do in Mumbai at night.

Step outside and you’ll discover that this city comes alive at night! This list covers everything from late-night food joints to the best nightclubs in Mumbai.

List of 10 fun things to do in Mumbai:

  • Cycling at Midnight 
  • Visit a club 
  • Explore Marine Drive 
  • Do food trails on the street 
  • Take a walk on the beach 
  • Late-night sail 
  • Enjoy some popular live music 
  • Visit Elephanta Caves 
  • Take a stroll at Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Uncover Kotachi Wadi

Cycling at Midnight

Cycling enthusiasts in Mumbai have started various tours so that you can explore the city’s many heritage buildings in the soft moonlight while tracing the outline of the Queen’s Necklace. With these midnight cycling tours, you can marvel at the architectural wonders and pedal your way into the city’s rich colonial past. Most of these tours are longer than 10 kilometers, but you can always pedal at your own pace.

Visit a club

Mumbai’s nightlife is known for its dazzling lights, groovy music, and heady ambiance. Reserve a table at tryst to mingle with Mumbai’s elite, or head to Toto’s Garage for a lively retro music night. Other nightclubs, such as Club Sirkus and Kitty Su, regularly have the best DJs in town pumping out electro, trance, and Bollywood numbers, so bring your enthusiasm and dancing shoes! List this as one of the fun things to do in Mumbai while you’re there in your itinerary.

Explore Marine Drive

A stroll along Marine Drive, or simply sitting back and enjoying the waves, is deeply relaxing regardless of the time, day, or season. The atmosphere is full of contrasts: there are hawkers selling chai, corn, and soft drinks to satisfy everyone’s midnight cravings, there are fitness enthusiasts cycling around the area, others hanging out with friends and family, and some are simply listening to music. Even if you’re just sitting alone, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Do food trails on the street

Hunger pangs are unavoidable while touring the city at night or simply strolling along the beaches. However, Mumbai’s street food joints have you covered. There’s a lot to try at these late-night food places in Mumbai, from a buttery pav bhaji at Sardar to sharing a late-night ice cream at Bachelor’s or simply hogging on those lip-smacking kebabs at Bademiya. Some of these establishments are open until 4.30 a.m., ensuring that you will never go hungry again.

Take a walk on the beach

If clubbing or partying isn’t your thing, simply go to the nearest beach for some peace. Go out with your friends and spend some quality time together, or go alone and get lost in your thoughts. This is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai that make the most of Mumbai’s great beaches! These beaches are also lined with amazing ice cream parlors and food joints, so you can indulge in a quick snack as well.

Late-night sail

Allow the wind to blow through your hair as you prepare for an exhilarating sail into the beautiful Arabian Sea and take in the breath-taking view of Mumbai’s skyline. The view is truly magical as the towering skyscrapers come to life and shine on in the darkness. But, before you go, you’ll need to plan ahead of time and book with a sailing club. It’s an expensive offbeat activity, so save it for a truly special occasion.

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Enjoy popular live music

Check out Hard Rock Cafe, Bonobo, and Cool Chef Cafe if you prefer live music to dance among blaring speakers with a group of strangers. You can eat your favorite foods while listening to some of the best bands in the city. You can also go to NCPA, Mehboob Studios, and Shanmukhananda Auditorium for live music. Classical music, indie pop, Bollywood numbers, and other genres are all represented.

Visit Elephanta Caves

For centuries, Monks have visited a number of cave networks in Mumbai. The most well-known caves are the Mahakali and Kanheri caves on the outskirts of the city center, but the Elephanta Caves are well worth the extra effort to reach them. The ornately carved cave temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is thought to date from the 6th century BC.  It is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

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Uncover Kotachi Wadi

Visit Kotachi Wadi in South Mumbai to get away from the city’s chaos. The tiny village within the city is over two centuries old, with pastel-colored Portuguese architecture lining its streets. The tranquil spot is just a short walk from Charni Road station near Chowpatty Beach, making it accessible from most Mumbai neighborhoods. While you’re there, sample some of the best Goan cuisine prepared in the village’s kitchens.

Plan to visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi is impressive, especially for a national park so close to Mumbai’s urban metropolis. In fact, it is the world’s largest national park within a city, covering nearly 90 square kilometers. Walking is the best way to explore the forested national park. There are a surprising number of flora and fauna, including 35 mammal species, 170 butterfly species, and nearly 300 bird species. When you visit here, plan to bring binoculars with you to make your trip more exciting.So, there are numerous things to do in Mumbai at night. Visiting these places while on your trip makes you enjoy your vacation at its best. You can explore more and have fun doing these things in Mumbai. Are you planning to travel to Mumbai from Atlanta? Book low-cost flights from Atlanta to Mumbai with Indian Eagle. So, what are you still waiting for? Gather your friends and enjoy these amazing and one-of-a-kind experiences that Mumbai offers.

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