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What Is So Special About Grey Moonstones?

Grey Moonstone is beautiful gemstones known for their unique color tones and sparkling shine, making them some of the most popular gemstones available today. But what exactly is so special about Grey Moonstones that makes them so popular? To find out, check out this article on the grey moonstone…


Many people have heard of the beautiful gemstone that is moonstones, but what many people don’t know is that there are a few varieties of this gemstone. One variety, and perhaps the most popular, are black moonstones. Black moonstone is not to be confused with black spinel, which are gems found in the same family as ruby and sapphire. Black moonstone happens to be a variety of quartz. The natural color of these gems range from shades of light blue or lavender to dark indigo or purple-blue.

But what really makes these gems stand out are their black inclusions that can appear as dark clouds floating across the surface of the stone or as flashes of intense color scattered throughout its body. When you look closely at black moonstone, it almost looks like two different colors: one side being the main body color, while the other half has bright colors mixed within. That’s where they get their name – they’re often referred to as black moonstones due to the contrasting colors within them.

Black spinel is actually a type of mineral known as spinel – a hard silicate mineral made up of aluminum oxide (the primary ore for aluminum). When you buy black spinel jewelry, what you’re actually buying are some pieces with trace amounts of titanium dioxide added for coloring.

The History Of Moonstones

Moonstone has been considered a stone of beauty for centuries. In the early 1900s, it was believed that moonstone could only be found in India and Sri Lanka. They were mined by hand, and miners would search for these stones in the moonlight. The name is derived from a type of opal called moon opal. But what many don’t know is that there are other types of moonstone! There are black spinel moonstones which have a deep blue sheen that changes colors like an oil slick. This results in an amazing effect where you can see different colors in the same location!

The Meaning Of Moonstones

For centuries, the moonstone has been regarded as a stone of intuition and protection. This may be because it reflects the light of the moon (hence its name) or because it was thought to drive away evil spirits. The black spinel is often considered as a substitute for the more expensive moonstone. It’s said that wearing this stone will help you connect with your intuition and develop clairvoyant abilities.

Black Spinel also provides an incredible amount of protection from negative energy. Black Spinel can help ground us when we feel anxious or stressed. They are believed to be excellent stones for those who want to take charge in their lives, but have trouble doing so; they can provide the courage necessary to start new projects and make decisions that might have seemed impossible before.

The Healing Properties Of Moonstones

Grey moonstones, also known as Black Spinel, are a great addition to your collection. They have many healing properties that make them ideal for any setting. For example, they can be used to aid in the relief of anxiety and stress. This can help with depression and other mental health issues that may be affecting you or your loved ones. Black Spinel stones are also great for spiritual growth and protection.

Black Spinel stones are high energy stones and work well with high vibration crystals like amethyst, citrine, obsidian, labradorite, and lapis lazuli.

Grey Black Spinel crystals are a type of Quartz which means they will amplify anything within themselves making them perfect if you want to infuse yourself with more joy or peace.

You can wear these beautiful crystals on your body if you want more energy throughout the day! If it is just one day out of many that seem overwhelming then having this stone on your body can be very helpful!

The Different Types Of Moonstones

Grey moonstone is a gemstone with a color somewhere in between white and black. It is called the moonstone because it often has a milky appearance, much like the moon reflecting off of water. The grey color comes from titanium inclusions, which give it its unique coloring.

Black spinel can also be found in this gemstone, which gives it an extra dash of mystery and intrigue. Black spinel is one of the most expensive gems on earth, but not everyone knows that they are available in the form of moonstones too! Black spinel’s popularity stems from its affordability, durability and rarity.

Black Spinel stone is a rare mineral that only occurs as large crystals in high temperature regions such as Sri Lanka or Madagascar. Black Spinel Stone: From light to dark tones; Its versatility adds mystery to any piece of jewelry.

How To Use Moonstones

Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that has been used for centuries to harness the energies of the moon. They are often known as a stone of love, which can be attributed to the way they reflect and amplify both negative and positive emotions. One variety in particular that you may have seen before is called black spinel, or moonstone. Black spinel gets its name from its deep black color with flashes of red or orange – it’s believed that these colors are because of iron oxide impurities in the quartz crystal structure.

Unlike black spinel, which can only be found in large sizes (10+ carats), grey moonstone can be found in most sizes, including small stones perfect for jewelry.


The two most popular types of moonstone are black moonstone and grey moonstone. Black moonstone, also known as Black Spinel, is a beautiful dark blue color that can be found in many pieces of jewelry. This type of stone is not only rare but it also has an interesting history. The legend behind black moonstone tells us that the stone was created by spiders who were spinning webs at night during a lunar eclipse.

As soon as the light hit their webs, it was turned into this beautiful gem. There have been many studies done on black spinel and it has been discovered that this type of gem will absorb all negativity in your life while reflecting positivity back to you.


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