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What Is Small Pillow Boxes and How Do I Create (Design) Paper Pillow Box Packaging?

A pillow box is a specific form of a folding box. This box is a low-cost, modern alternative to the traditional custom folding box. We have compiled the most significant facts regarding Small Pillow Boxes in this guide, including the definition, usage, design, and cost of bespoke pillow box packing.

What Exactly Is a Pillow Box?

Small Pillow Boxes, like folding boxes, are normally shipped flat because they are only bonded to one flap. The packaging is elliptical and resembles a pillow when folded up, hence the names pillow box or pillow package. The curved design adds character and distinguishes them from ordinary packing. Various treatments, like as blind embossing or hot foil embossing, are also available.

Pillow Box Design

The pillow box has only one longitudinal seam. This offers an advantage in terms of storage, in addition to cost reductions. The boxes are shipped flat and so save room, as well as being able to be stored. Because a pillow box can be opened and closed from both sides, it can be utilized in a variety of ways. Simultaneously, the curved ends enable a secure closure without the use of additional fasteners.

Which Products Should Be Packaged in Small Pillow Boxes?

Pillow packaging is visually appealing, effective, and unconventional, whether used for jewelry packaging, cosmetic packaging, or as a giveaway at events and trade shows. Printed Small Pillow Boxes are also frequently used as apparel packaging or high-quality sample packaging. However, Small Pillow Boxes are best recognized as glass packing. The pillow pack box is also ideal for giving as a present at various gatherings. Any suggestions? Putting several varieties of tea, candies, chocolates, cookies, seeds, jewelry, or any other small gift inside.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Pillow Box?

A pillow box is quite simple to build. Using an adhesive flap, only two pages are stuck together. The two wings on each side are then folded inwards to complete the self-made pillow box. Here’s a brief video to demonstrate:

Which Cardboards Can Be Used to Make Small Pillow Boxes?

For printed or unprinted Small Pillow Boxes, a variety of cardboard types can be employed. The purpose defines the material choice, which can range from high-quality duplex cardboard to fine white cardboard to corrugated cardboard. For the pillow package, we always utilize high-quality grey cardboard. This cardboard has a smooth white surface on one side and is uncoated and matt on the other. The benefits include strong stability and printing qualities that are favorable. The cardboard’s processability while punching, creasing, and folding are critical. In this case, duplex cardboard is the best option, or if the quality standards are even greater, duplex cardboard for pillow packaging. Dare, both kraft and white paper are food-safe, so you won’t need anything else.

How Do You Print Small Pillow Boxes?

Different printing technologies can be used to create pillow packs. You can have your printed pillow box digitally printed if you want to print quickly and cheaply while maintaining good quality. Offset printing is commonly utilized for larger batches. The variety of cardboard varieties and colors is nearly limitless. Printing services range from ordinary four-color printing to full special color manufacturing. With Small Pillow Boxes, a viewing window is also available, the format of which depends on the size of the box. You decide whether or not to use a film to protect the container. Large Pillow Boxes are frequently finished with cellophane wrapping or hot foil stamping to draw attention at the point of sale.

How Much Are Custom Small Pillow Boxes?

Customers frequently inquire, “How much do Small Pillow Boxes cost?” This is a difficult question to answer in general. Essentially, the cost per box is strongly influenced by the number of boxes purchased and produced. The price of cushion packaging is influenced by the following factors:

  • Format/size
  • The box’s printing style
  • The material utilized and the finishing

A unit pricing of approximately 0.5-1.0$ should be expected when purchasing 500 pieces of color printed Small Pillow Boxes. Small Pillow Boxes in regular sizes can be ordered from our online shop to save on punching costs.

Wholesale Custom Small Pillow Boxes

Are you interested in our printed pillow box bespoke box packaging solutions? offers low-cost custom production for paper pillow pack boxes. As always, if you have any particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to assist!

Can You Please Explain Why Personalized Pillow Cases Are Good for Your Company?

Your company’s branding should highlight the benefits your company offers over competitors. Where do you stand out from the crowd? Communication and brand building with the public are the keys to success.

You have a novel idea for a business with a desirable product already in the market. All you need now is a reliable means of transporting your product to market. The answer is high-quality Black Pillow Boxes printed with your company’s logo. Advantages of this sort of packaging include:

You Can Pick From Many Different Materials

Sustainable and inexpensive pillow box materials are available and can be selected based on the needs of your business and brand messaging. Carton, corrugated cardboard, and kraft paper are the most frequently used materials for this sort of packaging.

Quick and simple editing and printing

Black Pillow Boxes are adaptable in that their appearance and function can be altered to suit the needs of a wide variety of businesses. Example: if you run a party planning company and need to order gift packaging for events like weddings and birthday parties, pillow boxes are a great option. Gifts that include your company’s logo or other identifying features or are otherwise tailored to the theme of the event are sure to be well received by the recipients.


Pillow boxes not only have a wide variety of uses, but they also provide a great deal of versatility to help you accomplish your marketing objectives. To tailor your box to your needs, you can pick from a wide range of options, including dimensions, materials, external and internal layouts, and intended use. Black Pillow Boxes have a wide variety of uses, and you can even design your own custom compartments within the boxes to store smaller items. Custom pillow boxes for your company are limited only by your imagination.

Ideal for Advertising and Public Relations

You can set yourself apart from the competition by sending out custom pillow boxes with your company’s most important brand messaging to new and returning customers. Black Pillow Boxes are great marketing statement pieces, whether you’re showcasing a product at a special event, repping your brand at a tradeshow, or coordinating an event for a client. They are a great opportunity to showcase your company’s expertise and creativity, and they also make for excellent keepsakes for customers to take home from special events.

For what sorts of tasks are Black Pillow Boxes useful?

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Black Pillow Boxes are the right custom packaging solution for your company, you probably know the answer now. Simply put, yes. Pillow boxes are incredibly useful whether you’re looking for a permanent branded packaging option to sell your products or you just need limited edition packaging for a special promotional event.

Products, services, and packaging for food delivery and takeout can all benefit from the convenience and comfort of Black Pillow Boxes. If you run a fast food franchise, a bakery, a high-end restaurant, or a food production company, you know how important it is to have food packaging that reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience. Pillow boxes are useful because they prevent food from getting squished, cold, and germy while also maintaining its freshness and warmth.

  • Cosmetics. Pillow boxes are used by many cosmetics companies to keep their products pristine and safe from the elements.
  • Medicine. You can now easily and safely store all of your medications. Pillow boxes eliminate the need for multiple packages when selling multiple medications in bulk, which can cut down on waste and save money.
  • Jewellery. Black Pillow Boxes are not only a beautiful way to display jewellery, but they are also great for storing fragile pieces like precious stones, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  • Giveaways for business or pleasure. Throw your company’s logo on a pillow box and use it to give away as freebies at events. You can sell pre-made ones with your company’s logo and slogan printed on them, or you can let customers design their own to give as gifts.


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