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If you have an unforeseen travel need as per one of the criteria listed below, you may qualify for an expedited appointment depending on availability at the U.S. Embassy. It is important to ensure you meet all the URGENT VISA ONLINE AMERICA, because applicants are only allowed to create one expedited appointment request. 


Please check the Website RedBanner for the latest information on revised qualification for scheduling Emergency Appointments.

Before you apply for an expedited appointment, you must first schedule an appointment through the regular, appointment scheduling procedure and also ensure that you have documentary evidence to prove the urgency. Requests for emergency appointments will not be considered unless an initial appointment has been scheduled online. If it appears during your visa interview that you misrepresented the reasons for urgent travel, such facts may adversely influence the outcome of your visa application. All applicants requesting an expedited appointment are required to first pay visa fees for a regular visa appointment. Applicants who are granted an expedited appointment but subsequently refused a visa at the U.S. Embassy will not be allowed to utilize this option to obtain another expedited appointment for the same purpose of travel.

Note: Travel for the purpose of attending weddings and graduation ceremonies, assisting pregnant relatives, participating in business/academic/professional conferences, or enjoying last-minute tourism does not qualify for expedited appointments. For such travel, please schedule a regular visa appointment well in advance. If you were already refused a visa for your stated travel purpose, you are not eligible for an expedited appointment. We are not able to accommodate expedited appointment requests for individuals who wish to renew their visas while on a short holiday in Pakistan before returning to the United States.  

The following are the criteria for visa emergencies:

Applicants with urgent humanitarian need for travel (such as medical treatment for life and death illnesses or a death in the applicant’s immediate family) and who have a confirmed imminent travel itinerary. You must attach confirmation of your flight itinerary from Pakistan.

Essential documentation for urgent medical treatment:

  • A letter from your doctor describing the medical condition and why you are sePublish and Exiteking medical care in the United States
  • A letter from the physician or hospital in the United States indicating that they are prepared to treat the case and providing the approximate cost of the treatment.
  • Evidence of how you will pay for the cost of the treatment

Essential documentation for a Funeral/Death:

  • A letter from the funeral director stating the contact information, the US VISA FOR Lechtenstein Citizens of the deceased, and the date of the funeral.
  • You must also present evidence that the deceased is an immediate relative.
Medical professionals engaged in activities directly related to the mitigation of COVID-19:

Essential documentation for medical professionals:

  • Please attach credentials or invitation letter.
Academic program starting before your scheduled interview date:

Essential documentation for Student applicants:

  • Acceptance form or letter from school or university that notes your program start date.

Applying for an Expedited Appointment

Step 1

Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Step 2

Pay the visa application fee.

Step 3

Schedule an appointment online for the earliest available date. Please note that you must schedule an appointment before you can request an expedited date. At the time you schedule your appointment, you will see an onscreen message showing the earliest available appointment date, which includes expedited appointments. Accordingly, you may find that it is not necessary to request an expedited appointment because there are earlier dates available.

If you wish to proceed with requesting an expedited appointment, then complete the Expedited Request Form in English or contact the call center to request assistance. Please be sure to note the type of urgency you believe qualifies you for an expedited appointment. Once you have submitted your request, please wait for a response from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate which will arrive via email.

Accordingly, you may find that it is not necessary to request an expedited appointment because there are no earlier dates available.

Once you have submitted your request, please wait for a response from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate which will arrive via email.

Step 4

If the U.S. Embassy or Consulate approves your request then you will receive an email alerting you to schedule your expedited appointment online. Please understand that the call center cannot schedule your expedited appointment for you, but agents are able to assist you if questions arise. Should the U.S. Embassy or Consulate deny your request for an expedited appointment, you will be notified of the denial by email and you should keep your existing appointment.

Note: The email confirming or denying your request will come from Some email applications have rules which filter unknown senders into a spam or junk mail folder. If you have not received your email notification, please look for the message in your junk and spam email folders.

Step 5

Visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the date and time of your visa interview. You will need to bring a printed copy of your appointment letter, your Form DS-160 confirmation page, one photograph taken within the last six months, your current and all old passports and supporting documents. Applications without all of these items will not be accepted.

STEP 1 – Gather information on your situation

Seek information and check if you need a visa or not

This portal helps you gather the information you will need before submitting your visa application online.

The visa wizard will help you determine, depending on your situation, the visa requirements, as well as the visa fees and required supporting documents.

If you have stayed in the Schengen Area within the past 6 months please use the Visa Calculator tool to determine the precise number of days remaining for your authorized stay. (online calculator ).

Determine which authority is approved to receive your application

In addition to providing important general information, this link offers specific pages related to your place of residence, so that you can access the most accurate information for your visa application.

STEP 2 – Set up my online application

Fill out the visa application form

To submit a visa application, you must provide at least the following :

  • A travel document (original + copy) in good condition, issued less than 10 years ago, with at least two blank pages, which is valid for at least three months after the date on which you have planned to leave the Schengen Area, or in the event of a long stay, which is valid for at least three months on the date on which the requested visa expires. However, in the event of a duly proven emergency, this final requirement may be waived.
  • 2 recent ID pictures in ISO/IECI format (pdf)
  • The supporting documents (originals and copy) depending on your situation and your plan

Important : Documents in languages other than French or English may be required to be translated into French.

  • Your application fees are due upon filing.
  • If your home country is eligible, you must fill out the online application form. You will be guided through the whole process by on-screen explanations.
    • Before validating and printing out your application, you will be asked to create a personal account that includes your email address in order to save your partially- or fully-completed form. After this step, you will receive the list of required supporting documents and have the opportunity to book your appointment.
      • Tutorial : How to create your account 
      • Tutorial : Fill online your visa application form 
  • If your country is not eligible, please check the appropriate procedure on your country of application page.

STEP 3 – Book your appointment

Make an appointment with the visa application centre

Make sure you allow enough time before your departure date to schedule an appointment to have your application reviewed.

Check on the average appointment waiting time to ensure that you are able to submit your application three months to two weeks prior to your departure date for a long stay visa, and 6 months to two weeks prior to your departure date for a short stay visa.

In most cases, the consular services use external service providers to receive visa applicants and collect their documents. The consular services nonetheless remain fully responsible for processing and making decisions on visa applications.

You will find all the necessary details to make an appointment on the country of application page.

STEP 4 – Submit your application

Application in person

You must attend your appointment with all the required documents. Also bring a copy of each document, including the passport and a copy of its ID pages.

The service provider (or consulate) will receive you, review your application, collect the visa fee, collect your biometric data (photo and fingerprints) and keep your passport and the copies of all your supporting documents in order to forward them to the consulate.

The visa application process will take approximately 20 minutes at the visa centre.


All visas issued by France are biometric visas.

Any visa applicant aged 12 or older must submit his or her visa application in person. The following biometric data will be required: a photo (scanned or taken during your appointment), and ten fingerprints.

If you hold a biometric Schengen visa issued in the past 59 months, your previous biometric data can be re-used.


Visa application fees are composed of :

  • The administrative costs incurred for the processing of your application. The amount paid is kept by the administration, even in cases where visas are denied. For more details, please refer to the table of application fees by visa type (pdf).
  • If application fees are received by an external service provider, this provider is responsible for collecting the appropriate fees. The service fee may differ from one country to another, but may not exceed € 40 per visa application. External service providers are also authorized by the administration to offer additional services at cost.

You may be exempt from attending your visa appointment in person if :

  • Your fingerprints were previously collected as part of an earlier application less than 59 months before the date of your current application.

NOTE: To confirm whether someone else can apply for a visa on your behalf, please contact your visa centre

STEP 5 – Track your application

Tracking your application and collecting your passport

You can track the progress of your application. For details, go to our track the progress of your application page.

You will be notified when your passport is ready for collection from the visa centre where you applied. Visa applications are generally processed within 15 days. This period can be extended up to 45 days in particular cases if the examination of the application justifies it.

In some instances, the passport can be sent by postal services.


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