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Types of Cat Collars

Though there are different types of cat collars available in the market, these available choices have made the decision much more difficult to recognize which suits your cat’s requirements. So, here we will explore the different types of cat collars with their benefits so that you can easily differentiate between each type and decide which one will suit your requirements and which one you should get.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Different Types of Cat Collars:

1- Breakaway collars:

It is the safest type, considering many pet parents and VET prefer it. It’s just because of its quick-release system, which makes your cat quickly release the collar if tangled somewhere. If your cat’s collar is stuck on a branch or any other object, any force will help remove it.

2- Flea collars:

Flea collars are considered one of the most adjustable types of cat collars as they are available in different materials and capable of operating in various forms. It is called flea collars as they help to eradicate the attack of cat fleas (tiny bugs often found in warm-blooded animals as they feed blood) on your kitten’s fur. Most importantly, the cat flea collars are made in such a way that they include a substance that helps to eradicate the chances of an attack on a cat. As flea collars are made with different materials, some also release a gas that helps emit the fleas on the cat’s body. So, either your cat has already been attacked by fleas, and you want to get rid of them, or your want to protect them from future attacks; flea collars can be helpful.

3- ID tag collars:

As the name suggests, there will be a tag on the collar where you place your kitten’s name, address, and other information to help your cat in finding it gets lost. Many cat owners who have an outdoor cat prefer such kind of tags. However, sleek designed and well-made id tag collars look cute on an indoor cat. So, despite of the type of cat, whether indoor or outdoor cat you may have id tag collars are a nicer way to give a personalized look to your cat.

4- Buckle style collars:

Buckle-style collars are also known as traditional collars. Buckle collars are often considered the same as breakaway collars, but they aren’t. One key difference is that the owner or any other person must unbuckle the buckle collars as they don’t have any quick-release system. This cat collar type is considered the most dangerous or unsafe type of cat collar. It can’t be released under tension, whereas breakaway collars are considered quickly released or unclip under tension collars. One of the main risks of such cat collars is that they can trap, entangle, or choke your cat if it gets trapped. That’s why it’s usually not a good choice for the outdoor cat, but it still can be tried on an indoor cat.

5- Reflective cat collars

If you want to give your cat more visibility or want your cat to look different from others, go for a reflective type of cat collar. They come in vibrant, vibrant collars that would help your cat to be visible more often in high or low light conditions too. Most cat parents use a reflective cat collar to protect their cat from accidents. Suppose your cat passes on the street at night; then the reflective material of these types of collars help to reduce the potential accidents.

6- Elastic collars:

Elastic types of cat collars are no longer recommended as they can also put your cat in a dangerous situation. It’s because the chances of getting stuck into the neck increased more than ever. Especially if your cat collar is not tightened properly, the elastic may cause to stick into the cat’s mouth, arm or leg, which may lead to further injuries too. Specifically, if a cat collar is made with a purely elastic material and hasn’t used any other combination, they are more unsafe and could lead to injuries.

7- GPS collars:

GPS cat collars are considered to be one of the safest types of cat collars for an outdoor cat. As the name suggests, GPS (global positioning system) will allow your cat to track its location if lost. This type of cat collar offers a variety of tracking facilities. That’s why the tracking can be done either by your smartphone or can also be done with the help of a special sensor that comes along with the GPS collars.

8- E-collars:

If your cat is undergoing any medical treatment, then e-collars are the preferable type of cat collar you may have. They are specially designed in such a way that they will help your cat to limit her movements. Often, cats scratch or lick the wound, which may lead to further complications. And to protect your cat from all these consequences, e-collars are getting popular. Though e-collars are made with elastic, some other soft material is also used. That’s why they are far more comfortable and safe than elastic collars.

9- Collars with bells:

Cats are natural predators. That’s why it’s pretty oblivious if your cats haunt squirrels, rats, birds, reptiles, bunnies or anything else. But, if you want to stop your cat from this type of hunting, then a collar with bells is your preferred choice. Because the bell sound available on the collar would help the other creatures to get an alarm that your cat is around, and they could run away from there. Protecting your cat from preying on other creatures; would also help you reduce the chances of risks and diseases arising from prey.


What type of material is used in cat collars?

Different types of materials are used in different types of cat collars. That’s why it’s important to consider the material being made. Cat collars are made from synthetic nylon, polyester, or plastic fibres. Moreover, some were made with leather too. All are designed by keeping the comfort and needs of your cat in mind.

Which type of cat collars is best for an outdoor cat?

Undoubtedly, breakaway is the considerable type of cat collars for an outdoor cat. Cats are generally curious in nature but an outdoor cat is more curious then indoors. That’s why the chances of getting stuck somewhere are more often than any other. And a breakaway type of cat collar offer quick release option that would help to protect your cat from unexpected experiences.

Which types of cat collars are safest?

Breakaway cat collars are the safest type of cat collar. It’s recommended by many VET and pet parent. Due to its quick release system you will be able to protect your cat more often to reduce the chances of risks that an elastic collar can have.


So, wrapping up the discussion with a note that whether you consider choosing any type of cat collars for your cat, you must need to check out the needs of your cat.


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